Looking for a Hilarious Gardening Prank? Plant Some Doughnut Seeds Today!

Now here’s a fun idea for the next April Fools’ Day: Doughnut Seeds!

They’re the perfect prank for your avid gardener friends, and the cutest little surprise for your kids. You’ll surely have some good fun with your buddies, while your kids will have the most wonderful time “gardening” with you!

Doughnut seeds are super easy to make: just get some Cheerios and Ziploc bags and then print out some doughnut seed packs to come up with this awesome gag gift. The Cheerios will serve as the “seeds” but you can also use Fruit Loops to get more colorful “doughnut varieties.”

So what are you waiting for? Plant some laughs with your family and friends with this hilarious doughnut seeds prank! Check out these links now for some free printable doughnut seed packs from Obsigarden and Gourmet Mom on the Go.

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