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Important Things to Know About Non-Hybrid Seeds


Gardeners have been talking about non-hybrid seeds nowadays, but there’s never really been enough information on this special type of seed. So what are non-hybrid seeds all about?

In the most basic sense, non-hybrid seeds are seeds that have not been crossbred. They are also defined as “true to type” since they possess the same genes are their parental plants. You can actually save and replant the seeds year after year and expect the same crop quality every time because they can retain their original genetic characteristics well.

Non-hybrids are also open-pollinated, which means that they are naturally pollinated by bees, butterflies and other pollinators. This makes them one of the most natural seeds available on the market today.

What’s good about non-hybrid seeds is that they can easily produce healthy and flavorful crops. Planting non-hybrid seeds at home will provide you with safer and more nutritious crops for your family. Moreover, you can save these seeds for the next gardening season and store them for survival purposes as well.

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Video Source: Heirloom Seeds Info

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