About Us

In 1969, Charles “Chuck” Harmon founded the Charles C Harmon Co, a family business that aims to provide high-quality home products to consumers at fair prices. In 1996, the company ventured into the mattress industry—selling adjustable beds with in-home appointments. It has found success in that industry and began selling more mattresses of different types and sizes, with a special emphasis on memory foam. The company’s product line has also extended to memory foam toppers, mattress protectors, and luxury sheets and bedding.

In 2012, Charles C Harmon Co LLC officially entered the gardening industry. Home and Garden America was born and is now a growing business specializing in home and gardening products that not just make people’s lives easier but healthier as well.

Since entering the home and garden industry back in 2012, the company has earned a good reputation for being one of the leading sellers of non-GMO heirloom seeds on Amazon.com.

Now under the Grow For It! ® brand (the official brand name for all Charles C Harmon Co LLC gardening products), the company continues to provide premium-quality heirloom seeds to anyone who wants to grow their own healthy produce at home.

Today, the Charles C Harmon Co LLC continues to grow and thrive in the industries in which it has invested. The main reasons for its success throughout the years is the company’s genuine concern for its customers and its insistence on providing the best products at more affordable prices.

Expect Home and Garden America, Grow For It, and the rest of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC brands to continue bringing excellent products that will make living much simpler and better for you and your family. For your questions or comments, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.