Leisure Ready - BBQ Grilling Gloves

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• SAFER PROTECTION: Non-slip five-finger design with a strong grip allows for safe handling of hot Items. More versatility than oven mitts.
 DURABLE & EASY TO USE: Our silicone gloves are heat resistant, waterproof and dishwasher safe. Food, grime, sauces, marinades, grease, cooking oils and everything else washes right off.
 TWO IS BETTER THAN ONE: The 2-glove set gives you the freedom and safety to use both hands for more secure carrying. It's as simple as picking up and putting down hot food with no fear of burning your hands.
 100% SKIN SAFE: Hot meats, liquids and sauces cannot reach your skin. You can handle food directly from the BBQ grill, from the oven or from boiling water with ease and comfort.
 FDA APPROVED: Heat resistant, high temperature protection for BBQ, Baking, and Grilling. Long lasting, ultra durable and guaranteed superior quality or your money back!