Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack - 105 Varieties

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• BUY A SPARE ONE, one for a loved one and one for a friend. Recommended by both master survivalists and home gardening enthusiasts. Be amazed at the results you and your friends get with our top quality seeds and the kudos you receive when they open them.
• FREE: Get an endless supply of emergency seeds every year right from your own garden plants
• 100% NON-GMO non-hybrid, open-pollinated heritage seedstock will produce loads of life sustaining food
• EASY TO GROW with our FREE downloadable PDF guide for planting and storing your seeds to maximize your investment.
• NEW TO GARDENING? Our BONUS 60-page DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE shows you how to plant and store your non-hybrid seeds for best results. Full-color pictures of mature produce along with soil temperature, spacing, depth, companion plants.