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Heirloom Seeds Are Making A Comeback, Says Grow For It Expert

Carson City, NV, June 21, 2016 – A long time ago, back when all the seeds were still natural, heirloom seeds were the only thing that one’s ancestors planted. It was not until the 1920s that hybrids entered the market, and then the notorious GMO seeds followed suit in the 1990s. Since then, the accessibility to commercial seeds has significantly impacted the food industry. That’s why bland hybrid varieties and genetically-modified crops are widely available in supermarkets today, compared to all-natural heirloom vegetables.

Recently though, many consumers are showing a strong preference for safer and tastier vegetables. Heirloom seeds are known to produce the healthiest and most flavorful crops, and the demand for these seeds has been on the rise.

“Heirloom seeds are definitely making a comeback. People are now more selective of the foods they buy, especially with all the health risks associated with GMO crops. Hybrid vegetables may be okay to some, but nothing can ever compare to the taste of a homegrown heirloom vegetable,” a seed expert from Grow For It explained.

The pursuit for heirloom seeds also goes well with the urban gardening movement that is getting more popular these days. A huge number of gardeners prefer growing heirlooms for their unique varieties, interesting characteristics, and impressive flavors. Never mind if heirloom vegetables don’t always look as perfect as hybrids or GMOs because in the end, it all boils down to the taste and safety of the food.

“Apart from their natural taste, what makes heirloom seeds so special is their incredible diversity. A single type of vegetable can have hundreds of varieties with quirky names and astonishing colors, and they all date back to decades and even centuries ago. The mere fact that they have been passed down for generations and are still here today is just amazing! Heirlooms just have so much history in them, and it’s high time that they get the recognition they deserve,” the Grow For It expert added.

Further information about heirloom seeds is available on the Grow For It website.

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Basil, Thyme & White Yarrow Medicinal Herb Seeds Included in Grow For It’s Survival Seed Vault

Carson City, NV, June 20, 2016 – The 105 Varieties Survival Seed Vault by Grow For It was specially created as a complete seed kit for survival enthusiasts. From heirloom fruit and vegetable seeds to medicinal herb seeds, survivalists can have all the seeds they need before, during, and after a disaster.

Designed with survival preparedness in mind, each variety in the seed vault was wisely chosen so that people can have an all-inclusive supply of seeds. A wide array of heirloom vegetables ranging from beans to zucchini squash are included, as well as fruits like melons and watermelons. This extensive selection of fruit and vegetable seeds was made possible so that survival households can get the right nutrition when disaster strikes.

But aside from complete nutrition, home remedies are also an important aspect of survival preparedness. Using herbs as a natural remedy has long been practiced to treat various ailments, especially when medicine is unavailable. To provide the ultimate seed vault for survival, Grow For It has also selected certain herbs that can be used to create home remedies. These herbs are basil, thyme, and white yarrow.

Basil is good for treating digestion and respiratory problems like asthma, bronchitis, cough, flu, and the common cold. Simply mix the herb with some ginger and honey to create a basil ginger blend that will ease the symptoms. Basil also provides relief from stress, and its antibacterial properties help eliminate infections and insect bites.

Thyme is another alternative for curing respiratory ailments. Drinking it as tea can aid with bronchitis, chronic asthma, and seasonal allergies. Using thyme as an essential oil releases its antibacterial and antiseptic properties, which boosts the immune system and prevents bacteria from infecting the body. This herb also functions as a great stress reliever, like basil.

Lastly, white yarrow is a good choice for dealing with allergies, fevers, indigestion, inflammation, menstrual problems, rashes, and wound infections. When used as an essential oil, it can improve blood circulation, remove toxins from the body, and even promote healthy skin.

The inclusion of these three beneficial herbs completes the ultimate seed vault that Grow For It is aiming for. Survival enthusiasts can now own the right fruit, vegetable, and medicinal herb seeds that are essential for long-term survival when they order the 105 Varieties Survival Seed Vault on

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Grow For It Celebrates 27,000 Likes on Facebook

Carson City, NV, June 17, 2016 – Just a few days after Grow For It’s Instagram account has reached 40,000 followers, the company’s official Facebook fan page has also achieved a new record of its own. Grow For It’s FB page, called I Love Organic Gardening, now has over 27,000 likes from fans around the globe.

I Love Organic Gardening was launched by Grow For It as a way to connect with gardening fans. Over time, it has turned into this thriving online community where people can share their own gardening tips and tricks with one another.

“I Love Organic Gardening is a fan page dedicated to all gardeners. It’s a place where you can get good organic gardening advice and share your love for growing food with other enthusiasts. We actually encourage everyone to ask questions and/or give advice to our fellow gardeners who need help. This way, the entire community will benefit and thrive even further,” said a representative for Grow For It.

Even since the foundation of the fan page, thousands of fans have asked for organic gardening tips, shared helpful articles, as well as posted photos of their own vegetable gardens. It has truly transformed into an active community where people can express their great passion for gardening.

I Love Organic Gardening is also a good source of information about heirloom survival seeds. People can learn the value of heirloom seed saving and how to store the seeds for the long term. The page also reveals where to get the best heirloom survival seeds pack for future disaster situations.

“We’re really enthusiastic about our fan page’s performance because this means that the public’s interest in gardening is growing. We’re looking forward to interacting with our fans and hope that even more people will discover our page. Thank you for all the love and support! We really appreciate it,” the representative concluded.

More information about I Love Organic Gardening is found on Facebook.

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Amazon Customers Can Save 15% When They Buy 3 or More Heirloom Seed Packs from Grow For It

Carson City, NV, June 15, 2016 – Grow For It is currently running a special promo on Customers can now avail of a 15% discount when they order at least 3 of the brand’s best-selling 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack. Grow For It is offering this deal to encourage more people to invest in a survival seeds pack for future emergencies.

“Disasters are now happening more often compared to the last decade. The changes in our climate has severely affected many parts of the world, leading to major calamities and other catastrophes. The occurrence of future disasters is no longer a question of “if” but “when.” To protect your family’s food supply during these times, the wisest option is to get yourself a high-quality seeds pack.” A representative for Grow For It said.

“Our 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack has all the non-GMO varieties you need to grow an abundant garden to feed your loved ones. You can also buy some extra seeds pack to give to your friends and other family members. You can save 15% if you purchase 3 of our seeds pack at once. This is our gift to those who want to equip themselves for possible survival situations,” he continued.

Customers who order 3 or more of Grow For It’s 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack can claim the 15% off during checkout on No coupon is needed to get the discount; it will instantly be deducted from the total price.

“We have actually received positive results from this promo. Several of our valued customers have bought three packs: one for themselves, one for a relative, and the other one for a friend. It’s amazing how much people care for one another and want their loved ones to be prepared no matter what. We’re really happy to give away the 15% discount if it helps spread the word about survival preparedness to more people,” the Grow For It representative concluded.

Further information about the 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack is available on Amazon.

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Grow For It CEO Answers Seed Packaging Questions from Customers

Carson City, NV, June 14, 2016 – Grow For It is enthusiastic about the excellent performance of its non-gmo survival seeds on The brand’s 50 Varieties and 105 Varieties Seed Packs have been garnering hundreds of positive reviews, which attract even more customers. But while many gardeners and survivalists have shown a keen interest in the products, some of them want to make inquiries first before deciding to buy.

Grow For It welcomes these inquiries so that potential customers can determine which non-gmo survival seeds brand is right for them. After all, purchasing a seed pack is like investing in your future and customers should be confident in the seeds they choose.

Several inquiries have been posted on Grow For It’s Q&A Page. This is a community board where Amazon users can both ask and answer other people’s questions about the seed products.

“Do these seeds have a good germination rate? Are they sealed properly to last for twenty years?” Ethelyn H. asked. Many users have already responded to this inquiry but the CEO, Charles Harmon, wanted to address it personally.

“Thank you for asking, Ethelyn! Our non-gmo survival seeds are regularly tested for high germination rates so they are guaranteed to germinate well. They are also packed in a zip-locked, heat-sealed bag to provide extra protection against moisture. We have locked in just enough air so the seeds can survive for the long term. Seeds require a certain amount of air to make them last longer,” Mr. Harmon said

Another inquiry from Santa Barbara Specialties was posted on the board: “Can you describe the packaging? Do they come in nitrogen foil envelopes that will make the seeds last for several years?”

Mr. Harmon answered, “Our survival seeds are dried to less than 8% humidity. Each variety is packed into its individual zip-lock packet, then they are placed into larger zip-lock bags that contain 25 varieties each. The bags have a small slit to let in a small amount of oxygen which the survival seeds need for long-term storage. We have also included a desiccant to absorb any excess moisture. Lastly, the large zip-lock bags are placed into a 8-1/2 x 11 foil-lined, mylar bag which serves as the final packaging of the seeds. The final bag is made lightproof and moisture-proof—giving the seeds the ability to be stored for decades as long as they are kept in the freezer. This entire process is the most effective way to pack seeds for the longest time possible, that’s why our seeds are guaranteed tough enough to survive for years.”

The CEO’s honest responses were so helpful that many interested customers did make the decision to buy. Mr. Harmon encourages people to keep posting their inquiries so that they can be addressed properly.

Grow For It’s Q&A Page has more information about the non-gmo survival seeds.

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Grow For It Celebrates 27,000 Likes on Facebook

Carson City, NV, June 13, 2016 – Just a few days after Grow For It’s Instagram account has reached 40,000 followers, the company’s official Facebook fan page has also achieved a new record of its own. Grow For It’s FB page, called I Love Organic Gardening, now has over 27,000 likes from fans around the globe.

I Love Organic Gardening was launched by Grow For It as a way to connect with gardening fans. Over time, it has turned into this thriving online community where people can share their own gardening tips and tricks with one another.

“I Love Organic Gardening is a fan page dedicated to all gardeners. It’s a place where you can get good organic gardening advice and share your love for growing food with other enthusiasts. We actually encourage everyone to ask questions and/or give advice to our fellow gardeners who need help. This way, the entire community will benefit and thrive even further,” said a representative for Grow For It.

Even since the foundation of the fan page, thousands of fans have asked for organic gardening tips, shared helpful articles, as well as posted photos of their own vegetable gardens. It has truly transformed into an active community where people can express their great passion for gardening.

I Love Organic Gardening is also a good source of information about heirloom survival seeds. People can learn the value of heirloom seed saving and how to store the seeds for the long term. The page also reveals where to get the best heirloom survival seeds pack for future disaster situations.

“We’re really enthusiastic about our fan page’s performance because this means that the public’s interest in gardening is growing. We’re looking forward to interacting with our fans and hope that even more people will discover our page. Thank you for all the love and support! We really appreciate it,” the representative concluded.

More information about I Love Organic Gardening is found on Facebook.

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Grow For It’s Instagram Followers Reaches 40,000

Carson City, NV, June 11, 2016 – Good news finds the Grow For It headquarters again as the heirloom seed company adds another significant milestone to its history. The company’s official Instagram page, called The Happy Gardening Life, has now reached over 40,000 followers and continues to increase every day as more people discover the benefits of vegetable gardening and growing vegetable plants and seeds.

This overwhelming growth still amazes the staff at Grow For It. The account grew by a staggering 10,000 followers since last month, and has shown no signs of stopping anytime soon.

“We still cannot believe how far this account has come! The Happy Gardening Life started out as a passion project to share our love for heirloom vegetable gardening and seed saving with other gardeners online. Now it has become our primary way to connect and communicate with our fans from all over the world. We’re so happy that we were able to attract like-minded individuals who are also as passionate for gardening as we are,” a spokesperson for Grow For It remarked.

Lots of people have complimented The Happy Gardening Life for regularly posting good content. From giving useful tips, answering common gardening problems, to posting relatable gardening quotes—this account is now considered by many as one of the top accounts to follow in the gardening niche.

Some were even motivated to grow their own plants and seeds, thanks to the creative inspiration that they got from The Happy Gardening Life.

“It never ceases to amaze us how a simple page like this can move people. Some of our followers have even said that they’ve finally started their garden after seeing our posts about fresh and delicious vegetables. We have now become the go-to source for gardening inspiration, and this makes us happy because what we really want most is for people to grow their own heirloom vegetables at home,” the Grow For It spokesperson added.

Anyone who’s interested in growing food can follow The Happy Gardening Life on Instagram.

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Germination Rate of Grow For It Seeds Still Good After a Year, According to Customers

Carson City, NV, June 10, 2016 – Grow For It’s non-hybrid seeds continues to receive positive customer feedback not only for its quality and proper packaging, but also for its high germination rates. Several customers went on to share their personal experiences with the product, reporting that their seeds are still germinating well even if they were bought last year.

“I’ve just started my lettuce plants using an indoor hydroponic system. The seeds I planted were actually seeds that I purchased from Grow For It the previous year. They are a year old, but the germination rates were still very impressive,” said William C. in Grow For It’s official Q&A Forum.

“Want to know my opinion on these non-hybrid seeds? BUY THEM! I got mine last year and they are still growing. Now I have a lettuce garden that I am proud of!” Savannah C. also commented on the forum.

“Excellent seeds pack! I bought this one last year and remembered how quickly it arrived. I was absolutely pleased. The quality of these non-hybrid seeds are just wonderful—they helped me produce a garden of bountiful vegetables throughout the summer season,” C. Vick further added.

The positive germination results that customers experienced with Grow For It’s heirloom non-hybrid seeds pack are not surprising because the product was made to last for years. As long as they are placed in a cool, dry area or stored in the freezer, the seeds will always deliver whenever they are needed.

“This is hands-down, the most incredible non-hybrid seeds I have ever purchased. I have been an avid gardener for years but I have never seen seeds germinate and grow this well! I purchased my seeds pack last year and shared them with my family and friends. We were all able to harvest lots of tasty and healthy vegetables at home. We put some of the seeds in the freezer and they still sprouted at the same time as the fresh unfrozen ones,” wrote Rebecca R. in her review of the product.

The high germination rates and viability of Grow For It’s heirloom non-hybrid seeds are just some of the many reasons why customers love the product. The brand also encourages everyone to save the seeds from their harvests so they can have a free supply of seeds and not have to buy new ones every season.

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Grow For It Heirloom Survival Seed Vault May Last for Decades if Frozen, Says Company Official

Carson City, NV, June 8, 2016 – Storing survival seeds for the long term has always been a popular topic in survival preparedness. Seeds are easy to find nowadays, but for many preppers, the real challenge is how to store the seeds so they will last for decades.

Grow For It, a trusted brand of heirloom survival seeds, has the answers to this. Being in the business for years has given the company some valuable knowledge in the proper storage of seeds.

“If you really want your seeds to go on for years, then you should first invest in a quality survival seed vault. Seed vaults have better chances at longevity because the seeds themselves are made from the best quality, plus they are packed in a secure vault to keep all moisture out. These reasons make a survival seed vault the most sensible option for long-term storage,” said a company official for Grow For It.

Having a premium survival seed vault is the first step, but the ultimate key to extending the shelf life of the seeds is freezing. Grow For It has studied all possible methods to achieve the longest term storage of heirloom survival seeds, and has confirmed that freezing is indeed the most effective solution.

“Seeds can only go for so long when left on their own. You need to store them well if you want to get the maximum shelf life possible. Our heirloom survival seeds will last for 5 or more years if kept in a cool place that’s under 70°F. If they are refrigerated, they should last for at least 10-15 years. If frozen, they will last for a couple decades or more. You can store them right in the vault they come in because it’s lightproof and moisture-proof. Just keep the seeds cool and they will last indefinitely,” the official advised.

Preppers can secure their seed supply last for decades by getting a trusted seed vault and keeping it in the freezer until they are needed. has more information on Grow For It’s survival seed vault.

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Grow For It! Survival Seed Vault Getting High Reviews on

Carson City, NV, June 7, 2016 – Listening to customer feedback and making changes based on that information is garnering a lot of positive product reviews for the latest 105 Varieties Survival Seed Vault on according to a company spokesman for Grow For It! branded products.

The company has found a receptive market for this product from past as well as present customers who thought the former version of the product lacked the proper packaging to be termed a seed “vault.” Watching customer reviews on their product page at revealed some customer concerns about the viability of the packaging if it were to be considered as a long term survival vault for securing heirloom vegetable seeds.

“Grow For It! is a brand of gardening products that have built a solid reputation among its customer base for outstanding quality and exceptional customer care,” said a key employee. “We take it to heart that every customer we have was once faced with many options for their needs and they chose and trusted us with their purchase. That leaves us in a place of huge responsibility to make sure that customer always feels good about doing business with us.”

“We’re constantly asking our customers for feedback and we monitor all reviews and online feedback looking for any way in which we can improve on the products and services we offer. We feel it’s the only way to build a brand with strong customer loyalty and satisfaction. We’re in business for the long haul and it makes perfect sense to gain lifelong customers instead of constantly beating the brush looking for one time purchasers. If you treat people well, they will want to do business with you again and every customer of ours is highly valued just because they deserve to be treated that way,” he continued.

“We’ve been thrilled with the many positive reviews we’ve received on our website and our product page for this new product as well as the other products we offer” he concluded.

The company also offers other naturally grown and harvested heirloom survival seed packs including a 50 Varieties Heirloom Vegetable Seed Pack.

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Grow For It Reveals the Systematic Packaging Process of Its Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Vault

Carson City, NV, June 6, 2016 – Shelf life is often the first thing that survival preppers consider when buying new seeds. For preppers, it is absolutely crucial to own a survival seed vault that will last for a very long time. No one knows when disaster will strike again, so the seeds have to remain viable until they are finally needed.

Grow For It, a brand that specializes in heirloom vegetable seeds, understands how important shelf life is for survivalists. After all, the brand is known as one of the leading brands in the survival seeds niche.

“Survival seeds and long-term storage must always go hand-in-hand. Producing long-lasting seeds can be achieved by choosing the right seeds and applying the proper packaging methods,” said a company official for Grow For It.

“For our seeds to have a long shelf life, they must first be harvested from the very best heirloom vegetables and dried to less than 8% humidity. Every single variety, from alfalfa to zucchini, is constantly tested for their quality and germination rates. The ones with over 85% germination rates are selected, and each variety is given its own individual zip-lock packet and then grouped into larger zip-lock baggies. All the baggies are then placed in a light-proof, heat-sealed black bag to keep moisture out. We also lock in enough air to make sure the seeds have the oxygen they need to survive for the long term,” he explained.

“Finally, the black bag is put in a sturdy .30 caliber ammo box with an O-Ring seal and double-locking feature to give maximum seed protection. This entire process is how we produce our top-selling heirloom survival seed vault,” he further added.

According to the official, the company performs this very systematic packaging process so that the seeds can preserve its viability for several years.

“We always want our customers to get the best value from our product. They need a seed vault that delivers, and that is exactly what we provide – heirloom vegetable seeds that you can count on whenever you need them. So whether the next major calamity will occur tomorrow or ten years from now, our customers will always be prepared no matter what.” The official concluded.

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Grow For It Creates New Survival Seed Vault from Customer Input

Carson City, NV, June 4, 2016 – A spokesperson for Grow For It gardening products recently stated that their newest product, a survival seed vault which is housed in a .30 Caliber Ammo Box was actually the result of suggestions from their many customers.

The original 105 Varieties Heirloom Vegetable seeds were packaged in a hermetically sealed mylar bag and were very sufficient to be considered as a survival seed pack. The company had advertised the tough package as a survival seeds vault and the tests done to insure it’s toughness were sufficient to satisfy them.

Upon the product’s release for sale, suggestions began coming in from customers stating that they didn’t feel the mylar bag, even as tough as it was, represented what they would consider to be a “vault.”

“Because we have always considered our customers to be the most important asset our business has, this was an awakening for us and we took it very seriously. We began, immediately, looking for what might be the best solution to this perceived weakness,” the spokesman continued.

“We know that, many times, suggestions from customers are the best way to determine the way in which to improve or create products so we take those suggestions to heart. We finally came up with the idea of housing our already tough package inside a .30 Caliber Ammo Box so that now we had a survival seed vault that was superior to anything on the market,” he continued.

The vault is made in the USA by American Patriots and is made of a high quality plastic which will withstand some pretty severe punishment. It has an o-ring running the entire perimeter of the opening to seal out moisture and has provision for two padlocks to secure the contents.

The ammo box has a carrying handle for easy transporting as well as lips in each corner to make stacking more secure. This will allow storage in tighter areas without the boxes sliding off of each other.

“Overall, we seem to have hit a sweet spot in the market just by listening to our customers and taking action on their suggestions and input. It’s our commitment, as a company, to listen and act on what our customers tell us they want,” he said.

More information on the Grow For It survival seed vault can be obtained on the company website or on their Amazon product page.

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Grow For It Seed Company Not Connected to Monsanto, Official Says

Carson City, NV, June 3, 2016 – Monsanto may be the world’s biggest seed company, but it also suffers from heavy scrutiny for its large-scale production of genetically-modified (GMO) seeds. The public’s negative impression of Monsanto has clearly affected the way people choose their seed source, and many are now turning to smaller non-GMO seed companies.

Grow For It, a non-GMO heirloom seed brand based in Nevada, has been fortunate to be in the business since 2011. Over the years, it has served tens of thousands of Amazon customers who are particular about the seeds they use for gardening and survival prepping.

But despite being a trusted source of non-GMO seeds and a bestseller on, some people still ask if Grow For It is in any way connected to Monsanto.

“We get these queries from potential customers from time to time, and it’s because they want to confirm the quality and safety of the seeds. To clarify this matter once and for all: Grow For It is not affiliated with Monsanto in any way. The fact that we only sell non-GMO seeds is proof of that. We are a small, family-owned business that is built on hard work and excellent customer service, and we would never tarnish our reputation by offering non-GMO seeds to the public. That is against everything we stand for,” a Grow For It official said in a statement earlier this week.

“Our heirloom seeds are sourced from various farms in Oregon, in an area where GMO seeds are not allowed. This makes our seeds 100% non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated, and all-natural. Grow For It products are completely safe for vegetable gardening and survival preparedness so there’s nothing to be concerned about,” the official added.

Grow For It hopes that the clarification on this matter will help potential buyers decide. Interested individuals can learn more about the company on

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Amazon Customers Confirm the High Germination Rates of Grow For It Heirloom Seeds

Carson City, NV, June 2, 2016 – One of the most immediate factors that customers look for in an heirloom seed vault is the germination rate. Seeds are meant to be grown after all, and they would be quite useless if they do not sprout well. Grow For It, a Nevada-based seed brand, wants to fulfill customer needs by providing heirloom seeds with a high germination rate of 85%, which is way above the minimum germination standards in the industry.

“We guarantee the germination rate to be 85%+. We test our heirloom seeds regularly for germination rates as required by law, and the results show that we always meet or exceed our stated germination rate. Many of our valued customers have even reported that they got nearly 100% germination, and that just shows the quality of the seeds we sell,” said Charles Harmon, CEO and Founder of Grow For It.

Lots of customers on have guaranteed the brand’s high germination rates. The hundreds of product reviews and the consistent high ratings are proof of Grow For It’s commitment to excellence and quality.

“What an amazing heirloom seed vault. It can easily pass for a 90% germination rate! I will be sure to buy again when I require more seeds in the near future,” said one Amazon customer.

“Fantastic seed collection. I received almost 100% germination on the 13 varieties I planted so far,” another customer remarked.

“This is a well-organized collection of heirloom seeds. I began my veggie garden with carrots, cauliflowers, cucumbers, eggplants, lettuce, and tomatoes—and achieved over 90% germination rates,” a third customer added.

When asked about the compliments on the brand’s high-germinating seeds, Mr. Harmon had this to say:

“I always appreciate it when customers leave the results that they’ve gotten with our heirloom seed vault because it shows that the effort we put into every package is paying off for our valued customers. It seems that most everyone from beginning gardener to pro is getting great results and enjoying higher germination rates than we advertise. We will always continue our passion for providing the best heirloom seeds with high germination rates, just as we promised from the very start.”

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Plant a Three Sisters Heirloom Garden for Best Results, Says Grow For It Expert

Carson City, NV, May 28, 2016 – In a recent forum about the best organic gardening techniques, an expert from Grow For It talked about the advantages of growing a Three Sisters garden. Corn, beans, and squash are what is collectively known as the “Three Sisters.” These three crops are called as such because they are inseparable and beneficial to each other, just like actual sisters.

The practice of growing this threesome together was started by the Native Americans from several centuries ago. Over hundreds of years, this ancient gardening method has proven to be so effective that many gardeners around the world still continue to do it today.

“The Three Sisters has got to be one of the best companion planting combinations there is,” said the Grow For It expert.

“It has already been tried and tested and you cannot deny its effectivity in the garden. What is even more impressive is the simple concept behind it. As the oldest sister, the corn gives support by acting as a structure on which the beans can climb. The second sister, the bean, does her part by providing nitrogen into the soil which the other two can benefit from. And the youngest, the squash, takes care of her older sisters by using her vines to keep all of them close together as well as ward off weeds. In other words, these three complement and help each other out like what close sisters do,” the expert explained.

Aside from offering several benefits in the garden, the Three Sisters are also ideal for a healthy diet. Planting them all together will give families a fresh supply of vegetables that’s good for the health.

“Growing a Three Sisters garden is very easy. But before anything else, make sure to choose heirloom vegetable seeds so you can produce the best and healthiest plants possible. After that’s done, you can start by planting your heirloom corn seeds once the danger of frost is over. When the corn is five inches tall, you may begin sowing your heirloom bean seeds. One week after that, add in your heirloom squash seeds and you’re good to go. It’s really that simple!” The Grow For It expert concluded.

Gardeners who want to start a Three Sisters Heirloom Garden can get their heirloom vegetable seeds at

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Grow For It Planting Guide PDF Now Available for Smartphone Scanning

Carson City, NV, May 24, 2016 – Throughout the years, Grow For It has provided heirloom survival seeds to thousands of gardeners and survivalists online. The brand’s massive success is often attributed to its superb customer service, which many people have commended. Being in the business for so long has enabled Grow For It to really know the gardening niche and meet customer needs in the most efficient way possible.

One of the common concerns that people have is how to plant the heirloom seeds. Many customers are still new to gardening so to make things easier, the brand has specially created a planting and storing guide which contains vital information on each heirloom seed variety. This said guide is completely free of charge and comes with every purchase of Grow For It’s heirloom seed packs and survival seed vault.

This free planting and storing guide is readily available in PDF format and can be downloaded from the company website. Past customers used to just print it or view it on a computer, but Grow For It has recently made the guide available for smartphone scanning.

“We always want our customers to have the best time in using our seeds. Since almost everyone uses their smartphones for everything, we’ve also made our free planting and storing guide accessible on smartphones. By simply scanning the QR code on the back of our heirloom seeds pack or survival seed vault, customers can now view the entire guide on their smartphones and take it right out into their gardens for easy reference,” said Mr. Chuck Harmon, CEO and Founder of Grow For It.

“Our complete planting and storing guide is a bonus gift to our dear customer base. We hope to make your gardening experience much easier through it so you can successfully grow the freshest foods from your very own home garden,” he continued.

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Grow For It Heirloom Survival Seeds Now Available With or Without an Ammo Box

Carson City, NV, May 21, 2016 – A representative from Grow For It announced today that customers can now order the 105 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack with or without an ammo box. The 105 Varieties Pack used to come in a resealable black bag, but now that more people are serious about survival preparedness and long-term seed storage, the company has included the ammo box option so that customers can get extra protection for their survival seeds.

The addition of the ammo box was made after the company received several requests for a seed vault that would keep seeds safe for the long run. After much deliberation and preparation, Grow For It went ahead and officially launched the 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Vault last February. This decision has since proven to be successful because more people are now ordering the seeds together with the ammo box.

“People nowadays are looking for a seed vault that they can rely on in times of disaster. They want a vault that’s tough, but the quality of the seeds are also equally important. We’ve achieved the perfect balance by offering our best-selling non gmo heirloom seeds in a sturdy .30 caliber ammo box,” said a company representative.

“Now customers can get the best of both worlds: high-quality heirloom seeds with the added security of the ammo box. This powerful combination is guaranteed to guard one’s seed supply in the many years to come. This is what attracts hundreds of orders to our newest product,” he continued.

But whether or not customers get the seeds with the ammunition box, what’s more important for Grow For It is that families are equipped for the disasters to come.

“Our ultimate goal is to help you prepare your family’s seed supply. You will need it when disaster strikes. You can definitely purchase our non gmo heirloom seeds in the original black bag alone if it fits your needs. That one is super tough with its heat-sealed resealable packaging. But if you’d like to take it up a notch and truly invest in your family’s long-term seed supply, then we also suggest getting the ammo box for the extra seed security it offers,” the representative further remarked.

# # #

Grow For It Honored to be Part of CRG’s Safe Seed Resource List

Carson City, NV, May 19, 2016 – Seed quality and safety have always been a top priority for the people at Grow For It. As a small, family-owned heirloom seed business in Nevada, the brand is well aware of the dangers of genetic modification that is shamelessly championed by large seed corporations today. Like other small heirloom seed companies who care about their customers’ benefit, Grow For It has vowed to only sell non-gmo heirloom seeds to the public.

To make this vow official, Grow For It has even signed the Safe Seed Pledge—a program started by the Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG) to connect sellers of non-gmo seeds to consumers. So far, over 100 seed companies have joined the movement and Grow For It is proud to be a part of it since February of 2015.

“Being an heirloom seed company comes with social responsibility, especially since we are selling survival seeds that will be grown into food for consumption. It is of the utmost importance to us that we provide non-gmo heirloom survival seeds that our customers can trust. We would never risk our reputation by selling genetically-modified seeds that even our own families would not use,” said Charles Harmon, Founder and CEO of Grow For It.

“From the very start, we have always been a strong advocate for heirloom survival seeds that are free from pesticide and genetic engineering methods. We have done everything possible to ensure that our survival seed bank is safe for both vegetable gardening and survival preparedness. Now, it has been over a year since we made CRG’s Safe Seed Resource List. It is such an honor for us because we take our pledge seriously,” the CEO continued.

Grow For It can be found in CRG’s Safe Seed Resource List under its parent company name, Charles C Harmon Co LLC. Interested customers can check the website for more information.

# # #

Grow For It! Expert Applauds the New Palestine Heirloom Seed Library

Carson City, NV, May 15, 2016 – A recently published article from The Guardian reveals that an initiative is currently being formed in order to salvage the agricultural plant heritage in Palestine. This community project will be called the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library, which aims to preserve heirloom varieties that have been used by farmers for several centuries.

The Palestine Heirloom Seed Library is scheduled for launching sometime in June and will work together with an established seed bank. This joint effort was made to help improve the income of small-scale Palestinian farmers and to ensure that the seed samples are saved and documented properly.

Seed experts from around the world have praised this new project especially since several heirloom seed varieties are now on the verge of extinction. It is even estimated that the world’s fruit and vegetable seed supply could vanish within eighty years.

“We need to do everything we can to preserve our heirloom seed varieties. They have been passed down to us for generations and within each seed lies not just our different cultural identities, but also our future. The disappearance of our heirloom seeds will prove detrimental to the human race,” a seed expert from Grow For It warned.

“Seed preservation is not just about securing our agricultural food supply; it is actually more about protecting one’s heritage and making sure that it lives on. I truly applaud the Palestine Heirloom Seed Library for doing such an important cause. I hope that the project succeeds in its mission, and that more awareness about seed saving will be available especially to the younger generation,” he continued.

For the Grow For It expert, seed preservation is something that everyone can and should participate in.

“You don’t have to do something grand to help. Even the simple act of growing your own vegetables and saving the seeds from your harvests can make a difference. This is a collective effort after all, and every bit of help counts,” he concluded.

# # #

Grow For It Hits 30,000 Followers on Instagram

Carson City, NV, May 9, 2016 – Grow For It is happy to announce that its official Instagram page, called The Happy Gardening Life, has now surpassed 30,000 followers. The news came as a welcome surprise for the company especially since the Instagram account came from such humble beginnings.

What started out as a simple page about gardening has now transformed into an online community for vegetable gardeners all around the world. From North America to Australia, followers from different sides of the globe have found happiness and inspiration from The Happy Gardening Life’s posts.

“I love following these guys just to drool over all the vegetables. It’s also my first year attempting a vegetable garden thanks to inspiration from @thehappygardeninglife,” commented The Painted Farm Clockery, a user from Caledon, Ontario.

“I love seeing your posts! They are always so beautiful and motivating,” Live Wholly, a user from Texas, added.

Just nine months after its creation on August 2015, The Happy Gardening Life is now one of the most visited pages when it comes to gardening. The account aims to spread the love for gardening through sharing useful organic gardening tips, posting relatable gardening quotes, asking essential gardening questions, as well as reposting unique content from fellow gardeners.

“Thanks for always being kind in sharing some of my posts. I meet a lot of good people who said they found me through The Happy Gardening Life,” wrote Garden of Oz from Melbourne, Australia.

“Thanks a million for the repost. Such an honor to be on your feed!” The Rooted Garden from Houston, Texas also commented.

Seeing the Instagram page grow from nothing to something in just less than year continues to amaze the staff at Grow For It.

“We really just wanted to express our love for gardening through this page. We didn’t really expect much from it until one day the account started growing and growing. It’s funny how it’s now like a metaphor for gardening. I think we were able to attract this amount of followers because we all share the same love for growing things. This online community is such a positive place and we’re glad that we were able to inspire many of our followers to start gardening. That is truly the most rewarding thing for us,” a representative for Grow For It remarked.

As of today, The Happy Gardening Life continues to grow more and more thanks to the thousands of passionate gardeners. Users can check out the official page on Instagram.

# # #

Grow For It Dedicates Its New Survival Seeds to Its Valued Customers

Carson City, NV, March 18, 2016 – Grow For It has long been a trusted seller of heirloom seeds for survival and gardening purposes. The phenomenal success of its 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack and 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack on has established the brand as one of the best sources of high-quality vegetable seeds, so it is no surprise that Grow For It has managed to attract thousands of customers in just a few years.

“We are truly grateful for our valued customers who have always supported us. Without them, achieving success would just be impossible. So as a gift to our beloved customers, we recently launched a survival seeds vault that will help them secure their seeds for the long term,” a Grow For It representative said.

The decision to release a survival seeds vault was due to popular demand. Since last year, the company has been getting a lot of requests for a vault that can protect seeds for a long, long time.

“It seems that more people are now serious about survival. They want to invest in a capable seeds vault that can keep their seeds safe through the coming disasters. As a long-time advocate for survival preparedness, we were really pleased to hear about this. So we decided to take up our customers’ requests and come up with a survival seeds vault that people can really depend on,” the representative continued.

Grow For It’s all-new survival seeds vault comes in an ammo can made from durable plastic. It has a double-locking feature and an O-ring seal to shield against moisture. Inside this ammo can are the 105 varieties of heirloom survival seeds, packed in a resealable black bag for extra seed protection.

“Everything you need to secure your family’s food supply is in our new survival seeds vault. We especially made it tough so that it can survive disasters and deliver when the time comes. The inspiration for this vault is none other than our valued customers, and so we dedicate this special product to them. This is our way of saying thank you for supporting us through the years,” the representative concluded.

# # #

Grow For It Shows Brisk Sales with Survival Seeds Vault on

Carson City, NV, March 17, 2016 – Grow For It has been getting a lot of praise lately for the successful release of its survival seeds vault on The introduction of this new product has impressed several customers, which led to the significant increase in the company’s sales.

“We are absolutely overwhelmed by these positive results. We were hoping for the best, but we certainly did not anticipate getting brisk sales this quickly! It just goes to show that our new survival seeds vault is exactly what our customers have been waiting for all this time,” said Chuck Harmon, CEO and Founder of Home and Garden America – Grow For It.

“From the very start, we were determined to put out a survival seeds vault that people can really depend on. After all, the main purpose of a vault is to preserve seeds in the long run and deliver in the event of a disaster. So we took the time to research and test several possibilities until we’ve come up with the best solution for protecting seeds,” the CEO continued.

For the company, the solution is to offer its best-selling 105 varieties of heirloom survival seeds in a sturdy .30 caliber ammo box at a reasonable price. This practical combination is the reason why Grow For It has managed to stand out from the other seed vaults currently sold online.

“The ammo box itself provides maximum security with its double-locking feature and O-ring seal, while the actual heirloom seeds can easily last for years as long as they are properly stored. These two things make up our new survival seeds vault. This powerful combo guarantees that our vault is tough enough to survive the coming disasters, and we are now making this product available online so that more people can really equip themselves for the future,” Mr. Harmon added.

# # #

Great Results For Newly Released Grow for It Survival Seeds Vault

Carson City, NV, February 15, 2016 – Just one week after its official launching, Grow For It’s survival seeds vault has already captured the attention of many customers on Chuck Harmon, the company’s CEO and Founder, released a statement this morning to express his gratitude for this welcome success.

“To hear that our new survival seeds vault is doing well online is very rewarding, indeed! We’ve worked extremely hard to produce this product, and to get a positive response from the public just makes all the effort worthwhile. We’re very blessed to have such amazing customers who believe in our products, and so we dedicate this brand-new survival seeds vault to them,” Harmon remarked.

With its sturdy .30 caliber ammo box, O-ring seal and double-lock feature, this seeds vault is now considered by many survivalists as a smart investment because it keeps their seeds protected from moisture and other detrimental factors.

Home gardeners, on the other hand, greatly appreciate the 105 heirloom varieties that come with the vault for it enables them to grow a bountiful vegetable garden of their own.

“Whether you’re a survival prepper or home gardener, our survival seeds vault provides that rare combination of good seeds and long-term protection that’s difficult to find these days. Our heirloom seeds can produce a never-ending supply of fresh vegetables, while the vault itself will keep your seeds viable for many years so that you can depend on them in times of emergency,” said Harmon.

Grow For It’s survival seeds vault can easily last for years and survive any future disasters as long as it is properly stored. It is this guarantee that attracts so many customers to the Grow For It brand.

“This vault is guaranteed tough enough to survive the coming disasters. We provide maximum seed protection so that our customers will always have the seeds they need when disaster strikes,” the CEO added.

Interested parties can learn more about this new survival seeds vault at

# # #

Grow For It To Release New Survival Seeds Vault Soon

Carson City, NV, February 15, 2016 – Grow For It, the official brand name for Home and Garden America’s gardening products, has confirmed that its new survival seeds vault will soon be made available online. A spokesperson for the company released a statement today regarding the status of the upcoming product:

“We are now at the final stage of production for our brand-new survival seeds vault. We have been working on this item for months now to make sure that it is of the highest quality possible. Soon our seeds vault will be launched on and anyone who wants to prepare ahead for impending disasters can make their orders,” the spokesperson announced.

Grow For It’s much-awaited product will be officially called the “105 Varieties Survival Seeds Vault.” This particular item will arrive in the form of a .30 caliber ammo box and inside it will contain the brand’s bestselling 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack.

“The idea for this new product came when we learned that many people actually want a secure seed vault to safely store their survival seeds in. Since then, we made the decision to put our current survival seeds pack into a sturdy ammo box in order to meet our customers’ needs,” the company spokesperson remarked.

“The goal is to create a seed vault that will provide the best possible protection from moisture and other external factors. Seeds are easily damaged if they are not stored properly, so a good storage system is strongly recommended. Our survival seeds vault is designed to provide a safe, moisture-free environment so that when the time comes, the seeds inside will still remain viable for emergency use.” He continued.

Grow For It’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Vault will be released as soon as the final preparations are completed. In the meantime, interested parties can watch the product demo video for more information.

# # #

Home And Garden America CEO Invites Customers to Register Their Iron-Clad Satisfaction Warranty

Carson City, NV, February 15, 2016 – Home and Garden America, producer of the best-selling 50 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack and the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Vault on, has recently released a special satisfaction warranty that is available to all valued customers.

The said satisfaction warranty offers instant access to certain advantages. Customers can enjoy exclusive VIP discounts, free seed samples, informative video tutorials, as well as big discounts on newly-released products. However, these benefits will only be available to those who register for Home and Garden America’s Grow For It VIP Club.

Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America, encourages verified customers to register their satisfaction warranty right away so they can take advantage of all these perks.

“Being a member of our VIP Insider Club opens so many doors for our customers. Joining is even completely free and easy! All you have to do is register your iron-clad satisfaction warranty and you will immediately experience the full VIP treatment along with many exclusive benefits,” Mr. Harmon announced.

There are two ways to sign up for Home and Garden America’s Free VIP Club. Customers can either visit the official website or scan the QR code that is printed on the back label of the survival seeds vault.

“Each order of our survival seeds now comes with a warranty card that tells you how to register for your VIP membership. Just follow the instructions and your name will officially be added to our VIP list! We’ve got lots of good surprises in store for you, so please remember to sign up as soon as your order arrives. It would really be a huge loss to miss out on these amazing opportunities!” the CEO continued.

# # #

Just Released: Home And Garden America’s Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Pack Exceeds 400 Amazon Reviews

Carson City, NV, February 10, 2016 – A representative from Home and Garden America officially confirmed today that the seed company now has over 400 customer reviews on the famous retail website

This latest achievement is particularly remarkable since not many seed sellers have managed to surpass 400 reviews in Amazon’s Vegetable Plants and Seeds Bestseller category.

Out of all the brands in this said category, Home and Garden America’s 50 Varieties Non-GMO Heirloom Vegetable Seeds Pack is the only product that has over 400 reviews along with a customer rating that’s always above 4.5 out of 5 stars.

“Aside from us, there is only one other seller that has achieved this feat. However, we are the only brand with a consistent customer rating of 4.5 stars and up. We take great pride in our heirloom seeds and always see to it that every single pack is produced with the utmost care and quality,” said the company representative.

Each vegetable seed is guaranteed non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated, and all-natural. This allows customers to grow the freshest, tastiest, and healthiest produce possible. The product also comes with an unheard-of lifetime satisfaction guarantee in which customers can return the pack and receive a full refund if ever they are not satisfied with the results. This deal stands whether it is tomorrow or 30 years from now.

“It is our goal to offer seeds that enables gardeners and survivalists to produce an abundant vegetable garden as well as prepare for an impending disaster. To hear our customers say that they have now grown their own food successfully and prepared their survival kits thanks to our seeds is very rewarding. We are honored to be recognized by our valued customers and the rest of the Amazon community as a trusted source of heirloom vegetable seeds,” the representative further commented.

As of today, Home and Garden America has 403 reviews and counting. The company looks forward to more success as a bestselling brand on

# # #

Conscious Impact Organization Uses HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds Kit for Its Greenhouse Project In Nepal

Carson City, NV, February 1, 2016 – As a long-time advocate for organic gardening and sustainable living, Home and Garden America is humbled that the Conscious Impact organization is planting the brand’s heirloom seeds in their newly built greenhouse in Takure, Sindhupalchok, Nepal.

Conscious Impact is a non-profit organization that was founded right after the devastating Nepal earthquake last April 2015. Volunteers from all over the world are dedicated to supporting the people of the Sindhupalchok District by helping make communities much stronger and more sustainable.

To encourage sustainability and efficiency in the rural village, the organization has started an agricultural center where the volunteers and community members work together in growing food, propagating plants, and making organic compost. A greenhouse was just recently built in the area, and so the organization needed some seeds to get it going.

One of Home and Garden America’s customers, who is also a supporter of Conscious Impact’s causes, recently purchased the brand’s heirloom seeds kit for this purpose. She sent the package all the way to Nepal to help her son who’s currently volunteering.

“The heirloom seeds have successfully made their way to the village. They have now been planted in the new greenhouse in Takure. What a fantastic start for Conscious Impact’s greenhouse project! The org is very grateful to Home and Garden America for the seeds,” the customer wrote.

Upon hearing the news, Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America, expressed his delight that the company’s heirloom seeds are being put to good use.

“I am so happy to hear that the Conscious Impact volunteers and Takure community members are growing our seeds in their village. It’s not every day that something remarkable like this happens where people are passionately helping each other to build a more sustainable community. I truly applaud Conscious Impact for all their efforts and hope that the seeds will provide a bountiful supply of sustainable food for the whole community in Takure,” Harmon remarked.

The Conscious Impact website has more information on how people can join or donate to this important humanitarian project.

# # #

HAGA’s Iron-Clad Satisfaction Warranty Now Available to Valued Customers

Carson City, NV, January 18, 2016 – Home and Garden America (HAGA) has just released a special iron-clad satisfaction warranty on its 50 Varieties and 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Packs. A customer becomes automatically eligible for the said warranty when they purchase any of HAGA’s survival seeds packs at or on the company website.

“Our customers mean so much to us that we want to give them a gift just in time for Christmas. Our new satisfaction warranty qualifies our valued customers to receive exclusive VIP treatment on our various products,” says Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Charles C Harmon Co LLC (HAGA’s parent company).

Each purchase of HAGA’s survival seeds pack now comes with a card that contains details about the iron-clad satisfaction warranty and how to register it. The said warranty gives customers full access to benefits such as receiving free offers on certain items, or getting huge discounts on new products as they are released.

But in order to avail of these advantages, customers need to register first. This can be done by either visiting the designated website, or scanning the QR code that’s printed on the back of HAGA’s survival seeds pack.

“Both methods work well, so just choose the method that’s most convenient for you. Either way, your satisfaction warranty will officially be entered into our records. And when that happens, you will instantly become one of our VIP customers,” Harmon explained.

Mr. Harmon also notes that the warranty won’t work if the customer does not register.

“It is important that you register right away so we can add your name to our official list. Otherwise, you will not be able to access our special customer benefits. Please don’t forget to sign up because we’re planning lots of good surprises in the future,” the CEO remarked.

# # #

Just Released: Bloggers Pick HAGA Emergency Seed Pack for Their Doomsday Supplies

Carson City, NV, January 15, 2016 – Home and Garden America’s heirloom seeds pack has been getting praises from popular online bloggers lately. In fact, it is now one of the most highly recommended seeds pack by bloggers, product reviewers, as well as customers on The reasonable price, delicious varieties, and substantial amount of emergency seeds are the key reasons why many people choose it to complete their doomsday supplies.

“I never really thought about my family’s long-term food supply until I heard about this seeds pack from Home and Garden America. If a major disaster suddenly strikes, I won’t ever have to worry because the seeds will give us the means to plant our own healthy fruits and vegetables,” says Jaclyn Anne, a resident blogger at Dorky’s Deals.

“With the way things are going right now, a catastrophic event is surely bound to come soon. And when that finally happens, sustenance will be a main priority. This is why every family should have HAGA’s emergency seed kit to secure their doomsday food supply. You really can’t go wrong with this one,” says Athena, a chief blogger from The Stuff of Success.

Home and Garden America’s emergency seed pack contains 105 heirloom varieties that amount to 19,645 seeds. All the seeds are non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated, and have a minimum germination rate of 85%. They can be stored for future use after a disaster, or perhaps grown in a garden to produce a continuous supply of pesticide-free food for the whole family all throughout the year.

“Knowing that so many people prefer our seeds is absolutely rewarding. From online bloggers to product reviews and Amazon shoppers—we are just overwhelmed by all the support we’re getting. We have managed to become a bestseller on thanks to you guys, so we will always work hard to provide high-quality heirloom seeds for your doomsday supplies,” a representative for Home and Garden America announced.

# # #

HAGA Recommends Backyard Container Gardening for Urban Renters

Carson City, NV, November 29, 2015 – More American households are now opting to grow their own fruits and vegetables especially now that the dangerous risks of genetically-modified (GMO) foods are finally exposed to the public. Homeowners with plenty of backyard space can easily start a vegetable garden, but what about renters who also long for a garden of their own?

Renters often have to consider several hurdles before they can begin gardening. Limited space is a common problem since many tenants live in small apartments around the city. Sometimes they may also get too busy with work, which leaves them with less time to garden. The apartment community rules should be factored in as well because there could be certain restrictions to gardening.

All of this may cause renters to hesitate about growing food at home, but these issues can actually be resolved by a simple urban gardening method called backyard container gardening.

Backyard container gardening is a smart option for tenants because it does not create a permanent change to the rented property. Containers are transportable so they can easily be moved when necessary. They also address the issue of limited space because growing plants in pots can save a ton of space in the backyard, and allows the gardener to have more room to plant other vegetable varieties.

Regarding the time restraint, a container garden is low maintenance and much easier to care for than a typical in-ground garden. This means that busy urban renters won’t have to spend too much time gardening as long as the primary needs of the plants are met.

In summary, backyard container gardening enables renters to grow a space-saving, low-maintenance garden that produces healthy and delicious vegetables all year long. Those who are interested in this gardening style can learn the basics here.

# # #

HAGA Reveals How to Wash Produce with Baking Soda and Vinegar

Carson City, NV, November 27, 2015 – Washing fruits and vegetables properly is just as important as eating them. After all, it would be quite useless to eat healthy foods if they are not thoroughly cleaned first. Traces of pesticide, dirt and dust might still be present on the surface of the produce, which could lead to germ infection if ingested. A good way to prevent this is to wash fruits and vegetables with baking soda and vinegar.

Baking soda and vinegar may seem like basic kitchen ingredients, but they can create a very powerful homemade vegetable wash. This mixture is useful for preventing bacteria, fungi and other viruses from forming. It is a more effective solution compared to using plain old tap water for cleansing produce. Many people actually swear by this household hack and have been doing this for years.

Making the homemade solution is very easy. Just fill a bowl with clean water then add one tablespoon of baking soda and two tablespoons of vinegar. Mix it all up and spend a few minutes washing each fruit and vegetable. Afterwards, just rinse them properly with clean water to wash away the remaining mixture. That should make the produce squeaky clean and ready for cooking or eating.

By using two inexpensive kitchen ingredients like baking soda and vinegar, one can come up with a homemade wash that is much safer and more practical to use. People who regularly buy commercial vegetable wash will even get to save money in the long run with the help of this method.

Those who are looking for a safe, convenient, and all-natural way to clean fruits and vegetables will find the answer they need with this simple DIY vegetable wash. Interested readers can learn more about the whole process by watching the instructional video available at Home and Garden America.

# # #

New HAGA Blog Post Talks About the 15 Most Shade-Tolerant Plants

Carson City, NV, November 26, 2015 – Living in a not-so-sunny area may sometimes be a gardening disadvantage because it puts a limit on the type of plants that can be grown. But gardeners who live in these places should not easily be discouraged. The best way to make the most of this situation is to choose shade-tolerant plants that will do well despite the lack of sunlight.

Shade-tolerant plants are ideal because they only need around four hours of sun daily. These plants often have broader, thinner leaves which allow them to get more sunlight. This makes them very efficient and easy to grow at home.

There are plenty of options for a shade garden. Beets, carrots, and potatoes are excellent choices for those who love root vegetables. While these crops grow well in partial shade, it may take a bit longer for them to mature. However, they do produce quite a decent harvest even if they only get four hours of exposure to the sun.

Leafy greens such as chard, kale, and lettuce are also quite popular among gardeners. They can thrive with just three to four hours of sun per day. Again, the harvesting time may be a bit longer than usual but the results are more or less the same as when growing these leafy greens in full sun.

Finally, cilantro and parsley are recommended for gardeners who want a simple herb garden. These two culinary herbs in particular perform well with just three hours of sun per day. They also don’t need much maintenance, therefore making them suitable for beginners.

While all the plants mentioned above can thrive with just four hours of daily sun exposure, the time requirement may still vary depending on the location. Gardeners should always check their hardiness zone to determine if these plants can be grown in their specific areas.

# # #

Compost Dos and Don’ts Infographic Now Available on HAGA Website

Carson City, NV, November 20, 2015 – Composting has become such an essential part of organic gardening that many gardeners just cannot do without it. Unlike other gardening trends that often come and go, composting will always be here to stay because it is such an easy and economical thing to do. What better way to reuse kitchen scraps, save up on gardening costs, and help the environment at the same time? Composting offers all that, that’s why it is a popular activity for home gardeners today.

While composting is relatively simple, sometimes determining which materials to use can bring confusion. Remember that not all yard and kitchen scraps are suitable for making compost; utilizing the wrong ingredients can lead to bad compost that’s useless for gardening. This is why knowing which materials are ideal and which ones should be avoided is an important matter.

In order to assist gardeners who are new to composting, Home and Garden America (HAGA) has uploaded a basic “Compost Dos and Don’ts” list on its official blog. This way, anyone who’s confused can just refer to the list and make their own compost without worries.

The items for composting includes fruit and vegetable waste, old spices, dried-up herbs, stale bread, egg shells, coffee grounds, teabags, paper towels, and so on. Yard scraps such as leaves, grass clippings, saw dust, wood chips, and plant trimmings are also wonderful additions.

On the other hand, the items not recommended involves leftover meat, cheese, moldy bread, animal waste, coal ashes, wet grass, and the like. These ingredients must be avoided at all cost because they will ruin any compost pile.

By remembering these composting dos and don’ts, home gardeners should be able to come up with the best possible organic compost for their vegetable gardens. Just don’t forget to apply the right ratio of greens (nitrogen-rich materials) and browns (carbon-rich materials) to achieve a well-balanced compost.

# # #

Charles C Harmon Co LLC Boosts Company Growth Through Its New Subsidiaries

Carson City, NV, November 17, 2015 – Charles C Harmon Co LLC has always been on the frontline when it comes to understanding the consumer market. The company knows that identifying what the public wants is vital to success, that’s why it provides a wide variety of products in order to meet various consumer demands.

Founded by CEO Charles “Chuck” Harmon in 1969, Charles C Harmon Co LLC is a family-owned business that’s located in Incline Village, Nevada. The objective has always been to offer premium-quality home products at affordable prices. In the 1990s, the company entered the mattress industry by selling adjustable beds, luxury sheets, beddings, and memory foam products.

After finding success in the bed and bath business, Chuck Harmon wanted to expand his ventures into the seed market because of the public’s growing interest in gardening. This naturally led to the foundation of Home and Garden America (HAGA) in 2012.

The HAGA subsidiary focuses on home products and gardening supplies. Through its best-selling heirloom survival seeds packs, HAGA was able to attract thousands of customers and earn its reputation as one of the most trusted non-GMO seed companies in the United States.

With HAGA now stable in the seed industry, Mr. Harmon once again decided to extend the scope of the family business. Noticing that American consumers are becoming more and more health-conscious, the company saw an opportunity to produce products that can help improve overall health.

So in 2014, Life Glow Products was born. This particular subsidiary offers health and nutrition products for people who prefer an all-natural approach to health. The current product lineup consists of pharmaceutical-grade products that are also guaranteed non-GMO.

With a keen eye for business opportunities, Mr. Harmon saw yet another emerging consumer interest in reliable leisure time products. One particular niche the company identified is barbecuing, which has always been a part of the American lifestyle, but without the proper tools, it can become quite a chore.

This prompted the company to produce shredder meat claws and silicone BBQ gloves that will make barbecuing so much easier. The meat claws are used to shred meat much faster so people can conveniently create their favorite pulled pork dishes at home. The heat-tolerant silicone gloves, on the other hand, serve to protect the hands when grilling outdoors or even when cooking indoors.

Both BBQ tools are now available through Leisure Ready Products, established in Summer 2015. This is the company’s latest subsidiary that concentrates on items that will make the leisurely life even more enjoyable.

Thanks to Home and Garden America, Life Glow Products, and Leisure Ready Products, the Charles C Harmon Co LLC parent company is now stronger than ever and will continue to grow bigger in the many years to come.

# # #

Customers of HAGA Survival Seeds Report Progress on Their Vegetable Gardens

Carson City, NV, November 11, 2015 – Several Amazon customers have recently shared their success with Home and Garden America’s best-selling survival seeds. The product reviews of these satisfied customers reveal their experiences with the seeds, which enabled them to grow their own vegetable gardens successfully.

“Excellent! Three months ago, I grew my tomato seeds in some twelve-inch pots. At first I wondered if I’ll ever see them bear fruit, but now I have three healthy plants with six tomatoes! They’re getting bigger and bigger every day and watching them grow is incredibly rewarding. I will definitely try growing other varieties soon,” wrote Mypad from Long Beach, CA.

“If you want quality seeds pack that produces a healthy garden, this is it. The reason I chose Home and Garden America is because they sell non-GMO seeds for a great price. The varieties are amazing and my plants are thriving well! I’m very pleased with the product. Can’t wait to harvest my French Breakfast radishes,” said Lisa Marie from Boone, NC.

Jenna Hepner from Maryland wrote: “We started our very first garden with this survival seeds pack. All of the seeds we’ve sprouted have now grown into healthy plants. We will be moving them to our new garden beds during the next couple of days. Thank you for providing such an excellent product!”

Aundre Hernandez, another Amazon customer, remarked: “I’m just absolutely pleased with these survival seeds. I have a lovely garden now.”

Reading all these progress reports has made Home and Garden America even more grateful for their valued customers. According to a representative, the company is humbled by the positive reception and feels proud to be part of the growing urban gardening movement.

“As a small family-owned seed company, it really is overwhelming to get all this support from our customers. It is also rewarding to see that more American households are now taking up gardening. We will always work hard to provide premium-quality seeds so that everyone will have the opportunity to grow their own healthy fruits and vegetables at home,” the company representative stated.

# # #

Early Christmas Shoppers Have Begun Ordering HAGA’s Survival Seeds Pack on Amazon

Carson City, NV, November 10, 2015 – With the Christmas season fast approaching, millions of Amazon shoppers have now started ordering gifts for their loved ones. One of the most unique gift items that customers are buying online is Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack.

It seems that people nowadays are looking for something far more interesting to give aside from the usual gadgets, clothes and toys. Survival seeds may seem like an unusual gift choice, but this trend is actually picking up especially with the millennial generation who are now more aware about the importance of eating well and growing food at home.

“This emphasis on healthy living has definitely helped sparked people’s interest in urban gardening. Over the past few years, you can see that more households have started their own vegetable gardens using natural seeds. So gifting a survival seeds pack this Christmas is actually quite a practical idea, especially if you have friends or family members who are interested in a healthy and sustainable lifestyle,” said a representative for Home and Garden America.

Survival preparedness is another key reason why Amazon customers are busy ordering Home and Garden America’s Complete Survival Seeds Pack.

“Aside from vegetable gardening, some people want to own a survival seeds pack to prepare for future disasters. If you know someone who’s into survival prepping, then they will surely appreciate receiving a high-quality survival seeds pack this Christmas. It’s one of the best gifts that a prepper can ever get,” the representative added.

In order to prevent the stressful Christmas rush, Home and Garden America suggests ordering the seeds pack in advance.

“Last Christmas was pretty hectic. We actually sold out of our survival seeds because people were giving them to their gardening friends and prepper buddies. It’s good to place your order while it’s still early so you can secure your packs,” the company representative remarked.

More details about the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds are available at

# # #

HAGA Offers 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on Its Non-GMO Heirloom Seeds

Carson City, NV, October 23, 2015 – With so many active seed companies today, it can be difficult to distinguish one brand from another. This makes it all the more important to find a seed kit with specific features that make it stand out from the rest. One example is Home and Garden America’s non-GMO heirloom seed kit. This particular product offers an unheard-of Lifetime Satisfaction Warranty that customers can avail of.

“My whole business is built on extreme customer service. I never want anyone to feel that our seeds aren’t everything we represent them to be, that’s why we offer a 100% Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee on our heirloom seed kits. My guarantee is very real because I don’t want anyone to be unhappy with the company or the products we sell,” said Chuck Harmon, CEO and Founder of Home and Garden America.

This Lifetime Satisfaction Guarantee means that if ever a customer is not happy with the seed kit, they can get a full refund of every penny they paid. It doesn’t matter whether it’s tomorrow or 30 years from now; the guarantee is valid for life.

“We stand by our 100% Lifetime Guarantee so you can get a full refund with no questions asked. This way, no one will ever be stuck with our product if it doesn’t perform to their highest expectations. Our customers don’t usually have this type of experience, but if it happens, they can either apply for a refund through or contact us and we’ll gladly refund the purchase price or replace the seeds at no cost. We really want all our valued customers to feel that they’ve got the best seeds they could ever buy,” Harmon stated.

This warranty feature applies to both of Home and Garden America’s current products: The 50 Varieties and 105 Varieties Non-GMO Heirloom Seed Kits. More details about these packs are available at

# # #

HAGA’s 105 Varieties Heirloom Emergency Seeds Highly Recommended For Survival Gardeners

Carson City, NV, October 19, 2015 – Nowadays, more and more households are getting into survival gardening. For survival gardeners, the occurrence of an unexpected disaster that leads to food shortage is highly possible. Because of this, many survival households are now using heirloom emergency seeds to grow nutritious food so they can sustain themselves during and after a huge disaster.

While emergency seeds are traditionally kept for future use, these seeds can actually be grown into a bountiful vegetable garden that provides for an entire family. What smart survival gardeners do is they plant some of the seeds so they can enjoy homegrown produce all year long, and then they safely store the rest of the seeds for their emergency food supply.

Some survival gardeners even go the extra mile and save the seeds from their harvest. This allows them to produce a never-ending supply of seeds that they can use in the event of a disaster. Seed saving eliminates the need to purchase a new seed pack every year, and enables a household to have a continuous seed supply.

Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Heirloom Emergency Seeds Pack contains 19,635 seeds that can produce over 16,689 fruit, vegetable and herb plants. The pack intentionally offers a generous amount of seeds so that each family will have plenty to use for both gardening and disaster survival purposes.

The 105 Varieties Emergency Seeds Pack also has a germination success rate of 85%. This makes it easier to grow delicious heirloom varieties at home even without having any gardening experience. Newbies won’t have to worry because the free PDF guide that comes with every purchase will help beginner survival gardeners in growing and saving their emergency seeds.

It’s important to note that a sudden catastrophe can occur anywhere at any given time—and when that happens, food and sustenance will always be the main priority. However, anyone can be prepared for this situation with the help of survival gardening and Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Emergency Seeds.

# # #

HAGA 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Are A Worthwhile Addition To One’s Emergency Kit, Says Blogger

Carson City, NV, October 7, 2015 – A resident blogger at recently reviewed Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds. After receiving the product, she has realized that this complete survival seeds pack is actually a smart addition to her emergency kit.

While she already has a basic emergency kit at home filled with all the necessities for survival, she discovered that her supply is still not enough for long-term purposes. What’s missing is a survival seeds pack that she can count on in case a catastrophe should occur.

“I like to stockpile items that would be useful in case of an emergency. I have compiled a sort of emergency kit – a collection bottled water, canned foods, flashlights, LED lanterns, blankets, portable phone chargers and batteries of all sizes. Given a power outage, I will have our home lit, my cell phone charged, and my family fed for weeks. But what about for the long-term? If there was a catastrophic disaster that affected us for months or years, what would we eat? I did not have an answer for this until I recently had the chance to order Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds,” The blogger wrote.

This particular seeds pack contains over 19,000 seeds from 105 varieties of fruits, vegetables, and herbs. These non-GMO, non-hybrid, and open-pollinated heirloom seeds have a minimum germination rate of 85%. They give prepared families the means to grow their own nutritious food in the event of a disaster.

“Even if you aren’t preparing for a disaster or doomsday situation, this complete survival seeds pack is a great source of a vast variety of delicious, pesticide-free, non-GMO seeds that you can plant in your garden and have for your family to enjoy,” the blogger added.

Home and Garden America’s survival seeds are normally sold at for $59.99, but the company is currently offering a 10% discount for a limited period. This brings the price down to $49.99.

Interested customers can avail of this survival seeds discount by entering the code 105VSEED upon checkout. Shipping is also free for Amazon Prime users.

# # #

Blogger Recommends Setting Up A Disaster Survival Box Using HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds Pack

Carson City, NV, October 1, 2015 – The practicality of Home and Garden America’s heirloom seeds pack continues to impress many people today, especially top bloggers online. One particular blogger from has immediately decided to set up a disaster survival box after hearing about HAGA’s heirloom seeds. This decision happened after the blogger realized that her family is not fully equipped for a future catastrophe.

“If a disaster were to strike, my family is not that well prepared. We have stuff but it is just everywhere, and we could not possibly be ready in a matter of minutes to be able to grab everything and hide or drive off somewhere. All our stuff is just thrown around and setting up a box like this would be great,” wrote Chesketh at

“We got a great pack of survival seeds from HAGA that will be extremely useful for us when we own a farm or are ready to be self-sufficient. Our goal is to be able to not depend on the government, or corporations, and ultimately be self-sufficient. As the climate changes, political tensions come and go, countries go to war, and commit to peace, ordinary people still have to make ends meet, and try to survive. As we know, nobody will tell you beforehand when the trouble will strike. There may be times coming when our family will have nothing left other than a few belongings… and these seeds could save our lives,” she went on.

Preparing for an imminent catastrophe may sound ridiculous to some, but it is actually quite practical considering the recent effects of climate change and global warming on the planet.

“I have lived through the times in my life when my family had to drop everything and move. We know how it is when an environmental disaster strikes. There may be earthquakes or droughts, hunger and environmental pollution, change in government or a revolution. One terrorist act could change the way of everything, and one nuclear catastrophe can send the whole world into a tailspin. We have to be somewhat prepared for this. The easiest way is to have everything on hand to feel more confident that in case of a disaster, you have a plan of where to start and what to do,” the blogger added.

Environmental calamities and other man-made disasters have caused a string of devastating damage over the past couple of years, and they continue to do so to this day. At this rate, it’s only a matter of time before something big happens—and having a proper survival box that includes a complete heirloom seeds pack can help a family survive a long-term disaster.

Those who want to protect their families from catastrophic situations can check out Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack at

# # #


HAGA Introduces Its Official Instagram Page Called The Happy Gardening Life

Carson City, NV, September 12, 2015 – Home and Garden America (HAGA) has always been enthusiastic when it comes to connecting with its target audience. Being a customer-based heirloom seed company has naturally led HAGA to maintain an active Twitter page as well as a popular Facebook page with over 26,000 fans.

Now the seed company wants to take things up a notch by officially joining Instagram. HAGA has decided to name its Instagram page as “The Happy Gardening Life” in order to show the happiness that home gardening can bring into one’s life.

“The Happy Gardening Life is all about growing a bountiful vegetable garden at home. This page offers lots of excellent tips not just on food gardening but also on seed saving and other ways to achieve a more sustainable lifestyle,” said a spokesperson for HAGA.

“We also post gardening quotes, infographics and short clips to provide a variety of information that our followers can benefit from,” he continued.

Instagram is a trendy social networking site that’s known for its convenient system and high interaction rates among users. HAGA sees it as a useful tool that will help the company interact better with its valued customers.

Just two weeks after launching its Instagram account, the company has already managed to attract many followers who are deeply interested in gardening and saving heirloom seeds. More users are also liking the posts regularly and expressing their delight through comments. Some are even asking about HAGA’s heirloom survival seed packs through the page. It seems that joining Instagram has indeed enhanced the company’s social engagement with its target market.

“Our number-one priority has always been our valued customers, and to be able to interact with them in such a convenient way is really amazing. Through our Instagram page, we can now easily reach out to our followers and they too can reach us quickly whenever they have questions about our seed products,” the spokesperson added.

Interested users can follow The Happy Gardening Life at

# # #

 Top Bloggers Are Impressed By HAGA’s 105 Varieties Non GMO Heirloom Seeds Pack

Carson City, NV, September 6, 2015 – Home and Garden America (HAGA) has been capturing the attention of many online bloggers these days. The seed company’s best-selling product, the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack, has left a deep impression with top bloggers who have tried the heirloom survival seeds themselves.

“I was thrilled to receive this seed pack because I love anything that’s related to gardening and growing food. I’ve bought other survival seeds before and I must say, these heirloom survival seeds from HAGA are the best by far. They came quickly and each seed variety was properly labeled and packed in their own little baggies to keep them fresh,” says Bonnie from

“I’ve been growing vegetables and herbs for my family for years, and it’s an amazing feeling to grow food from seed and know that they’re completely free from harmful chemicals. Aside from gardening use, HAGA’s seed pack also doubles as a survival seed vault. This means that my family will always be prepared in case a disaster should arise,” she continued.

Another blogger who has recently reviewed the product is Susan Quackenbush from Susie’s Reviews and Giveaways. She was particularly fascinated by the staggering amount of seeds and varieties in each pack.

“This seed pack contains 16,945 seeds and covers 105 exciting varieties of fruits, vegetables and herbs. It also has a minimum germination success rate of 85%, which will easily help you produce up to 16,689 plants in your garden. The product even comes with a lifetime satisfaction guarantee and a free downloadable PDF guide for planting and storing the seeds,” said the blogger.

These notable bloggers are just two of the many people who have been impressed by Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack. The company’s commitment to providing non-GMO, non-hybrid, and open-pollinated heirloom seeds at an affordable price will continue to impress more bloggers and customers in the future.

Interested parties can find Home and Garden America heirloom seeds at

# # #

HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds Offer 4 Good Features That Make Them Worth Buying

Carson City, NV, September 6, 2015 – More and more vegetable gardeners and survival preppers are ordering Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack—and it is easy to see why. This particular product presents four features that make it practical for both home gardening and survival preparedness.

The first feature of HAGA’s heirloom seeds pack is its convenient packaging. The seeds are packaged in an airtight bag with a heat seal so that they can be placed directly into the freezer for long-term storage. The ready-to-store packaging is practical especially if the seeds are intended for future disaster preparations. It allows the seeds to last for 10 to 20 years as long as they are kept properly.

The second feature is the high germination rate. Home and Garden America has had the seeds professionally tested and guarantees a minimum germination rate of 85%. However, many customers have experienced nearly 100% success rate when starting their seeds. The consistent performance of the seeds is a testament to the quality of the product itself. This is why HAGA’s heirloom seeds pack has easily earned a best-seller rank on

The third feature is the wide selection of heirloom seeds. With 105 different varieties and a 19,635 seed count, customers are sure to find an interesting mix of their favorite vegetables, fruits and herbs in each pack. From red beefsteak tomatoes, early jalapeno peppers and buttercrunch lettuce to Italian basil, black diamond watermelons and golden zucchini squash, one can grow a diverse food garden at home.

The last and most important feature is the classification of HAGA’s heirloom seeds as non-hybrid and non-GMO. Non-hybrid means that the seeds have not been crossbred with other varieties. This characteristic allows HAGA’s heirloom seeds to produce crops that are consistent and true and to their specific variety.

Non-GMO, on the other hand, means that the seeds did not undergo any form of genetic modification. HAGA’s heirloom seeds are grown through the most natural means so that customers can also grow the safest and healthiest fruits, vegetables and herbs in their own gardens.

These four features are the primary factors why Home and Garden America’s heirloom seeds pack continues to sell well despite the heavy competition online. The convenient packaging, high germination rate, wide seed selection, and the overall safety of the seeds for gardening and survival prepping make this product a true favorite among customers.

Interested parties can contact – customer service for more details.

# # #

Customers Find That HAGA’s Non-GMO Survival Seeds are Also Suitable as Party Favors

Carson City, NV, August 28, 2015 – Home and Garden America’s best-selling non-GMO survival seeds have found yet another special use. Aside for vegetable gardening and emergency preparedness, Amazon customers have discovered that the seeds are also suitable as party favors.

The 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack, in particular, work well for this purpose because there are plenty of seeds and a wider selection to choose from. With 19,635 seeds and 105 different types of heirloom fruit and vegetable varieties, customers will have more than enough to give as gifts to their guests.

“The thought of using the seeds as party gifts is a fresh idea that many people seem to be interested in nowadays. In fact, some potential customers have recently been asking us about the specific dimensions of the individual seed packets. They want to make sure that the packets will easily fit into their party favor boxes,” said a spokesperson for Home and Garden America.

According to the company representative, each seed variety is carefully sealed in its own clear plastic packet that measures around 2×2 inches. The thickest ones of the packets are about 3/8 inches thick (since there are several varieties, the thickness depends on each seed variety). The small size and thickness of the individual baggies make them practical as party gifts.

“This is just what I need. The small packets are perfect for my party favors. I’m actually using the seeds in a symbolic way: my son has just graduated from high school and will continue enriching his life with more knowledge and experience as he grows older. The seeds represent both growth and nourishment. This is something that I want to share with our guests so they too can plant and grow their own nourishment in life,” a customer commented on

# # #

HAGA’s 105 Varieties Non-GMO Seeds Pack Praised for Its Interesting Heirloom Varieties

Carson City, NV, August 26, 2015 – Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Non-GMO Seeds Pack has been getting more attention for containing lots of interesting seed varieties. Amazon customers are impressed by the 19,635 seed count because it provides them with a steady supply for home gardening as well as doomsday prepping. Aside from the generous amount of non-GMO seeds, people have also expressed their excitement for the carefully-chosen heirloom varieties included in each pack.

One Amazon customer commented: “I’m grateful that this came into my life. The seeds have grown into some of the best vegetables I have ever known. Great for home gardening and more!”

“This product has everything I want in a seed kit. It’s the best bulk pack I’ve tried and I recommended it especially to those who want to grow large quantities of delicious heirloom vegetables,” another customer remarked.

“Wow, this is like my entire vegetable garden in one bag! Excellent value, excellent varieties. I’m really looking forward to planting these babies at home,” added another Amazon shopper.

Because of the high germination rate and the interesting seed assortment, thousands of Home and Garden America’s satisfied customers are now growing their own successful gardens. One has even shared her experience through a recent product review:

“We’re very satisfied with HAGA’s 105 Varieties Survival Seed Pack. I live in Southeast Michigan and most of the seeds have sprouted and produced extremely well in my square foot gardens. I’m really impressed by the overall performance of the seeds. The tomato varieties (red cherry, golden jubilee, beefsteak and roma) have produced so well that I get 10 pounds of yummy tomatoes every week. I also found success with the beans, beets, broccoli, dill, eggplant, kale, lettuce, melons, peas, peppers, pumpkins, spinach and zucchini squash. These seeds are simply remarkable!”

Interested gardeners can visit to order Home and Garden America heirloom seeds.

# # #

Home And Garden America Survival Seeds Exceed 350 Reviews on

Carson City, NV, August 6, 2015 – Home and Garden America (HAGA) has fulfilled yet another milestone on HAGA’s complete heirloom seeds survival pack has now reached over 350 Amazon customer reviews. A spokesperson for the company made the announcement earlier today.

“We are delighted to announce that our heirloom seeds survival pack has successfully surpassed the 350 review mark. Of the 357 reviews we have so far, more than 90% of our total clientele has rated the product 4 stars and up. That means our customers are more than satisfied with the quality of our survival seeds,” said the spokesperson.

Established in 2012, Home and Garden America is the gardening division of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC. It is a small, family-owned business headed by Chuck Harmon himself—CEO and Founder of the whole company.

Now three years in the making, HAGA has successfully grown into a reputable business that’s built on product quality and extreme customer service. Today, it is recognized as one of the primary sources of non-GMO, non-hybrid, and open-pollinated heirloom survival seeds on The company’s commitment to providing safe seeds for home gardening is the main reason behind its loyal clientele.

“Excellent purchase. I absolutely love these seeds—the ones I’ve started are sprouting like crazy! I’m using some of the seeds in the garden for my pre-primary class. I’m teaching the kids about a plant’s life cycle and they just love watching the plants grow. We’re all looking forward to trying the veggies soon,” said a customer on Amazon.

“Thanks to these seeds, I can now grow real non-GMO vegetables. The seeds sprouted quickly even when all I did was practically throw them in the ground. The seed pack offers lots of seeds, so just make sure to get the varieties you want and save the rest for future disasters. There’s a free PDF guide for planting and storing the seeds—plus a discount coupon if you search online,” another customer remarked.

When asked about the company’s ongoing success in the non-GMO seed industry and popularity among home gardeners, Harmon responded:

“I appreciate it when our customers take the time to let us know that our seeds are doing exactly what we’ve said they will do, and that our customers are impressed with the results. This is why we’re in the seed business: to provide high-quality heirloom survival seeds that will allow people to grow healthy and delicious food at home. We’re glad that our customers are happy because it makes our job so fulfilling,” said Harmon.

# # #

Home And Garden America Facebook Fan Page Gets 25,000 Likes

Carson City, NV, July 11, 2015 – Home and Garden America is pleased to announce that its Facebook page has now garnered over 25,000 fans worldwide. It is the place where gardeners can get practical advice on growing vegetable plants and seeds at home.

I Love Organic Gardens, the official fan page name, was first created to make vegetable gardening easier—especially for beginners. But what started out as a simple page back in 2013 has now turned into a thriving online community where gardeners can share their own gardening tips and tricks with one another.

People often post questions about organic pest control, composting, seed starting and other gardening methods on the page, and other fans respond by giving their own effective solutions.

“The interaction between our gardening fans is really fascinating. You can tell that people absolutely love gardening because whether they are pro gardeners or beginners, everyone is always willing to help each other. It is wonderful to see our Facebook page become a place for home gardeners to gather online,” said a company spokesperson.

The active participation within this community has inspired Home and Garden America to provide a vegetable growing cheat sheet that all fans can use. This free resource is intended to give gardeners a more simplified guide to vegetable gardening.

Fans will simply respond to a few basic questions like what’s their preferred gardening method and how’s the weather like in their region. This will produce a personalized vegetable growing guide that home gardeners can print out and share with their friends online.

“We want to make gardening easy for everyone. When you know the most efficient way to garden, then you can always obtain safe and healthy vegetables as well as enjoy gardening without worries. Fans can get their own personalized gardening guide on our official website,” the spokesperson concluded.

# # #

HAGA’s Bonus PDF Guide Makes Growing Vegetables Easier, Customers Say

Carson City, NV, July 9, 2015 – Gardening may seem like a huge challenge at first. There are countless topics and techniques to learn, and it can overwhelm the new gardener. But with the help of free online resources like Home and Garden America’s Bonus PDF Guide, many beginners are now able to catch on more easily and grow a garden of their own.

Home and Garden America (HAGA), a notable seller of non-GMO heirloom seeds, provides a downloadable planting and storing manual for its valued customers. This 35-page PDF has everything that a gardener needs to know about planting and storing their heirloom seeds for long-term use. Customers have this to say about HAGA’s PDF guide:

“The PDF download gives in-depth information on how to plant each heirloom variety—from the recommended soil temperature and hardiness zone, to the ideal growing conditions and harvest time. It also offers tips on how to store the seeds for survival situations. I highly recommend this seed pack! Excellent customer support from the CEO as well,” revealed one Amazon customer.

“This is the best survival seeds pack ever! It’s got lots of heirloom varieties plus a downloadable planting guide that’s very informative for both beginner and advanced gardeners. I am really satisfied with my purchase and will buy again for sure,” another customer remarked.

Chuck Harmon, CEO of Home and Garden America, is pleased with the PDF guide’s ability to help customers with their seeds.

“I love hearing progress reports from the amazing customers that we’ve been so fortunate to gather. The PDF is meant as an aid to help make growing and storing heirloom seeds much easier for our customers—so I’m glad that it’s useful for many,” Harmon said.

Customers can find Home and Garden America heirloom seeds at and download the free PDF at the company website.

# # #

HAGA’s Herb Medicinal Seeds are Ideal for Home Remedy Uses

Carson City, NV, June 29, 2015 – Natural homemade remedies have been around for centuries. They have always been used long before modern medicine was invented. Home remedies are all made from the most natural ingredients possible to ensure their effectiveness. Certain fruits, vegetables, herbs, and spices are revered for their natural healing qualities and serve as alternative cures to common illnesses. However, they’re not always easy to find so many people now grow medicinal seeds at home in order to access these ingredients and save money as well.

Home and Garden America, a non-GMO seed company, offers natural medicinal seeds on through its 105 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack. This particular product contains 100% heirloom, non-hybrid, non-GMO seeds that can be used not just for survival storage but also for making home remedies. It also has a total count of 19,635+ seeds and a germination rate of over 85%.

“Our Grow For It! Survival Seeds Pack 105 Heirloom Varieties are perfect for those who are looking for affordable and easy-to-grow medicinal seeds. This pack has all the right varieties that one needs to make the best remedies at home. Fruits and vegetables like carrots, melons, onions, peppers, tomatoes and watermelons are great for treating infections, improving skin health, reducing cancer risk, protecting the heart and even cleansing the whole body,” says an herbal expert from Home and Garden America.

“Herbs such as basil, thyme and white yarrow are also very effective. Basil mixed with ginger and honey is a known cure for treating respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, influenza and the common cold. Thyme consumed as tea is great at drying mucus membranes and relaxing spasms of the bronchial passages—which helps relieves coughs, colds and emphysema. You can even gargle the tea to minimize swelling of the tonsils and cure throat infections. On the other hand, white yarrow can be used for treating allergies, pelvic cramps, fevers, indigestion, rashes, skin itching and wound infections.” The expert went on.

“As you can see, all these fruits, vegetables and herbs offer the most natural cures for various illnesses without the need for actual medication. These plants provide a variety of health benefits that not only protects your family but also saves you more money in the long run. So consider growing these medicinal seeds in your garden today to experience these benefits,” the expert concluded.

# # #

First-Time Gardeners Praise HAGA’s Non-GMO Heirloom Seed Vault

Carson City, NV, June 5, 2015 – Beginners often have a hard time choosing which garden seeds to start with. There are lots of seed types available, ranging from GMOs to hybrids and heirlooms. It can get confusing at times, but despite all these choices, many first-time gardeners are leaning toward Home and Garden America’s non-GMO heirloom seed vault.

Home and Garden America (HAGA) is a trusted seller of heirloom seeds on With an average rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, it’s easy to see why people are more confident with this seller. 85% of customers have also given the company a 5-star rating, helping to further solidify HAGA’s reputation in the organic seed business.

But these achievements are not the only reasons why most beginner gardeners choose the HAGA brand. The company is actually known for providing only 100% organic, non-hybrid, non-GMO, heirloom seeds. This is to ensure that gardeners can grow the safest, healthiest and tastiest fruits and vegetables at home.

The alarming reports about GMO consumption is another deciding factor. Starting a vegetable garden is often done to obtain fresher foods for better health. Using seeds that have been genetically-modified completely defeats the purpose of home gardening. One needs to use organic seeds in order to get the most natural foods possible–and that is where heirloom seeds come in.

Heirloom seeds are guaranteed organic and true-to-type. Heirlooms have been passed down from generation to generation without being crossbred or genetically-engineered, that’s why they are able to maintain their distinct natural qualities.

Heirlooms are also easier to grow and offer lots of delicious varieties, which first-time gardeners truly appreciate.

“Just amazing! I got this as a starter set for my garden. It has most of the vegetable seeds I want that’s why I bought it. The plants are growing very well. I’m looking forward to my first harvest and even thinking about saving the seeds for future use,” said one Amazon customer.

“My husband and I have begun our first garden with this heirloom seed vault. The seeds we’ve planted so far have all sprouted, and we will transplant them into the garden bed in a couple of days. All of the plants are growing strong! Thanks for such an amazing seed pack,” another customer added.

The positive reviews from beginner gardeners is great news to the company—especially to Chuck Harmon, Home and Garden America’s CEO.

“I always appreciate it when customers share the results that they’ve gotten with our non-GMO heirloom seed vault because it shows that the effort we put into every package is paying off. It seems that almost everyone from beginning gardener to pro are getting great results and enjoying higher germination rates than we advertise. We’re glad that our heirloom seeds are a starting point for many beginners, and an instrument in providing healthier foods for many families,” Harmon remarked.

# # #

HAGA’s I Love Organic Gardens Page Attracts 20,000 Fans

Carson City, NV, May 27, 2015 – Home and Garden America (HAGA) is happy to announce that its Facebook gardening page has now attracted over 20,000 fans worldwide. I Love Organic Gardens, as this online community for gardeners is called, has achieved this feat in a short amount of time. HAGA attributes this success to the increasing popularity of growing vegetable plants and seeds at home.

Last year has seen a huge spike in the number of home gardeners, especially in the United States. Many have taken a special interest in vegetable gardening for its practical benefits. These new gardeners will certainly need some guidance on how to start their own gardens, and HAGA’s gardening page can be helpful in that aspect.

“We initially created I Love Organic Gardens to guide beginners in growing their gardens at home. We post different gardening topics on the page that newbies may find useful in their endeavors. But what’s really cool is that many seasoned gardeners have started liking our page and began sharing their own tips and tricks,” says a representative for Home and Garden America.

“Over the years, the page has really transformed into a friendly place where gardeners can give advice to one another. That’s the beauty of an online gardening community: it’s all about sharing the knowledge and helping each other succeed. Because of our awesome fans, we’re able to exceed the 20,000 mark—and it keeps growing more and more every day,” the company representative added.

As a gesture of gratitude for all the fans who support the page, Home and Garden America is giving away some discount coupons for its organic vegetable seed packs on The offer is available for a limited time only, so the company encourages everyone to avail of it immediately.

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HAGA’s Heirloom Vegetable Garden Survival Seed Packs Surpass 300 Reviews On Amazon

Carson City, NV, May 13, 2015 – A company spokesman is proud to reveal that Home and Garden America (HAGA) has now exceeded 300 reviews on This special milestone serves as a great addition to the company’s long list of achievements, and further strengthen HAGA’s reputation as a source of premium heirloom seeds and other survival supplies.

With a total count of 311 customer reviews and an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, HAGA is now considered one of the leading heirloom seed suppliers on

“We’re very proud of this new achievement. It’s not easy to get such favorable ratings on Amazon, so we feel blessed that many customers choose our seed products and even write objective reviews themselves. According to, 95% of our total reviews are very positive—with plenty of customers giving us 5-star ratings for product satisfaction and excellent customer service. This great news will inspire us to perform even better when it comes to providing the best heirloom seeds,” said the spokesman.

HAGA’s current products include the 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack and the 105 Complete Survival Seeds Pack. The 47 and 101 Varieties will soon be joining the lineup in order to give customers more choices when buying their seed packs.

Every one of HAGA’s seed packs contain generous amounts of heirloom seeds that families can grow into vegetable gardens or use for long-term survival storage. All of the seeds are guaranteed 100% organic, non-GMO, non-hybrid and open-pollinated. They also come in several vegetable varieties such as the Black Seeded Simpson Lettuce, Red Beefsteak Tomato, Black Diamond Watermelon, Purple Vienna Kohlrabi, and Scarlet Nantes Carrot.

Home and Garden America’s heirloom seed packs are proven useful for organic home gardening and survival purposes. As thank-you gesture for having achieved positive reviews online, the company is giving away coupons for a special 20% discount.

Amazon shoppers can get their 20% off coupon on the company website.

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HAGA Reveals 2 Essential Skills Needed to Store Prepper Seeds Properly

Carson City, NV, May 2, 2015 – A spokesman for Home and Garden America recently shared two important skills that all survivalists should learn when it comes to storing their prepper seeds for emergency situations. Proper seed storage plays a major role in survival gardening, and should be included in any household’s survival plan.

“Survival gardening is crucial to anyone planning a doomsday preparedness program. The current interest in survival skills and emergency preparedness items has created a whole new market in survival prepping wares. Since most people don’t really have the background necessary to evaluate their needs during a crisis situation, they often overlook the role that a good stock of garden survival seeds would play,” the spokesman stated.

“We have identified two essential skills that survivalists would need when it comes to using any seeds that they had stored away for emergencies. First is the ability to successfully store the seeds so that they will perform right when you need them to. Second is knowing how and when to plant them for the best results,” he continued.

“Planting seeds properly in the right soil will ensure that you have something to eat for the long-term. Storing seeds from the vegetables you grow will provide a never-ending supply of wholesome food for you and your family,” he went on.

“These two things are covered in a downloadable PDF document that we’ve made available to everyone who buys our seeds. The PDF contains all the critical information that a prepper needs to store their survival seeds. There are clear instructions on storing the seeds for either short-term or long-term use, as well as for refrigerating and/or freezing the seeds. Our seeds are packaged in a way that will hold up well when being stored. We don’t vacuum seal our seeds because they are living organisms that require a certain amount of air in order to survive,” he concluded.

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Great Customer Q&A Participation Overwhelms HAGA CEO

Carson City, NV, April 7, 2015 – Home and Garden America’s Q&A board on has seen plenty of customer activity lately. Chuck Harmon, the seed company’s Founder and CEO, cannot help but be overwhelmed by the positive response from the public. He is extremely impressed by the eagerness of his customers to answer questions and share advice on best ways to grow and store heirloom garden seeds.

“I really want to thank our valued customers for being so proactive in helping their fellow organic gardeners. I just love the willingness of our customers to assist those who have questions regarding our garden variety seeds. They always take the time to answer everything to the best of their knowledge, and I appreciate it. We have the great customers ever!” Harmon remarked.

“I also appreciate the fact that our customers provide such informative answers from basic gardening to storing the seeds for long-term use. They even share useful links and resources to help their fellow gardeners get started. I’m just amazed at the helpfulness of our little community here on Amazon—everyone is such a joy to be involved with,” he continued.

With over 52 answered questions, Home and Garden America is on the way to building a thriving online community where people can get solid advice on the most effective gardening and seed storage tips.

“Our ultimate goal is to create a place where organic gardeners and survival preppers can interact with one another and contribute their own tips. We’ve only just started, but seeing this incredible response from our valued customers makes me believe that we will achieve this feat in no time,” Harmon added.

Home and Garden America encourages everyone to join in the conversation. The company welcomes any questions, suggestions and advice that can be helpful to the community.

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HAGA Welcomes Customer Inquiries on Its Amazon Q&A Board

Carson City, NV, April 6, 2015 – Home and Garden America, a seed company that sells organic non-hybrid seeds on, has made its Q&A board available to the public. The said discussion board is the perfect place for customers and other potential shoppers to ask questions directly to the company regarding its seed products.

Home and Garden America’s CEO and Founder, Chuck Harmon, responds to the questions himself so that customers can get the answers they need and make an informed decision before buying.

“Amazon’s free Q&A feature is really a helpful device that helps us communicate better with our clientele. Through it, we’re able to talk more about our products and address any inquiries our customers may have. In fact, I encourage everyone to ask about our organic seed packs. I’d be happy to answer them,” said Harmon.

As of now, Harmon has personally addressed 51 customer questions on the Amazon discussion board. People wonder most about the type, variety, quantity, and shelf life of the seeds. They also want to know if the seeds can grow in a particular hardiness zone.

Another popular question is how to properly keep the seeds for long-term storage. This is very interesting to customers especially since many of them buy the seeds for survival purposes. Here’s what Harmon had to say on the subject:

“You can store the seeds right in the laminated foil bag if you prefer, but the most ideal container is a resealable glass jar. Mason jars, spaghetti jars, pickle jars or any other jar with a self-sealing lid will do. Simply place the seed packets into a jar and store them in a cool, dark and dry environment. If you’re going for long-term storage, then freezing the seeds will deliver the most effective results.”

The practical tips from Home and Garden America’s CEO himself have been helpful to many customers. Thanks to the Q&A board, the company is able to share solid advice with the Amazon community.

“Customer service is very important to us, that’s why we’re using the discussion board to our advantage. We’re looking forward to more inquiries from our clientele so that we can assist them in any way we can,” Harmon concluded.

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More Preppers are Using HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds to Grow Survival Gardens

Carson City, NV, April 2, 2015 – Home and Garden America, a Nevada-based organic seed seller, is pleased with the increasing popularity of survival gardens these days. The company finds it remarkable that numerous households are now growing their own food supply to sustain themselves in case of disaster—and many are using Home and Garden America’s garden seeds for this purpose.

“These are definitely the best survival seeds I’ve found. The germination rate is fast and I was able to grow lots of delicious organic vegetables! It’s also great that the seeds are non-GMO because my family will never again tolerate foods that have been genetically engineered. Thanks to HAGA’s seeds, we can now grow our own food and even store them for future use,” a survival gardener remarked.

“Having our own produce supply is great because we don’t have to rely on others for food no matter how disastrous things could get in the future. Home and Garden America is truly the best when it comes to survival seeds and I highly recommend them to everyone,” said another prepper.

“We’re super thrilled to include these seeds to our survival garden plans. The product itself is well-packed and the vegetable varieties are excellent. It will surely last a long time and could be used as a reliable survival seed kit,” another survival prepper added.

“It is very inspiring to know that many people find our seeds useful for survival preparedness. Our seed company has always been an advocate for sustainability, so I’m really glad that the traditional way of gardening is finally making a comeback. Back in the day, gardening was all about growing organic vegetables like tomatoes, lettuce, carrots, potatoes and cauliflower—not just flowers and shrubs. This renewed interest in survival gardening is a good sign that people nowadays care more about growing sustainable foods and prepping for future disasters,” said Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America.

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HAGA Stresses the Importance of Buying Heirloom, Non-GMO Corn Seeds

Carson City, NV, March 24, 2015 – Home and Garden America (HAGA), a non-GMO seed company based in Nevada, is alarmed by the rising influence of genetically-engineered corn seeds in the agricultural sector today. In the United States, GMO corn is considered as one of the most heavily-modified crops. It is often altered to resist herbicides like glyphosate (commercially known as Roundup), but it has never really been thoroughly tested and verified safe for human consumption. For this reason, HAGA experts discourage the use of GMO corn seeds and recommend non-GMO heirloom seeds instead.

It is a known fact that most farmers use patented GMO corn seeds nowadays. These seeds then grow into GMO corn, which is then sold as produce or converted into processed foods that end up in the stomachs of many consumers. This large-scale use of genetically-engineered seeds in food production is the reason why Americans are now more prone to chronic diseases like Alzheimer’s, hypertension, diabetes, depression, autism, and cancer.

Aside from the numerous safety and health issues, HAGA is also concerned by the low nutritional value that GMO corn offers. Genetically-modified corn has only 14 ppm of calcium, and 2 ppm each of magnesium and manganese. On the other hand, their non-GMO counterparts have 6,130 ppm of calcium, 113 ppm of magnesium, and 14 ppm of manganese—figures that are far more nutritious.

GMO corn is also discovered to contain 13 ppm of glyphosate, while non-GMO corn contains none. This is startling especially since 0.2 ppm is the safe level set by the Environmental Protection Agency.

“It is crystal clear that non-GMO corn is the healthiest option for consumers. Genetically-engineered corn is just carelessly laden with chemicals that can bring harmful consequences to the body, so you want to avoid it by always buying organic varieties from non-GMO sellers. It is also wise to grow your own corn at home using heirloom non-GMO seeds so you can be sure of the quality,” a HAGA expert advised.

Home and Garden America’s 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack includes a special corn variety called the Golden Bantam. It is ideal for home gardeners and survival preppers who want to enjoy the delicious taste of organic corn without having to worry about their health.

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HAGA Experts Alarmed by the Potential Extinction of Fruit & Vegetable Seeds in 80 Years

Carson City, NV, March 22, 2015 – A thought-provoking article recently published by Dr. Joseph Mercola says that all the fruit and vegetable seeds on Earth will possibly face extinction in about 80 years. Many are alarmed by this finding, most especially the seed experts at Home and Garden America (HAGA). For the HAGA experts, this is an extremely disturbing issue that needs to be addressed immediately. After all, seeds are the very foundation of life and for seeds of fruit and vegetables to be completely eliminated, nature and the human race will surely suffer a great deal.

“We heavily rely on seeds to provide us with good food and medicine. We simply won’t be able to survive if we allow them to vanish. Something needs to be done to secure our future seed supply,” says a HAGA expert.

As of today, around 93% of seeds have already gone extinct. This phenomenon occurred during the last 8 decades, and privatization is the major reason why a huge chunk of the world’s seed supply has quickly deteriorated. Small-time farmers and organic seed sellers used to be the only source of quality seeds and vegetable crops, but ever since the privatization of many seed businesses took place, large GMO companies have now gained control over the industry and even managed to genetically modify the seeds to make them more resistant to pesticide, herbicide and other toxins.

Because of this, there has been a significant drop in the number of organic fruit and vegetable varieties over the years. There used to be 500 cabbage varieties, 400 tomato and pea varieties, and 285 cucumber varieties in the early 1900s. Nowadays, there are only 28 cabbage varieties, 79 tomato varieties, 2 pea varieties, and 16 cucumber varieties left.

“The widespread use of genetic modification for profit is what’s really killing our global seed supply. GMO companies have so much control over the seed industry that the majority of the farmers today have no choice but to buy GMO seeds. It’s unfortunate, but it is our current reality. Thankfully, there are still some small-time farms and organic seed companies out there that are dedicated to providing heirloom non-GMO seeds and produce to the public. They need our help now more than ever, so we must do our best to support them,” another HAGA expert remarked.

The seed experts from HAGA recommend boycotting processed foods, getting produce at the local farmers’ market, using organic methods in gardening, and buying only heirloom, non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated, organic seeds from certified seed sellers in order to guarantee world’s organic seed supply for more decades to come.

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Amazon Customers Impressed by the Amount & Variety Of HAGA’s Heirloom Seeds

Carson City, NV, March 19, 2015 – As Home and Garden America continues to build a good reputation as a trusted heirloom seed vault seller, more and more people are recognizing the special effort that the company puts in its products. Amazon customers, in particular, have noticed the remarkable vegetable varieties and generous amount of seeds included in every heirloom seed vault.

“Superb quality, incredible variety, and great value. This is an excellent collection of heirloom seeds. They sprouted well and I am pleased with all the vegetable varieties. What a fantastic value for the price plus the quality is outstanding,” said a customer on

“Exceptional product! I purchased this same seed vault – heirloom from this seller last year and was very pleased. The quality and variety of the heirloom seeds are notable. They made it possible to grow a productive garden filled with delicious organic vegetables,” another buyer commented.

Home and Garden America currently sells two seed vaults on The first product contains 50 heirloom varieties that totals to over 9,500 seeds. Meanwhile, the second vault has 105 heirloom varieties with an impressive count of 19,645 seeds. Each product also comes with a bonus PDF that advises customers on how to plant, sprout and store their newly-purchased seeds.

“Exactly what I was looking for. I was absolutely thrilled to find this heirloom seed vault, which is said to be the best. Home and Garden America is top-notch: my vault arrived fast and was packed well. The best part for me was the free PDF guide that I got via email, before I had even received my order. It’s an amazing product that has a huge amount of seeds for the price,” a satisfied Amazon customer commented.

“Awesome variety and quality. Definitely the best seed vault for organic gardeners and survival preppers. Everything grew well and I did not encounter any issues with seed quality,” another customer added.

Home and Garden America plans to release two additional seed vaults this year. As always, both products will offer an excellent collection of heirloom varieties and a substantial amount of seeds to meet every home gardener’s need.

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Customers Commend HAGA Survival Seed Vault’s High Germination Rate

Carson City, NV, March 11, 2015 – Home and Garden America’s survival seed vault has been on the market for years, and it never fails to make a lasting impression on many of its customers. Recent buyers are particularly fascinated by the ability of the seeds to germinate fast, which is an essential factor when it comes to buying a survival seed vault.

Some seeds do not thrive well when sprouted in different environments, but Home and Garden America’s survival seed vault have been proven to deliver impressive outcomes regardless of the sprouting condition.

“The survival seeds germinated so quickly even when I used artificial lighting. The seeds I previously got at another store did not sprout at all even with an actual sun source, so I would guess that these are pretty awesome survival seeds,” a recent customer wrote on her review.

“Amazing survival seed vault collection! The 13 heirloom varieties we tried so far had nearly 100% germination. We started the seeds in cell packs with peat-based starting mix under a dome and had good results,” another buyer commented.

Because of the high germination rate, many gardeners are easily able to grow fresh, heirloom vegetables in their own organic gardens. More customers had this to say about their experience with the product:

“This survival seed vault arrived quickly. The quality and variety of the seeds are outstanding and helped me produce a garden full of abundant organic vegetables throughout the whole summer.”

“These are exceptional seeds with a successful germination rate of at least 85%. The seeds I started grew into the most delicious heirloom vegetables. HAGA’s customer service is noteworthy too, and they have answers on topics like seed storage and planting.”

The high germination rate of HAGA’s survival seed vault is possible because of the company’s dedication to using only the finest-quality, heirloom survival seeds. The premium seeds, neat packaging and impeccable customer service are the top reason why customers always buy Home and Garden America’s survival seed vault for their gardening and long-term storage needs.

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Amazon Reviewers Praise Home and Garden America’s Exceptional Customer Service

Carson City, NV, February 24, 2015 – Home and Garden America’s heirloom survival seed packs are now selling better than ever, and with this success comes positive feedback from customers on The company has received high acclaim for its premium heirloom plant and vegetable seeds, but people are even more impressed by its remarkable customer service.

Since its foundation, Home and Garden America has always focused on giving the best possible gardening experience to its customers. The company understands that offering high-quality heirloom seeds is not enough; providing excellent service is also needed so that gardeners and preppers can have a smooth time growing and storing the seeds for emergency purposes.

“Our whole business is built on extreme customer service. We do our best to answer inquiries, ship the products quickly, and assist our valued customers in whatever way we can. We want everyone to have the best experience they could ever hope for with our heirloom plant and vegetable seeds, that’s why we always go the extra mile,” said Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO.

Home and Garden America’s customer-focused approach has certainly made a lasting impression. One product reviewer on Amazon wrote:

“I’m beyond thrilled with my purchase! The service is amazing – I received an email from the seller himself just within a day of ordering. The seeds were exactly as described and very well-packed that I almost didn’t want to plant them! HAGA also provided a download link to a bonus PDF guide on how to plant, sprout and store the seeds. I’m absolutely happy with my order and cannot wait to see them grow.”

“Thank you, Chuck! The email you sent after I got my heirloom plant and vegetable seeds really shows how much you care about your product and makes me trust you more. As suggested on the planting guide, I stored the seeds in a glass jar and froze them for later use,” another satisfied customer remarked.

With its dedication to exceptional service and customer satisfaction, it’s no surprise that Home and Garden America is now the favorite heirloom seed supplier of many home gardeners around the world.

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HAGA’s Seed Packs Chosen as the Best Heirloom Seeds by Amazon Reviewers

Carson City, NV, February 22, 2015 – Home and Garden America has always been on the forefront when it comes to heirloom seeds, but the overwhelming positive response from customers further cement the company’s position as the best supplier of heirloom organic seeds non gmo on

Many customer reviews consistently speak about the superb quality of Home and Garden America’s seed packs. The amazing collection of heirloom vegetable varieties and the quick germination time has also received tremendous praise from Amazon reviewers.

“Definitely the best heirloom seeds I’ve tried. They started sprouting in just four days. Ten days later and the seedlings are now two inches tall. I can’t wait to try them in the coming months,” said Deutsche Dogge, a satisfied customer.

“This is the most remarkable thing I have discovered on Amazon. What an impressive collection of organic seeds non gmo! What more could I possibly ask for? I’m very pleased and looking forward to planting them,” said C. Salenger, another happy customer.

Amazon reviewers have also commented on the exceptional customer service that Home and Garden America provides. Rebecca Richard, a recent customer, writes:

“I purchased HAGA’s organic seeds non gmo last year and gave some of them to my friends. The seeds germinated well and we were able to produce plenty of delicious heirloom vegetables. It’s wonderful to be able to grow our own food and not have to depend on anyone else in case things get bad in the future. I definitely recommend these seeds as well as the company. They answered all my questions on how to store the seeds effectively. These are undoubtedly the best heirloom seeds I’ve found.”

Beau Armistead, another satisfied customer, adds:

“By far the best heirloom organic seeds non gmo on Amazon. I have recommended them to family and friends, and would recommend them again to anyone searching for a high-quality seed supplier. Their customer service is also top-notch! Home and Garden America truly has the best seeds and the best service.”

The premium seed packs and outstanding customer service are just some of the factors why Home and Garden is now the leading heirloom seeds supplier on It is now ahead of competitors like My Patriot Supply, and continues to make its mark in the organic seed business.

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Home and Garden America Signs CRG’s Safe Seed Pledge

Carson City, NV, February 15, 2015 – Home and Garden America, a respected non-GMO seed company based in Nevada, has been a long-time advocate for organic food gardening, seed saving, and keeping a survival seeds vault for emergency preparedness.

The company’s dedication to providing premium non-GMO seeds to consumers is the reason why it has signed the Safe Seed Pledge—a special program created by the Council for Responsible Genetics (CRG) to link sellers, suppliers, distributors and traders of non-GMO seeds to the organic consumer market.

CRG first started the Safe Seed Pledge back in 1999. The main objective is to create a list of the most trusted non-GMO seed sellers in the U.S. and around the world. In order to join the Safe Seed Program, a company must complete the application form and state that it does not knowingly buy, sell or trade genetically-modified seeds and plants.

Once the application has been evaluated and approved, the said company will officially be added to CRG’s Safe Seed Resource List. Organic farmers, gardeners and consumers can then refer to the resource list to locate a verified non-GMO seed seller in their area.

Home and Garden America has successfully passed the screening and is now formally recognized by the CRG as a trusted non-GMO seed seller. To date, over 100 seed businesses have signed the initiative—and the list continues to grow as more and more people favor organic seeds for their vegetable gardens and survival seeds vault collections.

To protect the world’s seed supply and promote organic living, the CRG encourages consumers to only purchase seeds from companies mentioned in the Safe Seed Resource List. This way, genetically-modified seeds will eventually be eliminated and more organic foods will be produced.

Signing the Safe Seed Pledge means making a full commitment to the whole community and the environment, and Home and Garden America takes this obligation to heart. Expect the company to continue providing the best non-GMO seeds for several years to come.

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HAGA Experts Comment on the Rising Number of Food Gardeners in the U.S.

Carson City, NV, February 9, 2015 – A special report from the National Gardening Association (NGA) has learned that the number of food gardeners in the United States is now at an all-time high. The findings revealed a significant 17% increase in the last five years, and this explains the rising preference for homegrown organic food and the booming popularity of seed bank collections.

Experts from Home and Garden America (HAGA), an organic seed company located in Nevada, are pleased with the results. HAGA has long been a supporter of organic vegetable gardening and sustainable living, and the NGA report proves that real change has finally come.

“This is truly great news for the whole organic gardening community. I’m delighted that consumers are now opting to grow food at home and even start their own seed bank collections. This means that more people actually care about the safety of their food, and would prefer to plant their own vegetables than purchase the genetically-modified ones on the market,” one HAGA expert commented.

The NGA report covers a span of five years and was specially conducted to study the food gardening trend in America. Since 2008, over 35% of all households in the country have taken up gardening either at home or in various communities.

Another surprising finding is the strong involvement of younger households, specifically millennials ages 18 to 34. Back in 2008, there were only 8 million gardeners from the millennial generation. But in 2013, the figures grew to 13 million—resulting in an impressive 63% upsurge. This proves that young adults are more informed than ever, and they understand the importance of obtaining safe and healthy food.

“It is amazing how engaged the younger generation is when it comes to gardening. They definitely see the value of planting a vegetable garden and having a reliable seed bank collection in case of disaster. I’ve seen plenty of younger household gardens and you can see lots of tomato, pepper, lettuce and other practical vegetable varieties in their backyards. They’re certainly thinking ahead in terms of sustainability and survival, and that is amazing to see from our younger generation,” another expert from HAGA remarked.

# # #

More Consumers Boycott GMO Seeds and Prefer Heirloom Vegetable Plant Varieties, HAGA Analyst Finds

Carson City, NV, February 2, 2015 – One of Home and Garden America’s gardening analysts has learned that more food gardeners are now drifting away from GMO seeds and switching to heirloom vegetable plant varieties. According to the analyst, this change in gardening preferences is largely influenced by the increasing awareness against genetically-modified products.

“Compared to previous years, the public is better informed about the risks of GMOs. Several studies have been published regarding the dangerous effects of GMO consumption to one’s health, and this has inspired numerous state campaigns for the banning and labeling of GMO products in the country. The most recent initiatives in Colorado, Oregon and Washington may have been rejected, but many states are still working on passing GMO bills and measures. This only proves that more consumers want access to healthier foods,” said the analyst.

The campaign against genetically-modified products may be a tough road, but the good news is that the informed consumers themselves are deliberately boycotting GMO products and taking measures to obtain safer food.

“GMO labeling may still have a long way to go in the United States, but there’s a growing interest in sustainable living these days. More people are buying locally and even growing their own vegetable gardens at home. In fact, one of the most popular gardening trends is growing heirloom vegetable plant varieties. Heirloom seeds are known for their organic qualities, that’s why many food gardeners prefer growing them,” the HAGA analyst added.

“Gone are the days were GMO seeds were dominating the market. There’s clearly a higher demand for organic heirloom seeds that will produce safer, healthier foods. Pretty soon, GMO products will be a thing of the past once all of their health risks are completely exposed to the public,” concluded the analyst.

# # #

HAGA Garden Seeds Gain More Recognition as Number of Food Gardeners Increases

Carson City, NV, February 2, 2015 – Home and Garden America (HAGA), a top-selling online seed company, has observed an increase in the number of food gardeners in recent years. This renewed interest in food gardening has helped HAGA obtain more recognition on, where the company currently sells its premium garden seeds and plants.

“The growing number of home gardeners is definitely good news to us, but it’s not just about sales. We’re much happier with the fact that more people are now growing garden seeds plants at home. As a long-time advocate for organic gardening and sustainable living, it is inspiring to see change finally happen,” says Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America.

Food gardening has been gaining popularity all over the world, especially in the United States. In fact, a recent report from the National Gardening Association revealed that 35% of all households are either growing produce at home or in community gardens—that’s a whopping 17% increase since 2008.

The report also discovered that food gardens are particularly popular with the younger generation. Many young adults are planting their own fruits and vegetables not just to save money but also to protect their health and help preserve the environment.

“The popularity of food gardening among the younger folks is absolutely interesting. It only proves that even younger households care about what’s in their food, and would rather grow their own garden seeds plants than buy commercial products that are genetically modified and filled with dangerous pesticides. For them, growing seeds and starting a vegetable garden is the cheapest, healthiest and safest method because you never have to worry about what’s creeping in your food,” Harmon added.

Experts at Home and Garden America predict that this food gardening movement will continue to rise as more people learn the downsides of GMO consumption and realize the true value of homegrown produce.

# # #

HAGA’s 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack Boosting Sales on

Carson City, NV, January 30, 2015 – A spokesperson for Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently shared that the company’s 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack have been selling well on Amazon. It is a significant achievement for HAGA, considering that the seeds pack has just been in the market for two months.

“We’re very pleased that our second pack is doing well in just a short amount of time. This is a meaningful milestone for us, but we wouldn’t have made this far without our dear customers. We’re truly grateful to them,” the spokesperson stated.

The 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack was officially launched online in late November of 2014. It is HAGA’s follow-up to its highly successful 50 Varieties pack. The new product gained lots of attention upon its release, and many of the company’s customers were happy with their seed purchase.

“I’m really impressed with the high seed count and the good selection of heirloom seeds. Everything was well-labeled and neatly packed. I won’t be planting most of the seeds until springtime comes, but I started a fall garden and grew some cold crop varieties. They sprouted very well, and I couldn’t be any happier! I highly recommend this product,” one satisfied customer said.

“Everything looks high quality! The seeds are fresh, well-packed and absolutely GMO-free. There’s also a bonus PDF guide that will help you plant your seeds properly. This company is top-notch and provides great customer service. I will definitely order whenever I need seeds!” another HAGA customer commented.

All this positive feedback has inspired HAGA to work even harder than ever.

“The great response from our customers is definitely a huge motivator for us. We will keep on working hard to offer premium survival seeds so that more people can grow a sustainable garden at home. In fact, we’re actually going to release two more seeds packs very soon to give more options to our valued customers. Please stay tuned for further announcements and keep supporting our survival seeds,” the spokesperson concluded.

# # #

HAGA Reveals the Best Benefits of Growing Heirloom Seeds Survival

Carson City, NV, January 26, 2015 – Home and Garden America’s CEO, Chuck Harmon, shared the remarkable benefits of choosing heirloom seeds survival for gardening. He revealed the details during a public event held earlier this week in Las Vegas, Nevada.

“Many families seem to have a tough time reducing their household expenses, especially when it comes to their food budget. Everything’s just way too expensive these days and it’s getting harder and harder to keep up with the rising costs. Some people are even forced to buy unhealthy foods because they’re much cheaper on the pocket. However, there’s an easy way to cut down your food costs and enjoy healthier foods at the same time—and that is through planting heirloom seeds survival at home,” said Harmon.

“Growing heirloom seeds survival will produce an unlimited garden of organic fruits and vegetables for your family. You won’t have to buy new produce at the market because you’ll have them right in your backyard all year long. Imagine how much you can save just by starting your own vegetable garden!” he added.

Heirloom seeds are also handy in times of emergencies. They can be used to grow a survival garden to guarantee a continuous supply of food. People can also save the seeds and sprout them in case no other food is available during a disaster.

Safety is another benefit that people can get from growing heirloom seeds. Commercial produce often contain traces of pesticide and other dangerous chemicals that can affect taste and texture. Heirloom seeds, on the other hand, are known for having all-natural features—making them absolutely safe to eat.

“Try eating a store-bought vegetable and compare it with an heirloom variety—the latter tastes so much better, right? This is because heirloom varieties are guaranteed fresh and organic. They don’t go through risky genetic modifications to make them more resistant to pesticides. They don’t need to be altered because they look and taste great just as they are,” Harmon remarked.

Heirloom seeds survival are now enjoying more recognition as more consumers demand healthier, homegrown foods. Harmon predicts this gardening trend will only get stronger in the many years to come.

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HAGA Preparedness Expert Reveals Why a Survival Seeds Vault is Critical For Survival

Carson City, NV, January 25, 2015 – One of Home and Garden America’s top preparedness experts recently gave an interview about various survival gardening techniques. He also stressed the importance of planting a survival garden and having a survival seeds vault ready for emergency situations.

“Preparedness is the key to survival. You need to cover everything from your survival tools to your food supply. Having an emergency kit is not enough; you’ll also need a reliable survival seeds vault so you can provide a boundless supply of homegrown food for your family during these tough times,” the HAGA expert explained.

The unexpected calamities that have recently affected different parts of the world have prompted the need for proper emergency preparedness, especially when it comes to food.

“Food will always be one of the main issues during a disaster. The food supply will be low and finding something to eat will be most challenging. But there’s a way to secure your family’s nutritional needs, and that is by growing a sustainable vegetable garden,” said the expert.

Sustainability is an important aspect of preparedness. A household should be completely able to provide for itself in order to endure disastrous situations. Vegetable gardening, seed saving and canning should be part of every family’s long-term survival plan.

“Sustainability is truly one efficient cycle. It begins by choosing the right survival seeds vault and planting different vegetable varieties in your backyard. When harvest time comes, simply select the best crops of the batch and save the seeds. This way, you’ll always have your own seeds instead of buying new ones every growing season,” he suggested.

“Consider canning your harvested crops as well to further preserve your food, and remember to reuse your vegetable scraps as organic compost so you can avoid waste. Repeat the cycle and you’ll soon be living a more sustainable lifestyle that will protect your family in the long run,” he further advised.

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HAGA Analyst Discovers That More Gardeners Now Prefer Growing Produce Over Flowers

Carson City, NV, January 21, 2015 – A gardening analyst from Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently noticed an upsurge in the percentage of gardeners who favor planting produce instead of flowers. The emergence of more organic gardens as well as the spike in the sales of heirloom vegetable seeds last year support this shift in gardening preferences.

A previous research from Gardeners’ World Magazine had already confirmed this fondness for growing produce back in 2009, when gardeners were asked to pick between growing vegetables or flowers. The results showed that 50% of the gardeners chose veggies, while 48% went with flowers.

“It’s interesting that people don’t consider gardening as an ornamental pastime anymore. Many now realize how practical it is for providing good exercise, keeping the mind and body active, and of course for growing organic food,“ an analyst from HAGA commented.

Since 2009, the inclination for vegetable gardening has been continually growing. In fact, Garden Media Group predicts that more people will try organic gardening this year, especially since there’s widespread awareness about the various health risks of GMO products.

“People have definitely become more mindful about the stuff they eat. They want to know exactly where their food comes from and demand that all GMO products be labelled properly. The strong resistance against GMOs are prompting people to grow veggies instead of decorative plants. Many are now turning to organic vegetable gardening to guarantee the safety and quality of the foods that their families are eating,” the analyst continued.

Heirloom vegetable varieties, which contain all-natural and non-GMO qualities, have seen a resurgence in recent years. Beans, carrots, leafy greens, onions and tomatoes are just some of the top heirloom vegetable seeds that are being grown in many home gardens today.

“Cost-efficiency is another major factor behind the preference for growing produce over flowers. Planting heirloom vegetable seeds and tending your own garden is certainly a practical way to reduce grocery expenses. We’re living in a world where jobs are scarce and consumer goods are way too pricey, so being able to save money while eating healthy food at the same time is a win-win,” the analyst added.

The HAGA analyst anticipates that this shift to vegetable gardening will only continue growing throughout the years.

“As you can see, gardening doesn’t just serve to beautify one’s home but also to provide good food on the table. Of course if you absolutely love flowers, you can always grow them alongside your vegetables. That makes for an even more beautiful garden!” The analyst concluded.

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HAGA 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Live On

Carson City, NV, December 13, 2014 – HAGA’s new 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Vault is now available for purchase on, a company spokesperson revealed today in a meeting with the Board of Directors. The announcement came a few months after the company had announced that it would be investigating which vegetables, fruits and herbs would be the most beneficial to a person who was surviving a long-term disaster.

The fact that many survival seed packs are deficient in sources of protein and herbs prompted the company to explore the possibility of providing a much-needed source of seeds to fill that gap in the marketplace. Often, survival seeds are thrown together with no thought to the efficacy of the produce that will be harvested by a survival prepper, but instead are designed around the motive of maximum profits to the company.

“We feel that this is a wrong motivation for something as important as a product that a person is relying on to keep their family alive after an event that interrupts food supplies for the long term,” said Mr. Harmon, Managing CEO of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC, HAGA’s parent and the producer of the product.

“Because many producers of survival products don’t take the reality of a disaster survival scenario seriously, they tend to just put into their products things that they can source cheaply and count on them never being needed or used in the way the customer was thinking when they bought it. That just isn’t honest and it isn’t the way we view our products at all. We want to source the absolute finest raw materials and then process and package them in a way that will be most reliable for our customers, whether next year or 30 years down the road,” he continued.

More information about the new product can be obtained on the company website.

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Free Planting Guide For HAGA’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack Now Complete

Incline Village, NV, December 10, 2014 – Home and Garden America, a Nevada-based company that offers doomsday supplies like heirloom survival seeds, has just confirmed the completion of their brand-new PDF guide. The said PDF will serve as a complementary manual to the company’s up-and-coming 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack, which is set for release within 10 days.

 “Our goal is to create a useful guide that will assist our customers in planting and saving our heirloom survival seeds. We want our customers to have a wonderful gardening experience with our seeds, so we’re offering the PDF as a special bonus. It is our little way of saying thank you for choosing our seed products and other doomsday supplies,” said Chuck Harmon, CEO of Home and Garden America.

HAGA’s new PDF guide has a total of 63 pages and provides useful information on how to plant, sprout and store survival seeds. It also contains specific details on each of the 105 heirloom varieties included in the seeds pack.

Relevant information such as the soil temperature, seed depth, plant and row spacing, sowing method, germination time, sunlight exposure, water needs, hardiness type, growing conditions, and companion plants can all be found in the guide. HAGA also included the recommended USDA Hardiness Zones in this new PDF edition to help gardeners know the best areas to grow the different seed varieties.

Instructions on how and where to download the free guide will be included in every purchase of HAGA’s forthcoming 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack.

“Our new seeds pack and complementary PDF guide will be available very soon. We will make the announcement in a few days’ time. Thank you for all your support and enthusiasm for our upcoming product—it really means the world to us,” the CEO expressed his gratitude to the customers.

More details about the bonus PDF guide and other doomsday supplies are available on HAGA’s website.

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HAGA’s 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds PDF Guide Now Includes USDA Hardiness Zone Information

Incline Village, NV, December 9, 2014 – Home and Garden America stated today that the PDF guide for its popular 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack will now include the USDA hardiness zone information for each of the seed varieties. The company’s eagerness to make gardening much easier for its customers prompted this recent update.

“We’ve been getting a lot of positive feedback on our PDF guide. Many of our valued customers have found it useful for gardening, but we wanted to make it even more useful. We have decided to add the USDA Hardiness Zone information to the PDF so that our customers will instantly know the best regions to grow our heirloom vegetable varieties,” said an official spokesperson for Home and Garden America.

The use of hardiness zones for gardening first started in the United States. It was developed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) during the 1960s and other countries eventually followed suit. It is now considered the standard for many gardeners in determining which plants are likely to grow well in a particular area.

“Knowing the USDA hardiness zones for the vegetables you’re growing is absolutely essential. You definitely want to raise your plants in the right conditions so they can easily thrive. We want to equip our customers with this valuable information, that’s why you can now find the recommended hardiness zones for each of our heirloom varieties in the latest PDF update,” the spokesperson stated.

The hardiness zone details are available in the updated 50 Varieties PDF Guide. The said info will also be featured on the complementary guide for Home and Garden America’s upcoming 105 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack.

“We hope you find the added information useful for your gardening endeavors. Feel free to download the updated PDF guide for your 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack on our website,” the spokesperson concluded.

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PDF Guide For 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Nears Completion, HAGA Says

Incline Village, NV, December 6, 2014 – Home and Garden America, an organic seed company based in Nevada, will soon be releasing its latest product called the 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack on This new seeds pack is said to include a free PDF guide, which the company is currently working on.

“Just like our previous 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack, our upcoming product will also come with a free PDF guide to help our customers grow and store their seeds in the most efficient way possible,” a HAGA representative announced.

The PDF guide is divided into three important sections: Planting, Sprouting, and Storing. The Planting section contains useful information on each of the 105 heirloom vegetable varieties. It includes the name and image of every variety, plus other relevant details such as the:

– Number of survival seeds

– Soil temperature

– Seed planting depth

– Plant spacing

– Row spacing

– Sowing method

– Germination time

– Sun exposure

– Growing condition

– Water requirement

– Hardiness

– Ideal USDA hardiness zone

– Days to maturity

– Life cycle

– Compatible plants

– Incompatible plants

The Sprouting section discusses how to sprout the seeds for survival purposes. It mentions the materials needed as well as the eight steps to properly sprouting survival seeds during times of disaster.

The Storing section compiles the best tips on how to effectively store HAGA’s survival seeds. It provides seven useful suggestions such as putting the seeds inside Ziploc bags, using silica gels to remove any excess humidity and moisture, and keeping the seeds in a dark, dry and cool place at home.

The PDF guide is currently in the final stages of completion and will become available when HAGA’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack goes live on in less than two weeks.

“The 105 Varieties PDF Guide is almost done. We’re excited for our customers as well as anyone who’s interested in organic gardening to get it for free on our website. We will reveal the download link once our new survival seeds pack is launched. Please stay tuned for more updates,” said the HAGA representative.

Further details about HAGA’s 105 Varieties PDF Guide can be found on the company’s official website.

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HAGA’s New 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack Enroute To Warehouse

Incline Village, NV, December 4, 2014 – Home and Garden America’s much-awaited 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack has finally reached completion and the initial batches are currently being shipped to’s warehouse. A spokesperson for the seed company unveiled this news yesterday during a special interview.

“Our brand new seed packs are on the way to Amazon right now. They should be available for sale within a week to ten days. We’re working on launching our product online very soon so that our customers can begin ordering their packs as gifts for Christmas as well as in preparation for next year’s growing season,” the official spokesperson stated.

This latest product from Home and Garden America has been in the works for months. The pack contains 105 exciting varieties of heirloom vegetables, fruits and herbs and boasts a total of 19,645 seeds. Each variety has been carefully chosen with survival preparedness in mind so that many households can grow their own sustainable gardens and have a reliable food source in times of emergencies.

HAGA’s new seed pack is ideal for long-term disaster survival as well. The company recommends three effective ways to use the heirloom survival seeds:

  1. Plant the seeds to start a sustainable vegetable garden and provide continuous food for the whole family especially during crisis
  2. Sprout the seeds when no other food is available and the need for an immediate food source arises
  3. Save the seeds for future use and survival preparedness purposes

Other features of HAGA’s new survival seed pack include a germination rate of over 85%. This is to ensure that survival gardeners can quickly sprout the seeds and grow them at home with ease. The seeds are also 100% organic, non-hybrid, non-GMO and open-pollinated—making them the perfect choice for organic gardeners and survivalists alike.

According to the spokesperson, the company is particularly proud of its newest seed pack and is enthusiastic for the upcoming product launch on

“It’s been a long time coming, but we’re very happy with the results. Our survival seeds pack will be launched very soon, so please stay tuned for more updates. Thank you,” said the spokesperson.

More news and details about HAGA’s 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack can be found on the company’s website.

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105 Varieties Emergency Seeds To Begin Selling On By End Of Month

Incline Village, NV, November 29, 2014 – Home and Garden America’s new 105 Varieties Emergency Seeds has just been confirmed to be launched by the end of this month. Chuck Harmon, HAGA’s Founder and CEO, personally made the announcement a few hours ago.

“Our 105 Varieties Emergency Seeds will finally be accessible on in a few days’ time. We’re very excited for the product launch and cannot wait to share our new seeds pack with everyone,” said Harmon.

HAGA’s upcoming product will be available under the new brand name called ‘Grow For It.’ The company declared the change a few weeks ago and has chosen ‘Grow For It’ as the official brand name for all of its heirloom seed products.

“We are pleased with our new brand name. We’ve considered many options and unanimously agreed on ‘Grow For It’ to represent our line of organic heirloom seed packs—especially our 105 Varieties Emergency Seeds,” Harmon commented.

Emergency seeds have recently been gaining attention as more and more people are starting to realize the importance of disaster preparedness and using seeds for survival.

“Your family is vulnerable during times of crisis, and having these seeds on hand for emergencies will not only bring some peace of mind but also ensure that you and your loved ones will have something to feed on when disaster strikes,” Harmon explained.

All of our emergency heirloom seeds are 100% organic, non-GMO, non-hybrid and open-pollinated. Our seeds will enable you to grow healthy vegetables and provide for your family’s nutritional needs no matter what the circumstance. You can use them to grow a survival vegetable garden, sprout them as emergency food, or simply store them for future use. You can always count on our heirloom seeds to meet your survival needs,” the CEO concluded.

More information about HAGA’s emergency seeds pack is available on the company’s Amazon page.

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HAGA Finally Unveils New Brand Name To Represent Its Heirloom Seed Products

Incline Village, NV, November 28, 2014 – Home and Garden America (HAGA) recently held a press conference to announce the new brand name for their non gmo, organic heirloom seeds.

“After careful deliberation, we have finally selected ‘Grow For It’ as the official brand name for all of our heirloom products. It will be the brand you’ll see on our forthcoming seed kits,” a spokesperson for the company stated.

HAGA’s rebranding was about three weeks in the making. Several options were considered in an effort to find that one name that accurately represents the company.

“The selection process was long and tedious because we wanted to find the best possible name to symbolize our non gmo organic heirloom seeds. We were also looking for something catchy to boost the fun aspect of our brand. So we came up with a short list, narrowed it down to three, and then held a vote. ‘Grow For It’ was the name that unanimously won, and everyone was pleased with the results,” said the HAGA spokesperson.

Upon news of the fresh brand name, HAGA’s fans and avid customers gave positive feedback and showed continuous support to the company.

“The previous name was good, but this new one is even better! I like how simple and catchy it is. Grow For It will certainly attract even more customers,” one heirloom seed collector said.

“I knew they would come up with something good. But whether it’s Home and Garden America or Grow For It, I will always support the company and its future endeavors,” said a long-time customer.

Starting from today, HAGA’s non gmo organic heirloom seeds and other new kits will be released under the Grow For It brand.

“We’re really glad that the rebranding was a success. We hope that people will keep on supporting our products—especially our 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack that’s scheduled for release at the end of this month,” the company spokesperson closed his statement.

Further details about HAGA’s rebranding and upcoming seed kits can be found on the company website.

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HAGA Has Shipped First 105 Varieties Seeds Pack To Warehouse

Incline Village, NV, November 26, 2014 – The first batch of HAGA’s new 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack has just been shipped to’s warehouse, a company representative confirmed earlier today.

“We are happy to announce that our brand new seeds pack has arrived safely at one of Amazon’s warehouses. We’re beginning to fill our inventory in preparation for the upcoming product release,” stated the HAGA representative.

The said product is set to be released by the end of the month. This new seeds pack from HAGA offers even more varieties than the company’s first pack. It features 105 organic heirloom fruits, vegetables and herbs that are perfect for both the home gardener and survival prepper.

All of the seed varieties are also non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated, and 100% organic—the 4 major qualities that HAGA always guarantees in its products.

“We always see to it that our seed packs are of the highest quality possible. Our objective is to provide the safest and healthiest heirloom seeds to our customers so they can grow abundant gardens and eat fresher, better foods at home,” the representative stated.

Upon announcement of HAGA’s upcoming product, people have shown great interest by making loads of inquiries and pre-orders to the company.

“The reception has been amazing. We’ve been getting many calls and order requests from our loyal customers as well as potential customers even though the pack hasn’t officially been released yet. We are very grateful for the support that people are giving us. We’re working on making our 105 Varieties Seeds Pack available on very soon. We will keep you updated,” said the company representative.

More details about HAGA’s 105 Varieties pack can be seen on the company’s website.

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New 105 Varieties Organic Heirloom Seeds To Be Featured On

Incline Village, NV, November 26, 2014 – Chuck Harmon, CEO and Founder of Home And Garden America (HAGA), announced that the company’s new organic heirloom seeds will be available on starting this December.

HAGA’s new product, officially called the 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack, includes 105 varieties of 100% organic heirloom seeds. It will be the company’s follow-up to its successful 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack.

“We’ve been working hard on our 105 Varieties Seeds Pack during these last few months. We want to give something more to our valued customers, so we decided to raise the number of vegetable varieties this time. This new seed pack has the same features as the first one, but with more heirloom varieties and a higher seed count,” Harmon commented.

HAGA’s latest seed pack contains over 19,645 organic heirloom seeds plus an impressive 105 heirloom vegetable varieties. The company intentionally increased the amount of seeds and varieties to make the product more suitable for survival and doomsday prepping.

“We especially chose varieties that are perfect for survival purposes. We included more vegetables so that families can grow and eat diverse foods even in times of crisis. Our organic heirloom seeds are ideal for survival gardening as well as for long-term food storage,” the HAGA CEO added.

The 105 Varieties Complete Survival Seeds Pack is currently in the final stages of product development. The company will begin selling it on once everything has been approved.

“We’ve always trusted Amazon for all our online transactions ever since HAGA was launched. The process is easy, the service is fast, and the feedback system is very useful. Amazon is definitely our preferred online retailer so we will be releasing our 105 Varieties Pack there like we always do. Please stay tuned and look forward to our upcoming product,” said Harmon.

Further details about HAGA’s new seeds pack can be found on the company’s website.

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HAGA Finalizes New 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Product

Incline Village, NV, November 24, 2014 – Home And Garden America recently held a press conference and revealed that the company is finalizing its new survival seeds product.

“We will soon be adding a new seed pack to our current line of heirloom seed products. The said pack will feature 105 heirloom seed varieties that are perfect for survival gardeners,” a company representative addressed the crowd.

“Our first seed pack comes with 50 varieties, but for this second one, we want to offer even more options to our valued customers. We increased the number of seed varieties from 50 to 105 so that people can grow a bountiful survival garden and enjoy more types of vegetables,” he continued.

The HAGA representative added that the 105 varieties have gone through a strict selection process. Each variety has been carefully chosen with ultimate survival in mind. The company specifically picked plants that are suitable for survival gardening so that many families can continue to eat well even during emergencies.

“This is truly an exciting time for everyone here at Home And Garden America. Please look forward to our new product soon. Thank you very much,” the company representative ended his statement.

Survivalists who were present at the press conference were thrilled to hear about HAGA’s upcoming product and gave their thoughts on the subject.

“I have always been a fan of HAGA’s survival seeds. I used them to plant my survival garden last year and the results are astounding. I’m definitely gonna get this new seed pack and include it in my survival kit,” said one survival enthusiast.

“This is good news. I’ve been looking for the best survival seeds to use for disasters, and this is the perfect time to try HAGA’s product. I can’t wait for the product release,” another survivalist commented.

More information about survival seeds is available on HAGA’s website.

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Medicinal Herb Seeds Gain More Popularity Among Home Remedy Enthusiasts

Incline Village, NV, November 22, 2014 – A recent survey about herbal medicine practices revealed that more people are now growing medicinal herb seeds to create natural home remedies.

“Herbs are widely used to enhance the aroma and flavors of our favorite dishes, but they’re getting gaining recognition for their healing qualities these days. Many people use them as alternative medicine and have experienced positive effects. Medicinal herb seeds, in particular, are very popular among home remedy enthusiasts,” a top herbal expert explained the trend.

“The reason for the popularity of medicinal herb seeds is because people are interested in growing their own herbs at home. They see that having an herb garden is the smarter choice compared to buying herbs at the store every single time you need them,” she continued.

During the past few months, many seed companies have observed an increase in the demand for organic medicinal herb seeds.

“We’ve noticed a spike in the sales of our organic seed products lately. Most people use them for gardening but our organic seeds can be used for medicinal purposes as well,” said Chuck Harmon, CEO of Home And Garden America.

“It’s great that organic herbs are finally being appreciated for their healing benefits. A lot of our customers have already started their own herb gardens and made effective home remedies from the grown plants and herbs. It’s really impressive,” Harmon added.

The increasing trend of growing herb seeds at home shows that people now prefer more natural and cost-efficient ways of curing common illnesses.

“Of course I can just buy all the herbs I want, but having a garden of healing herbs is much more convenient for me. I can easily pick the freshest herbs and make quick remedies whenever I need them,” said a home remedy enthusiast.

Further information about medicinal herb seeds can be found on Home And Garden America’s website.

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HAGA’s Heirloom Seed Kits Gain More Sales From Early Christmas Shoppers

Incline Village, NV, November 21, 2014 – An official spokesperson for Home And Garden America (HAGA) revealed that many customers have placed early orders for the company’s popular heirloom seed kits.

“Lots of people have already started their Christmas shopping this month. Those who are into gardening or have families and friends who love to garden have been ordering our heirloom seed kits in advance,” the spokesperson said.

“Many of our customers are giving them as presents for their loved ones. It’s really wonderful how seeds have transformed from a typical gardening item to a smart Christmas gift. It may seem like an odd gift choice to some, but receiving some quality seed kits can mean the world to the avid home gardener,” he commented.

“We’re amazed at the huge increase in sales because this means more and more people are getting into gardening. As you know, we have long been an advocate for organic gardening… and seeing people take an interest in it is very exciting,” he continued.

Since its foundation, HAGA has always emphasized the importance of home gardening, planting heirloom seeds, and saving seeds for survival. The company has also participated in various forums and seed-saving programs to help spread the word about organic gardening.

“The world can always use more organic gardeners. It has had enough of those GMO crops and pesticides that not only contaminate our food but also further ruin our already fragile environment. We need to use more natural ways of gardening, and the greatest way to do that is to start our own organic vegetable gardens at home. We hope that the simple act of giving heirloom seed kits this Christmas will encourage more people to garden naturally and lead a greener lifestyle,” said the HAGA spokesperson as he closed his statement.

More information about HAGA’s heirloom seed kits can be found on the company’s website.

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HAGA Seed Expert Explains Why Non-GMO Organic Seeds Are Safer For Gardening

Incline Village, NV, November 20, 2014 – One of Home and Garden America’s top experts explained why non gmo organic seeds are the safest choice when it comes to home gardening.

“If you want to grow a sustainable garden full of fresh and healthy vegetables, then non gmo seeds organic are your best bet. There are two keywords to consider here: non gmo and organic,” the top expert stated.

“Non gmo and organic means the seeds are completely natural and did not undergo any genetic alterations. Unlike GMO seeds which have been severely altered and tested in laboratories, non gmo seeds organic are grown in an all-natural environment—making them 100% safe for gardening,” he continued.

“GMO seeds are genetically modified to make them more resistant to toxic pesticides. When these GMO seeds grow, then will turn into crops that are packed with dangerous chemicals. Consumers who are not mindful about their food choices can easily fall victim to these GMO crops and suffer the health consequences. So you really need to be more careful about the products you buy,” he warned.

The HAGA expert also stressed the importance of proper GMO labeling. Many genetically-engineered seeds and food products still manage to get approval from the USDA despite the alarming health concerns.

“It’s getting harder and harder to distinguish which is organic and which is not. The lack of GMO labeling in this country makes us more prone to various diseases caused by the GMO products sold on the market today. We should know what stuff goes into the foods we buy so we can choose well, that’s why the government needs to require all GMO products to be properly labeled. But we know that’s impossible when greedy seed companies like Monsanto keep lobbying their products,” the expert commented.

“We can’t really count on the government so we must take matters into our own hands. By choosing and planting non gmo seeds organic at home, we’re not only ensuring our family’s health and safety but also joining the fight against these unconscientious GMO companies. So choose wisely and use non gmo seeds organic for your garden,” advised the HAGA expert.

More information about non gmo organic seeds is available on HAGA’s official website.

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Expert Compares Different Types Of Seeds And Declares Heirloom Seeds As The Best Choice

Incline Village, NV, November 19, 2014 – A seed expert from Home And Garden America (HAGA) recently compared the three most popular types of garden seeds during a radio interview last Monday, November 17.

“There are GMO seeds, hybrid seeds, and heirloom seeds. Having these many choices can easily confuse a home gardener, but there is one seed type that clearly stands out from the rest,” the seed expert stated.

According to the expert, GMO seeds are considered the worst possible choice out of the three. These seeds go through several genetic modifications to become more tolerant of herbicides and pesticides—thus making them dangerous for consumption.

“GMO seeds do more harm than good to our health. Frequent consumption of genetically-engineered crops have been proven to cause serious side effects and illnesses like cancer, diabetes, and obesity. It’s really scary to think that they’re still in the market today. If you want to eat better and live longer, you’ll definitely want to boycott these seeds at all costs,” he continued.

“Now, on to hybrid seeds. These seeds are the result of various cross-pollinated plants which have been intentionally hybridized in order to attain the best qualities of both parent plants. It sounds good but instability can be a major issue for many hybrid seeds. Because they’ve been crossbred, the resulting plants are often inconsistent—they may or may not produce vegetables with the same features, and therefore it’s useless to save the seeds for future use. You’ll have to keep buying new seeds year after year. It’s not the ideal option especially if you’re into seed saving,” the HAGA expert added.

“Finally, we have heirloom seeds. Heirloom seeds have been around for ages, and the reason why they still exist today is simply because they work. They are the most practical choice especially if you want to grow an all-natural organic garden. Compared to other seed types, they have far more superior qualities because they’re 100% organic, non-hybrid, non-GMO, and open-pollinated. This means they have the best of everything,” he explained.

“Heirloom seeds have indeed proven the test of time that’s why organic gardeners always prefer them. So if you want to grow the safest, healthiest and tastiest vegetables, start planting heirloom seeds today in your garden. It’s the smartest gardening choice you’ll ever make,” the seed expert gave his final remarks.

More facts and details about heirloom seeds can be found on Home And Garden America’s website.

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News Of More Toxic GMO Crops Getting Approval Angers The Organic Industry

Incline Village, NV, November 18, 2014 – A recent article on reveals that even more toxic breeds of genetically-modified crops have gained approval from the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). This news serves as a direct threat to the organic industry, and has angered many organic companies and concerned consumers who prefer non gmo heirloom seeds and vegetables.

The approval of more GMO crops was confirmed on October 15, when the USDA decided to deregulate Dow Chemical’s latest genetically-engineered crops.

“These crops are not only resistant to glyphosate, but also carry resistance to toxins like 2,4-D, a component of Agent Orange, and Dicamba, which has been linked to non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. The chemical 2,4-D and other herbicides of this class have also been linked to immune system cancers, Parkinson’s disease, endocrine disruption, and reproductive problems,” said Dr. Mercola on his website.

Dow Chemical, an American multinational chemical corporation, is one of the world’s largest GMO manufacturers. It has been endlessly pushing its products for government support, and it proved successful in its efforts when the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) approved Enlist Duo—the company’s latest herbicide. This product will be applied on various corn and soybean crops that are resistant to 2,4-D and glyphosate.

The EPA explained their decision in the following statement:

“The agency’s decision reflects a large body of science and an understanding of the risk of pesticides to human health and the environment. EPA scientists used highly conservative and protective assumptions to evaluate human health and ecological risks for the new uses of 2,4-D in Enlist Duo. The agency evaluated the risks to all age groups, from infants to the elderly, and took into account exposures through food, water, pesticide drift, and as a result of use around homes. The decision meets the rigorous Food Quality Protection Act standard of ‘reasonable certainty of no harm’ to human health.”

Many organic consumers were upset by this sudden announcement and voiced out their opinions on the subject.

“The decision to deregulate 2,4-D was not foolhardy. It was bribed, bought, and paid for.  So ‘criminal’ is a better word,” commented a user on

“There’s only one answer to this: totally detach from the “system” and obtain only certified organic foods and heirloom seeds non gmo from those you can trust. Grow your own if possible. Any other path is penny-wise, pound-foolish and leads to mounting sickness, medical costs, unhappiness. The modern world is carefully dis-educated though toward saving the average person time and money so they can spend more on fun and toys. We must learn to take joy from feeding ourselves right or suffer pain and heavy financial losses shortly down the road,” said another concerned user on

Small-scale businesses were also completely baffled by USDA and EPA’s abrupt decision to deregulate Dow Chemical’s GMO crops and pesticides. This verdict directly affects many small, family-owned farms and organic seed companies who are working hard to provide all-natural produce to the public.

Home and Garden America, a non-GMO seed company based in Nevada, expressed its dismay on this sudden turn of events.

“The USDA and EPA were already regulating those GMO products because they know it’s not safe for consumption. But why lift the regulations out of the blue? It seems like the government is going in the complete opposite direction in the fight against GMO labeling. They should be protecting us from these harmful products, but instead they’re even making it more available to the public,” a representative for Home and Garden America said.

“Our company has always been an advocate for 100% organic products since its foundation. We make sure to provide non gmo heirloom seeds and vegetables to every one of our customers. We’ve been pushing for proper GMO labeling for years, but now it seems hopeless when the government itself approves even more GMO crops and pesticides to enter the market. There’s really no one else to count on these days,” the representative continued.

“The best thing we can do in this situation is to start change in our own homes. Support your local farmer’s market or better yet, grow your own organic garden to ensure healthier food. Stop buying commercial produce because only the greedy GMO companies will benefit from it. Always choose organic and help spread the word about the dangers of GMOs. More people need to know about this so we can stop the bad guys and pressure the government to finally label GMO products. It’s still a long way, but we’ll get there eventually,” concluded the HAGA representative.

More information about the dangers of GMO crops is available on HAGA and Dr. Mercola’s official websites.

# # #

HAGA Expert Offers Top 3 Tips on Effective Heirloom Seed Storage

Incline Village, NV, November 16, 2014 – During a recent press conference, a top expert from Home and Garden America revealed 3 practical tips for properly storing heirloom seeds. These tips can significantly prolong a seed’s shelf life and make it viable for years to come.

“Observing the correct storage method is critical for seed saving. If you apply the proper storage steps, then you can expect your heirloom seeds to last for many years—decades, even. The process is actually quite easy and anyone can do it,” said the HAGA expert.

The expert starts the tips by warning against heat and moisture for the seeds.

“Tip #1: Your heirloom seed collection should never be exposed to heat and moisture of any kind. These two things are extremely destructive to the seeds. To protect your seeds, you’ll want to put them in Ziploc bags and then place those Ziploc bags inside airtight containers. You can use glass jars for this purpose. I personally use mason jars to store my seeds,” the expert suggested.

“Tip #2: For added protection, put some silica gels in the glass jar to absorb any excess humidity and moisture. The silica gels should never touch the seeds themselves, that’s why putting your seeds in Ziploc bags really helps. Change up the silica gels every 6 months to keep your seed jars free from moisture,“ she continued.

“Tip #3: Find the darkest and coldest part of your home to store your heirloom seeds. The refrigerator is a popular location. Simply put your seed jars in the refrigerator but make sure to place it far away from the freezer. Storing your seeds in cold temperatures will extend their shelf life, but don’t remove them from the fridge unless you want to use them in the garden,” she finally advised.

“So there you have it. I hope these seed saving tips have been helpful to you. Remember to invest in premium organic heirloom seeds especially if you’re interested in long-term storage,” the HAGA expert concluded.

Home and Garden America’s website has more information about seed storage and other gardening topics.

# # #

HAGA’s Heirloom Organic Seeds Now Has Over 180 Customer Reviews On

Incline Village, NV, November 15, 2014 – HAGA’s popular heirloom organic seeds have now received more than 180 customer reviews on, according to the company spokesperson.

“HAGA has reached yet another remarkable milestone. We’re proud to announce that we now have over 180 verified customer reviews on Amazon, and that number will only keep on growing as we work towards expanding our company,” said the spokesperson.

Many satisfied customers have commended HAGA for its high-quality heirloom organic seeds and exceptional customer service. The seeds have even caught the attention of the Top 10 Customer Reviewers on Amazon.

“You can tell that these seeds are of quality just by looking at the label. They have everything I need in an ideal seed pack. If you love to garden and want to guarantee the quality of food you give your family, then these heirloom organic seeds are definitely worth it,” said D. Fowler, the Top 9 Reviewer on Amazon.

“Aside from the actual seeds, the seller also gave a free planting guide that contains growing information for each of the vegetables in the package. There you can find the recommended germination time, amount of sunlight needed, days to maturity, when to sow the seeds, as well as the compatible and incompatible list of plants. This pack of seeds is very organized and properly documented,” said Ali Julia, the Top 1 Reviewer and #1 Hall of Famer on

With lots of raving reviews plus an average customer rating of 4.8 out of 5 stars, HAGA is definitely on the fast track to success.

“This is truly something to be grateful for. I still cannot believe how positive the response has been considering that we only started operations last year. You can count on HAGA to continue providing the best heirloom organic seeds for many years to come,” said Chuck Harmon, CEO.

Further information about HAGA’s heirloom organic seeds can be found on the company website.

# # #

Home and Garden America’s CEO Volunteers for the NDOW Seed Collecting Program

Incline Village, NV, November 14, 2014 – Home and Garden America, a company known for providing organic non-gmo seeds, has pledged its support for the Nevada Department of Wildlife (NDOW) Seed Collecting Program. Chuck Harmon, the company’s Founder and CEO, has also personally volunteered to join the event.

“I’m very excited to participate in the seed gathering program this year. It’s always a wonderful feeling to give back to the community,” Harmon commented.

“Nevada has seen plenty of wildfire damage over the years. Northern Nevada, specifically, has lost a huge portion of its natural wildlife habitat—and the animals as well as the ecosystem are greatly suffering from the consequences. Restoration efforts are taking place but the current seed supply is insufficient. This is where NDOW needs our help,” he went on.

NDOW holds an annual seed collection program where volunteers can help gather and preserve sagebrush seeds. Sagebrush is critical for the survival of many wildlife creatures in the Nevada area. The mule deer, pygmy rabbit, and sage-grouse are just some of the animals that depend on it.

“What NDOW does is really commendable. Home and Garden America has always encouraged the practice of saving and collecting non-gmo seeds, so we understand the importance of this program. We fully support NDOW’s cause and we will give our best to the wildlife rehabilitation efforts,” Harmon said.

The NDOW Seed Collecting Program will be held on November 22 and will begin at 9 in the morning. The location is set at Spring Creek on Parkchester Drive, behind the new Khoury’s Fresh Market.

“Harvesting seed is quite easy so volunteers of all ages can participate. Work gloves and buckets will be provided for those who don’t have them. Be prepared for cold weather by dressing in layers. Those who are allergic to sagebrush should not participate,” advises a staff member from NDOW.

More details about the seed collecting program is available on NDOW’s official website.

# # #

HAGA Notes That Seed Saving is Essential for the Whole Community

Incline Village, NV, November 13, 2014 – Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America, has noted in a recent interview just how essential it is to save heirloom survival seeds for the whole community.

“Saving seeds, especially heirloom varieties, is not just for vegetable gardeners anymore. Everyone and everything benefits from this simple activity—most especially the environment,” Harmon stated.

“Vegetable gardeners save heirloom seeds so they can reduce gardening costs and reuse their preserved seeds for the next growing seasons. But while seed saving is more popular among vegetable gardeners, it is undeniably gaining a lot of traction among survivalists and wildlife rehabilitators,” he continued.

Survival enthusiasts save heirloom survival seeds so they can equip themselves for future emergencies. Many preppers use the seeds to grow a survival garden full of edible heirloom vegetables. This will create a continuous food supply and ensure that their families will have something to eat when disaster strikes. Once the vegetables are harvested, survivalists take the seeds from the best-looking crops and then start the seed-saving process. This way, they can have their own supply and not have to buy any more heirloom survival seeds. In this case, seed saving actually saves them a lot of time and money,” Harmon went on.

“Wildlife rehabilitation experts, on the other hand, preserve seeds in order to restore habitats that are severely damaged by calamities. Wildfires, in particular, are a great concern for rehabilitators. The high occurrence of wildfires in recent years is very alarming and destructive to the ecosystem. Various restoration efforts are taking place but unfortunately, the seed supply is not always enough to cover everything. To speed up the wildlife rehabilitation efforts, many volunteers have started gathering and saving seeds with the help of various seed collecting programs,” he said.

“We at Home and Garden America promote the wonderful tradition of heirloom seed saving and urge everyone to try it. Whether you’re a vegetable gardener, survivalist, wildlife rehabilitator, or simply someone who cares about the environment, seed saving is definitely something you can do for the good of the community,” he concluded.

More information about seed saving can be found on the company’s website.

# # #

Home And Garden America Now In Search For A New & Exciting Brand Name

Incline Village, NV, November 11, 2014 – Home and Garden America is currently searching for a new brand name for their line of organic heirloom seeds. The company is still in the early stages of name selection, according to the CEO, Chuck Harmon.

“We recently had a meeting with our company lawyer to discuss some matters with the brand. He felt that ‘Home and Garden America’ was an indefensible name, and the rest of the board members agreed. So we are now in search for a fresh brand name to represent our business,“ said Harmon.

“We’re looking for a name that’s catchy and creative, but more importantly, we want something that accurately defines our gardening products and everything we stand for. Home and Garden America is a company that’s dedicated to providing organic heirloom seeds that aren’t just high-quality but all-natural, non-GMO, and non-hybrid as well. We want our consumers to connect that as soon as they hear our new brand name,” Harmon continued.

“We’re still in the deliberation phase for now. We have a list of some possible names, but we’re not in a hurry. We want to take our time so we can select the best possible name that we can proudly display on our heirloom survival seed packs. It’s very exciting and we’re looking forward to announcing it soon,” Harmon further remarked.

With the news of this upcoming name change, some customers were wondering whether the company would still keep the ‘Home and Garden America’ website.

“We may be changing our brand name, but our main website will still remain active. We always want to be your number-one source for heirloom seeds and organic gardening tips, so you can expect to get even more valuable information about home gardening there,” Harmon clarified.

More information is available on the Home and Garden America website.

# # #

HAGA Releases The Basics of Heirloom Seeds Pack Video On YouTube

Incline Village, NV, November 10, 2014 – A representative for Home and Garden America announced today the release of a new video entitled “The Basics of Heirloom Seeds Pack.” The YouTube video speaks about using organic gardening to combat the negative influence of genetically-modified foods.

“As an advocate for non-GMO seeds, we feel a strong responsibility to warn consumers against the dangers of consuming genetically-modified products. GMO foods are everywhere now: from the foods sold in the market to the seeds we grow. It’s scary to think that they’re dominating most of our food choices—but what’s even scarier is how they’re affecting children’s appetite and behavior,” the company representative said.

“Kids who consume GMO foods have been found to be more susceptible to food allergies and other nutritional problems, much more so than adults. They’re also in danger of acquiring antibiotic-resistant diseases due to the questionable contents of genetically-engineered foods. This is definitely a cause for alarm and we can’t just wait for the government to finally approve the proper labeling of GMO products. That could take forever! We need to be more pro-active,” he continued.

“The best thing we can do right now is to grow our own vegetables at home using heirloom seeds. This is the most effective way to ensure that our families will eat all-natural and unmodified foods, and it also keeps our children safe from all those harmful GMO products,” he concluded.

The HAGA representative also encourages gardening with kids in order to strengthen family ties as well as to teach children the importance of eating homegrown vegetables. Gardening at an early age can help children make better food choices and eating habits as they grow older, and will shield them from the risky effects of GMO consumption.

More informational videos are available at the company’s website and official YouTube channel.

# # #

HAGA to Add New Survival Seed Product to Its Doomsday Supplies Line

Incline Village, NV, October 27, 2014 – A spokesman for Home and Garden America stated, today, that the company is rolling out a new product in their heirloom vegetable seeds line of doomsday supplies. The new product will be geared more toward the survival market and will include everything that a survival gardener will need for a long term survival situation which can easily be included in their doomsday supplies.

Their current 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack was designed more for the organic gardening enthusiast but with an eye to survivalists. The 50 variety pack contained varieties of vegetable seeds that were designed to compliment the staples that normally come in bulk purchases like corn and beans.

The new pack will contain vegetable seeds, fruit seeds and herb seeds so it’s purpose will be to provide everything a survival prepper would need. The addition of the beans is intended to provide a source of protein that is missing from the 50 variety pack. “If a person is looking to buy just one pack for long term storage, this is it.” he said.

Customers of the current pack have had nothing but rave 5-star reviews for the product, and the company is expecting more of the same with the introduction of the new package.

One customer who works in a garden store estimated the value of these organic seeds at a minimum of $2 per packet and this package will be introduced at a price under $1 per variety. The company has built a reputation for high-quality products in high-quality packaging at a fair and reasonable price so the customer comments were in line with the goals of providing superior quality products and service.

There are a total of 105 varieties in the package and over 19,500 seeds. More information is available on the company website.

# # #

Government to Confiscate Guns and Heirloom Seeds Expert Says

Incline Village, NV, October 10, 2014 – A Home and Garden America heirloom seeds expert recently stated that if the government can’t strip it’s citizens of their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms, they’ll take away their heirloom seeds instead.  Speaking on terms of anonymity, he said that he believes the second most wanted thing the government wants is to be able to control the food supply and that can be done by outlawing heirloom seeds and backyard gardens.  The idea isn’t so off the wall when you consider that in Pennsylvania, they have enacted the Seed Act of 2004 which they cited when they shutdown the seed library that was operating in a local library in the state.

Also, an article on stated “According to, “If passed [this law] would mean no seed can be sold, or potentially even given for free, to anyone anywhere in the EU unless it is registered on the EU Plant List as an ‘approved’ variety. This would effectively outlaw Heritage [sic] seeds in the EU.”

The Big Ag seed industry has been lobbying for years for these regulations, and DG SANCO (the Directorate General of the EU for Sanitary and Consumer Affairs) is fully on board with the proposed legislation. The agricultural seed industry has spent a lot of money to get this legislation enacted.”

The HAGA seed expert added to this by saying, “So, if the big agricultural companies, like Monsanto, get their way, we’ll all have to buy seeds from them which have been genetically modified so that they can be patented.  These seeds are laboratory experiments that require large amounts of Roundup or some other pesticides/herbicides, which are produced by these same giant companies, in order to grow the way they are modified to grow.  Many of them won’t produce the same kind of vegetables/fruits that they were originally taken from and we have no way of knowing what long term health risks are involved for those eating the produce from these seeds.”

“We feel that heirloom seeds are a critical part of the ecosystem and we will be publishing more information on this subject as we find it.” he said.

# # #

Expert Says Ebola Scare Fueling Renewed Interest in Survival Plants And Seeds

Incline Village, NV, October 7, 2014 – A Home and Garden America Seed Expert feels that the recent Ebola scare, along with all the media attention, is fueling a renewed interest in survival plants and seeds. The Ebola virus is a disease of primates and humans with symptoms including rashes, vomiting and diarrhea.  Later, these symptoms are accompanied by decreased function of the kidneys and liver.  Then persons can begin bleeding either internally or externally or both.

The main ways that the virus is known to spread are through contacts with bodily fluids such as blood, semen, etc.  The first symptoms are similar to other viral hemorrhagic fevers, malaria and cholera so before one can be diagnosed with the Ebola Virus, these other conditions must be ruled out.  Then blood tests are administered to detect the presence of the virus or other known indicators.

“The preoccupation with survival preparedness has been waning over the past couple of years, since it’s height at the end of December 2012 and the non-fulfillment of the Mayan Calendar predictions.” he said.  “Now, it seems that people are beginning to renew that interest in self sufficiency and survival preparedness by purchasing emergency food supplies, water and survival seeds.  We’re certainly living in uncertain times and the Bible predicts famines and pestilence before the end of time so it’s not a bad idea to prepare for these things.”

There are many companies selling survival supplies online as well in survivalist stores around the country.  This is an indicator of the demand for this type of products that people feel will help them through any coming disasters whether short term or long term.

“Concerning the Ebola Virus, there’s nothing wrong with being prepared,” he continued, “it makes no difference if you don’t need these things because you can always use them up and then restock so they don’t become outdated and less potent when you need them.”

# # #

HAGA Releases Results of Study on Optimum Heirloom Organic Seeds Pack for Survivalists

Incline Village, NV, October 6, 2014 – A spokesman for Home and Garden America today stated that the results of the research into the needs of Doomsday Preppers, to determine which combination of heirloom organic seeds would be the most beneficial for a person who has survived a disaster and now must rely on the foods they can grow on their own. The spokesman also said that the time it took to assemble this information was much quicker than the company had anticipated, because of the large amount of health information they were able to find on the Internet.

“We originally began this research a few months back and were quite a ways along on it at the time of our prior release, so we were not expecting to fully complete the study for a month or more.  It was surprising that we were able to complete it in ten days from that time.  We were still somewhat cautious about estimating the time it would take to complete it.  Our intention, all along, was to provide the results of our study as a public service to people who might not be well enough informed of their food needs if the only food source they could get was from their own garden.” he explained.

“Our current heirloom seed kit was intended to be a supplement to the other seeds that most people commonly buy in bulk quantities.  Corn, beans and peas, along with a few herbs and fruits, are often bought apart from an heirloom vegetable seed bank.  During our research we found that a high percentage of people didn’t realize that they would need some protein to supplement our 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack and that’s what sparked this study to see what should be put into a full blown heirloom organics seed vault.” he continued.

Emily B, a customer stated: “Exactly what I wanted…I am storing these seeds in case of emergency in the future. I have confidence that I will be able to grow fresh produce year after year when needed using these seeds. I am very happy with my investment.”

The full list of seeds can be found on the Home and Garden America website, along with the research into their packaging materials that are designed to deliver the best results for the long term storage of the seeds.

# # #

Expert Says Trend Away From Survivalism May Be Dangerous To Those Unprepared

Incline Village, NV, October 6, 2014 – A Home and Garden America emergency survival seeds expert recently stated that Americans may not be as prepared as they should be to face a disaster that lasted more than a week. The trend away from survivalism has been shown have been accelerating in the past two years. “Until September of this year, the interest in survivalism was waning and that isn’t a good thing in our opinion.” he said.

“Studying into the survivalism industry shows that there was an increasing amount of interest up until December 2012 at which time the trend began to drop at a fairly rapid rate and we think it was the direct result of the unfounded fears presented by the Mayan Calendar. Because there was no fulfillment of some major catastrophe, people began losing interest in learning how to become self sufficient.” he added. “The trend hit its lowest point in two years in May of 2013 and has gone up and down since that time. This past month saw a rise in interest again and it may be a trend that will continue for the foreseeable future due to those factors mentioned previously.”

With the rise in violence worldwide and the advent of increasing natural disasters, experts feel that a person should be thinking of ways to survive that include the stocking of water and food supplies as well as other items like emergency survival seeds for long term preparedness. High-quality vegetable, herb and fruit seeds not only offer a shield from a long term food shortage, many of the seeds can be sprouted in a few days to provide a high energy, nutritious source of food. These seeds can also be stored away for future use by keeping them away from light, heat and moisture.

Proper storage methods include drying the seeds to a moisture content of 8% or less, placing them into an airtight container such as a mason jar and then placing them into a cool place. Refrigeration or freezing are recommended for the longest term storage and since the seeds are living organisms, they shouldn’t be vacuum packed which would deprive them of the air necessary for survival.

# # #

HAGA Heirloom Survival Seeds Passes 150 Reviews Milestone on

Incline Village, NV, October 3, 2014 – Home and Garden America has surpassed the 150 product reviews milestone with 50 Varieties Heirloom Emergency Survival Seeds at a company spokesman revealed today. “Reviews are extremely important when selling on because so many people rely on those reviews before deciding whether or not to purchase a particular brand of product.  The fact that our product has a large number of reviews and that those reviews are predominantly 5 Star rated, means that people will likely decide that it is a low risk opportunity to buy our product.” he added.

“The company has worked very hard for that positive review rating and at being a company that gives people more than they are expecting.  This is reflected in the high number of 5 Star reviews that we’ve received and the overall 5 Star rating that our product enjoys.  As a product receives more reviews, it becomes more difficult to maintain that 5 Star rating, so we’re really proud that we’ve been able to do that thus far.” he said.

The following are a couple of our 5 Star customer reviews: “Excellent quality, nice variety and great value.  This is an amazing blend of seeds. Germinated fine and I love all the variety. Great value for the amount your get and the quality is excellent.”

“Very Pleased with the seeds and the speedy shipping of the product. I’m writing this Review after Planting the seeds and I have to say that they were wrong when they stated the Germination Rates. The Germination Is more like a definite aspect of these seeds. They grow more Like weeds! I wonder why more people don’t realize that Organic seeds are the most trustworthy, healthy (Eaten and Plant), Fastest growing and Natural (no need of pesticides) seeds there are. Its like collaborating with mother nature the way we should be. Not fighting against it. Once you go Organic you never go back.”

“Exactly what I wanted, I am storing these seeds in case of emergency in the future. I have confidence that I will be able to grow fresh produce year after year when needed using these seeds. I am very happy with my investment.”

# # #

Results of HAGA Ultimate Survival Seeds Pack Research to be Released Next Week

Incline Village, NV, October 2, 2014 – A spokesman for Home and Garden America has stated that the company has completed its research into the needs of Doomsday Preppers to see what assortment of survival seeds pack would be the most necessary for someone who is the survivor of a disaster and must now rely upon the food they can produce for themselves.  The spokesman also stated that the amount of time it took to gather this information was much less than the company had originally estimated due to the vast amount of nutritional information that is readily available on the Internet.

“We had originally begun research on this topic a few months ago and we were well along in the process at the time of our last release so we were expecting to complete the study in a month or so.  It was surprising to complete it in less than 10 days from that point.  We were still a bit cautious about predicting the amount of time we had left on the project at that time.  We now want to provide the results of the study as a service to the public who may not be well informed about their nutritional needs when the only food source available to them is their home garden.” he explained.

“Our current 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack was designed as a supplement to the seeds that most people buy in bulk.  Peas, corn and beans, along with some fruits and herbs are normally bought separately from a vegetable seeds pack.  However, we found that many people didn’t realize that they would need these other things, along with our 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack so we decided to look at just what should be put into an all-inclusive survival gardeners package.” he went on.

T.P. from Florida, a recent purchaser of the said “I have put these into the freezer for the next growing season. The support from the seller is excellent, with detailed instructions on proper storage and use. The packaging is perfect, bright and clear. I am AMAZED at all the different types of seeds included. This product is a MUST HAVE!”

Along with the research on the proper types of seeds to include in the 50 Varieties Pack, the company has also researched their packaging materials to insure the best results for their customers.

# # #

HAGA Heirloom Survival Seeds Nearing Reviews Milestone on

Incline Village, NV, September 29, 2014 – Home and Garden America is approaching the 150 product reviews milestone for their 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack on a company spokesman said today. “Reviews are a significant part of the buying process on because many people rely on the reviews in order to decide whether or not to purchase doomsday supplies. If the product has a large amount of reviews and those reviews are predominantly favorable, then a person will likely decide that it is a low risk to buy that item.” he continued.

“We have worked very hard to be a company that gives people more than they are expecting when they buy from us. This is reflected in the large percentage of 5 Star reviews that we’ve received and the overall 5 Star rating for our product. The more reviews a product receives, the more difficult it is to maintain that 5 Star rating so we’re especially proud to have been able to do that thus far.” he added.

The following is a typical customer review from the product page: “I Really Like This Heritage Seeds Pack

I’ve had my heritage seeds pack for almost a month and I really am impressed at the speed with which these seeds sprout and the healthy looking plants that are beginning to grow. At first, I almost bought another, more expensive product, because it was advertised as coming with a “seed vault.” It looked great but I think it’s just a tin can.

After reading up on the best type of container for heritage seeds, I found that a metal can isn’t a good way to store your survival seeds and that a glass container makes a much better vault for short term or long term storage. Wow, am I glad I didn’t pay the extra money and was able to get a lot more seeds.

This package came very quickly and I was impressed that it had a suggestion for using one of your old pickle or spaghetti jars for a container. The lids on these jars are designed to re-seal so they are just as good as any jar you could use for storage and they don’t cost anything to buy!

The only negative thing I could say about the product is that the packaging isn’t fancy but that’s ok because it’s what’s inside that I really care about.

I was surprised when I received additional information on the web in the form of videos and PDF reports that gave me critical planting, care and storage information. I really am pleased with this product.”

An announcement will be forthcoming when the 150th review is posted.

# # #

HAGA Posts Video on YouTube Titled “Are You Ready for Armageddon?”

Incline Village, NV, September 29, 2014 – A new video, by Home and Garden America, titled “Are You Ready For Armageddon?” has been uploaded to YouTube for anyone interested in surviving after an apocalyptic event. The video was produced to introduce people to the possibility of a disaster that could leave them dependent upon their ability to produce their own plants and seeds and how to go about doing that.

Heirloom survival seeds are a necessary part of any survival plan that includes the possibility of the worlds food chain being interrupted for an extended period of time. The only way a person could endure that scenario would be to plant a crisis garden and grow food which could also produce seeds for future gardens.

“As Joseph, in Egypt, prepared for the seven years of famine, by storing up seeds from prior crops, so we should consider that seeds are an ongoing resource of food as long as the earth remains. To neglect a good assortment of survival seeds in one’s prepper kit would be to take a chance on not being able to be self sufficient in that long term disaster scenario and risk starvation. We have been selling a 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack on Amazon for a couple years now and it has been very well received there.” said a company official.

One customer recently stated “I am storing these seeds in case of emergency in the future. I have confidence that I will be able to grow fresh produce year after year when needed using these seeds. I am very happy with my investment.”

Another said “I am so excited about this package. For anyone who has a garden or has considered a garden, this is a great deal to cover every type of vegetable you would want. I am so excited to try these next year and share with my friends! I love the resealable package, I often spill the typical types of bags that seeds come in and end up tossing them. Also the free guide is very helpful and easy to follow. If you break it down its about .80 cents a package and all organic. You can’t beat that specially with a 100% money back guarantee. This would make a great gift for those in your life who plant or have a garden. I would be excited to receive something like this!!”

More information can be obtained on the company website.

# # #

HAGA Seed Experts to Research Optimum Survival Seeds Pack

Incline Village, NV, September 28, 2014 – A spokesman for Home and Garden America revealed, today, that the company is doing research into the needs of Doomsday Preppers to see what assortment of survival seeds would be the most beneficial to a person who has survived a disaster and is now reliant on growing the bulk of their own food. The amount of time it will take to gather this information has not been determined, as of this time, so no announcement has been made as to the date of the release of a report.

“Our research on this matter was taken up a few months ago so we’re well along in the process and don’t expect it to take a lot longer, but we know, from past experience, just how many things can crop up at the last minute so we’re being cautiously optimistic about predicting the amount of them we have left on this project. We want to provide this information as a service to the public who may not be well enough informed as to their nutritional needs when relying on their own gardening efforts to supply most or all of their food.” he explained.

“We have had a very well received heirloom survival seeds pack in the past which was designed as a supplement to the seeds that most people buy in bulk. Corn, beans and peas along with some fruits and herbs are normally bought separately from a vegetable seeds pack but many people didn’t realize that they would need these other things, along with our 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Pack so we’re looking at just what should be put into an all inclusive survival gardeners package.” he went on.

A recent purchaser of the 50 Varieties Pack said “I’ve had my heritage seeds pack for almost a month and I really am impressed at the speed with which these seeds sprout and the healthy looking plants that are beginning to grow. At first, I almost bought another, more expensive product, because it was advertised as coming with a “seed vault.” It looked great but I think it’s just a tin can.”

“After reading up on the best type of container for heritage seeds, I found that a metal can isn’t a good way to store your survival seeds and that a glass container makes a much better vault for short term or long term storage. Wow, am I glad I didn’t pay the extra money and was able to get a lot more seeds.”

Along with the research on the proper types of seeds to include in the survival seeds pack, the company has researched their packaging materials to insure the best results for their customers.

# # #

Home and Garden America to Launch New Survival Seeds Product Later This Year

Incline Village, NV, September 25, 2014 – Home and Garden America will add a new survival seeds pack to their gardening lineup later this year a source close to the Company recently stated. The Company currently offers a 50 Varieties Heirloom Organic Survival Seeds Packet which contains all the vegetables that would be necessary for survival besides corn and beans.

“Most people buy corn and beans in bulk so those were left out of this original pack so that it could be sold as a light weight addition to the bulk packages people normally buy. The Company has decided to add corn and bean varieties along with fruit and herbs to make this new survival seeds package more self sufficient. They still advise additional bulk purchases of corn and beans to bolster this pack but it’s now more rounded than the previous package.” the source stated.

The recent spike in interest in survival readiness has spawned an interest in survival seeds that many claim is akin to ancient Joseph of the Bible providing stores of grain which saved Egypt from starvation during an ensuing famine. Seeds have always been a valuable commodity but recent controversies about the newer genetically modified organisms has added to the interest in non gmo, heirloom seeds.

Many people feel that it’s good practice to store food for emergency use during times of upheaval and if the disaster lasts for a prolonged period, the storing of seeds for planting a crisis garden is also good practice. Seeds don’t have to be planted to be a source of nourishment, they can be sprouted in just a few days, normally, and will provide a highly nutritious diet.

More information can be obtained on the Company blog.

# # #

Expert Offers 3 Hot Tips to Cold Weather Gardening

Incline Village, NV, September 24, 2014 – A gardening expert at Home and Garden America recently offered 3 tips for gardeners who want to grow fall or winter gardens using survival seeds non hybrid. These tips are useful for growing ones favorite winter vegetables and can carry over into other gardening efforts as well.

Tip #1 – Use a cold frame to help keep the soil and plants at higher temperatures. There are may ways to construct a cold frame from using plexiglass to using old windows but the main thing to remember is that the top of the cold frame should be slanted so the water and melting snow can easily drain off of it. The lower end of the roof should be facing south for maximum warmth.

Constructing them on the south side of a block wall, garage or shed can also help protect them from high winds and provide additional heat close to the soil and plants.

Some people add heat to the soil using electric heating coils but others of a more organic mindedness will bury some decomposing manure or other composting materials beneath the area to be planted which will put off a natural form of heat as the material decomposes.

Tip #2 – Adding mulch can help with maintaining moisture in the ground during warm months but can also aid in insulating the plant roots from freezing cold during the winter months.

Using commercial organic mulch or things commonly found around the home like newspaper, that has been shredded, can act as a way to keep ground soil from being washed away by winter rains. If materials are used, that tend to absorb nitrogen from the soil, it will require additional vigilance to test and replenish the nitrogen by other means.

Tip #3 – People should not be shy about experimenting with various crops. Many novice gardeners might be surprised at the crops which can be planted much later than the recommended time-frame which will do very well as late fall or winter crops.

Organic vegetable gardening should be a fun, learning experience and the rewards of eating vegetables late in the year that most people won’t be eating is just another of the main rewards of organic gardening.

# # #

Expert Warns Preppers; Questionable Claims of Sellers of Survival Seeds Non GMO

Incline Village, NV, September 23, 2014 – The founder and CEO of Home and Garden America today issued a warning to Survival Preppers about the questionable practices of some seed companies who advertise their seeds as covering a full acre. The practice of advertising in nebulous terms such as this can lead to a possible life threatening disappointment after the disaster when people are counting on the crops from their survival garden to live.

“We’ve always labeled our survival seeds non gmo products, with the seed count clearly showing, so that people know exactly what they are getting when they buy from us. To put some seeds into a “vault” and say “plant a full acre crisis garden” could be very misleading to someone not familiar with gardening who may be counting on that statement for their survival after a catastrophic event. When dealing with people’s expectations for surviving a long term disaster, it is not something you want to take lightly.” he said.

“In order for someone to know whether the claim is factual, they would have to find the recommended spacing for every seed in that packet and then do some very complicated mathematical equations in order to verify those claims. Because not one person in a million would take the time to do that, an advertiser must be very forthcoming with the claims they make to their potential customers. It’s not like we’re playing a game here…people’s lives are on the line.” he continued.

Survival seeds are so named because of the practice of many people to store these seeds away for future use after some kind of event which might interrupt food supplies. The seeds, when properly processed and stored can last for decades. HAGA provides much information in the form of tips, tricks and expert secrets on the company web site.

# # #

Home and Garden America Leaks Possible JV With for Survival Seed Pack

Incline Village, NV, September 22, 2014 – A source close to Home and Garden America hinted today at a possible JV deal in the works with for a survival seed pack. The source said that the two companies had entered preliminary negotiations to see if there is an interest in combining the huge popularity of Home and Garden America’s 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack with the high visibility of Survival Life on the Internet.

“The deal would make a lot of sense because the survival types that frequent are certainly interested in long term planning for food storage and production. Having a high quality non gmo vegetable seed pack to squirrel away for future needs would make sense to that audience for sure. The high quality seeds produced by Home and Garden America are a perfect match for those people and with the long term storage capabilities of the 50 Varieties Seed Pack, it could be a home run,” said the source.

Heirloom survival seeds have become a fascination with organic gardening enthusiasts as well as doomsday preppers. The idea of some kind of apocalyptic event taking place in the near future coupled with fears of Big Brother have spawned a wide interest in self sufficiency in the past few years. It seems as though a lot of people around the world are sensing some kind of eminent change and are wanting to prepare for whatever that might entail.

Add to that the recent popularity of reality TV shows, events like Y2K and the Mayan Calendar and you have a huge audience to whom you can market survival related products. There are as many companies coming into this category as there are products that fit it or can be adapted to fit.

“A deal between Survival Life and Home and Garden America could find a very receptive audience so I think this might come to fruition sooner rather than later. In the meantime, HAGA has begun writing articles for survival life,” added the news source.

# # #

Home and Garden America Today Announced Topping 140 Verified Customer Reviews on Their Product Page at

Incline Village, NV, September 20, 2014 – A Home and Garden America spokesperson today announced that the company had passed the 140 review mark for Verified Purchase Reviews for their survival seeds heirloom varieties. Amazon’s system is set up so that customers of can leave reviews of products that they’ve bought and used.

The most prized reviews are from customers who have been verified by Amazon as having actually purchased the product they are reviewing because they are considered to be “real” reviews. The problem with unverified reviews is that they can possibly be manipulated by a seller having friends or others leave reviews even though they’ve never bought the product.

This practice can quickly degrade the value of the review system and it is discouraged, although not well policed, by Amazon. The value of any system such as this is, of course, only as good as the integrity of those using it so it would seem that Amazon would make every effort to weed out any and all suspicious, non-verified reviews.

“We’ve always felt that integrity is important in doing business and, therefore, only look to Verified Purchasers to review our products and they’ve been doing it at and astounding rate.” said a source close to the company.

“Some of the reviews we have received are from Amazon Top Reviewers. We’re proud of these reviews because they are from some of the toughest reviewers on” he continued.

One reviewer said, “Very Pleased with the seeds and the speedy shipping of the product. Im writing this Review after Planting the seeds and I have to say that they were wrong when they stated the Germination Rates. The Germination Is more like a definite aspect of these seeds. They grow more Like weeds! I wonder why more people don’t realize that Organic seeds are the most trustworthy, healthy (Eaten and Plant), Fastest growing and Natural (no need of pesticides) seeds there are. Its like collaborating with mother nature the way we should be. Not fighting against it. Once you go Organic you never go back.”

# # #

HAGA Claims Best Seller Badge on

Incline Village, NV, September 19, 2014 – Home and Garden once again captured the prestigious Best Seller Badge on for their survival seeds package. The badge is given for the seller who sells the most of their product within their category and this is the second time the company has reached that goal with this product. has many categories that products can be classified into and then there are sub-categories for each of the main categories. Heirloom seeds, or heirloom survival seeds as they are also called, fall into the Patio, Lawn and Garden category if they are classified correctly.

“The Patio, Lawn and Garden category is huge on and so we feel very blessed to be a Best Seller even once in a while.” said a company spokesperson. “Knowing the vastness of products and product categories on it is a really honor to get to that place and hold it even for a few hours, much less for more than a few days.”

“We at Home and Garden America are very grateful and excited about the way that our products have been received by the public and we feel that we’ll be capturing and holding the Best Seller Badge many more times in the coming months and years.” he continued.

Sales of products on is becoming more and more a popular way to move additional products for many companies. sales are growing at an all time record rate and the venue is attracting more retailers every day because of the huge opportunities afforded there.

“I’ve had my heritage seeds pack for almost a month and I really am impressed at the speed with which these seeds sprout and the healthy looking plants that are beginning to grow.” says one customer who bought the seeds.

Another customer said “I planted 16 different types of seeds in a large baby pool I turned into a garden. Got some great organic soil, been collecting my rain water and so far everything has sprouted and growing nicely…it’s about 4 weeks.

This is my first shot ever at a garden aside from the herbs I also recently started growing. So far I am pleased and hopeful.”

“We feel that the customer reviews of our product are a big key to the sales we’re getting and so we really appreciate all the customers who have given their valuable opinions of our product.” the spokesperson continued.

More information is available on the company web site.

# # #

Home and Garden America to Seek Opinions About Genetically Modified Vegetables

Incline Village, NV, September 15, 2014 – Home and Garden America will conduct a poll on their Facebook Fan Page to determine people’s preferences between genetically modified vegetables and non GMO vegetables. Since the company deals with heirloom emergency survival seeds, they want to test the pulse of their fans by asking them how they feel about GMO foods, especially in light of the recent revelations of possible catastrophic health effects of genetically modified foods.

“We feel it’s important to keep abreast of the changes in the food growing sector and how our customers and prospective customers feel about these changes. It’s a very big question in people’s minds as to what the long term effects of GMO foods might mean to their health and well being.” said a company spokesperson.

Laboratory tests have been inconclusive and many people say this is because of the testing not being conducted in a manner that will deliver the truth but are designed to give a favorable outcome for the big chemical companies who want to put people at ease regarding their products. One instance cited is that the laboratory tests were run on rats for 90 days and then were stopped before any harmful effects were found.

In longer term tests, of 120 days or more, huge tumors began to appear in the laboratory animals and this is said to be the concern about the difference in results of the tests that were run. If longer term tests show negative effects then perhaps the testing was cut short purposely in order to skew the results of the tests.

“There were two main reasons for deciding to run the poll. One was to determine how aware people are of the possible harmful effects of genetically modified vegetables and the other was to find if they had a preference for one or the other. It’s one thing for people to be aware of possible health risks and another thing to know if it matters enough for them to change their lifestyle to do something about it.” he said.

More information is available on the company website.

# # #

HAGA Expert Predicts People Without Survival Seeds May be Unprepared for Coming Hardship

Incline Village, NV, September 15, 2014 – An expert at Home and Garden America today predicted that people who don’t have a survival seed bank may be ill prepared for many of the coming hardships that America will face in the near future. Many people today think that there is some kind of looming disaster awaiting the world because there is so much turmoil and unrest.

Everywhere one turns there is news of one sort or another about wars, rumors of wars, famine, earthquakes and other natural or manmade disasters. Having some kind of survival plan and the items a person or family would need to survive a short term or long term disaster situations seems to make a lot of sense to many.

Of course, an emergency supply of fresh drinking water and some food, that will keep for an extended period, should be among the first things to consider in such a plan. However, thinking out a couple months, after that emergency food supply is depleted, one should consider survival seeds as a necessity.

Seeds can be sprouted rather quickly, in a matter of days, to supply some highly nutritious, energy packed food while the garden is being prepared and grown. Once a garden has matured, the produce that is harvested will supply a long term, inexhaustible supply of seeds for future use.

There are many ways in which survival seeds are packaged and sold today and many of these methods actually harm the seeds and will cause them not to grow at all or will lessen the germination rate at which the seeds produce. For instance, storing them in a non-airtight container can lead to the seeds germinating early. Even though seeds can be stored successfully by freezing them, for the long term, moisture content in the seeds, that exceeds 8% can cause the seeds to split, thereby ruining them for further use.

Proper preparation and storing is a big part of being prepared and will determine how well or if a person will survive after the disaster.

There is more information on planting, sprouting and storing heirloom survival seeds on the Home and Garden America web site.

# # #

Expert Predicts Increase in Survival Seed Banks as Result of World Turmoil

HAGA expert Chuck Harmon, today predicted a massive increase in sales of survival related gear and survival seeds as people become more convinced that there is some sort of looming doomsday event in the making.

Incline Village, NV, September 14, 2014 – HAGA expert Chuck Harmon, today predicted a massive increase in sales of survival related gear and survival seeds as people become more convinced that there is some sort of looming doomsday event in the making. Mr. Harmon says “People are realizing that there is something amiss in our world, akin to what Bible prophecies have told us, and, to them, the idea of having a survival seed doomsday preppers kit and preparing in other ways makes perfect sense.

“Our world is rapidly resembling the scenarios that Jesus Christ warned about in the gospels… wars, pestilence, famine and other signs that are becoming increasingly difficult to ignore. People may not believe in the Bible per se, but they see things coming about that only a few years ago would have been unimaginable. The rise of Al Queda, ISIS and other groups, that are bent on destroying everyone who disagrees with their philosophies, makes people aware that something very wrong is taking place and it’s not looking like it will get better any time soon,” said Mr. Harmon.

“The rapidly rising interest in ‘doomsday prepping’ is a result of the unrest seen around the world today and we have to take it to heart and be prepared for whatever may come about as an end result of the turmoil. Preparing for disaster just makes sense when you see the weather patterns and the natural disasters becoming more severe each year. Add to that the threats from manmade disasters and you have a real reason to begin preparing for the worst. One of the most essential preparations is for what you will eat and drink if there is a short term or prolonged interruption in our food delivery systems,” he continued.

Many documentaries and even popular television shows have been produced lately in response to this rising interest in “prepping.” A good doomsday survival kit may be a smart thing to consider for anyone who wants to err on the side of caution.

More information is available on Wikipedia’s website.

# # #

HAGA Adds New Image to Product Description Page on

Incline Village, NV, September 12, 2014 –  Home and Garden America recently added an image to their existing product description which now does a much better job of depicting the product for a potential customer. Most product descriptions on are strictly made up of text, so the Company has added an image to their product description of survival seed vault heirloom emergency survival seeds to make it more appealing to people who are trying to get information about the product.

“The old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words, is even more true when it comes to physical products so we wanted to make the information on our page more interesting and easy to understand than the typical Amazon descriptions. The old black and white text of a long block of information becomes a bore to look at and try to read. We don’t want our customers to become bored and leave the page because of the perceived time and effort involved in deciphering all that information,” said a company spokesperson.

“If an image is allowed in that space why would anyone want to use text instead. Pictures convey much more than words alone so combining the written product description with images just makes a lot of sense to us. If you try and describe survival seeds, it is much easier to do with words and an actual image than with words alone and offers much less opportunity for misunderstandings by the consumer,” she added.

“The Company feels that potential customers will benefit from the clarity of presentation afforded by the newly added image. We will be monitoring the change in engagement by our customers as compared to the previous text only product description and making any further changes based upon that data,” she said.

A report on the findings of this test will be presented at a later date.

# # #

Chuck Harmon enjoys writing consumer information material on a wide range of products and his work in the gardening arena is no exception. His interest in heirloom seeds came about from trying to find better tasting vegetables for his own family. His research on where to buy heirloom survival seeds ended when he found an Organic Seed Farm dedicated to preserving the American way of life.

Home and Garden America Offers 50 Varieties of Heirloom Organic Seeds

Home and Garden America recently launched a pack of 100% heirloom organic vegetable garden survival seeds consisting of 50 different varieties of seeds.

August 13, 2014 – Incline Village, NV – As the sale of organic foods and the practice of organic farming increases, the need for suitable seeds has also increased. In light of this upsurge in demand, Home and Garden America recently launched a pack of 100% heirloom organic vegetable garden survival seeds consisting of 50 different varieties of seeds.

With a total of 9,500 seeds and a germination rate of over 85%, the package of seeds is said to be suitable for persons wanting to start their own vegetable garden or want to build their own survival seed vault. Based on the germination rate, it is expected that the seeds can produce over 8,000 healthy vegetable plants that are capable of bringing forth many fresh, organic vegetables. As it relates to starting a Doomsday survival seed bank, the seeds are sold in a foil-laminated, moisture proof and re-sealable package that is said to possibly keep the seeds fresh for decades. To reinforce this, the seeds are double packaged in individual plastic packets.

With concerns in recent times about GMO (genetically modified) foods and their possible health risks, persons concerned about their health have been seeking more organically grown products in order to supplement their diets with vegetables which are considered to be healthier. As a result, farmers and other persons who keep vegetable gardens have been demanding more non-hybrid, non-GMO heirloom vegetable garden seeds in order to increase production. The ongoing increase in the prices of food products, including vegetables, has also caused more persons to invest in their own vegetable to reduce the cost of buying the popular food items. The package of seeds from Home and Garden America were put forward with these concerns in mind and presents another option to persons seeking to boost their seed stock or grow their own vegetables. The 50 varieties of heirloom organic vegetable seeds include popular vegetables from cabbages and celeries to turnips and tomatoes.

Now available to online shoppers, customers who may be interested in these seeds can access them on the popular website, Amazon. The seeds are said to come with a 100% satisfaction lifetime guarantee.

# # #

New Heirloom Organic Seeds Could Help Reduce Vegetable Grocery Bill

A new set of organic heirloom seeds from Home and Garden America are said to possibly lessen the cost of buying vegetables.

August 13, 2014 – Incline Village, NV – As food prices continue to increase, a new set of organic heirloom seeds from Home and Garden America are said to possibly lessen the cost of buying vegetables. The seeds are available to online shoppers by way of Amazon.

With vegetables making up an important part of the daily diet of many, a lot of money is spent by families to make sure that they are getting adequate amounts of this food group. However, due to the rising cost of fuel, pesticides and fertilizers along with undesirable climatic conditions, the cost of vegetables have skyrocketed in recent times. This in turn, has led to possible reductions in the amount that persons often buy to feed themselves and their families. The new 9,500 pack of heirloom organic seeds from Home and Garden America, is said to be a possible solution to these problems. This, as the seeds with an 85% germination rate, are said to provide over 8,000 healthy vegetable plants that can produce many fresh, organic and healthy vegetables.

In addition to their potentially high output, the seeds are said to be sustainable, meaning that there will be no need to purchase new seeds after each crop. In other words, the seeds harvested from each crop can be continuously saved and replanted year after year, thereby cutting down on future costs spent on buying seeds and buying vegetables at the market. The package of non-hybrid, non-GMO heirloom organic vegetable seeds contains 50 different varieties ranging from carrots and beets to watermelons and tomatoes. They are shipped in a re-sealable, moisture proof, foil-laminated package which is designed to keep seeds fresh for years and are double packaged in individual plastic packets for convenience and extra protection. In addition to possibly helping to reduce the food bill, the seeds are also said to suit persons seeking to boost their doomsday seed vaults which may become necessary in the event of a major global catastrophe.

As food prices continue to increase, persons looking for long term alternatives to reducing the cost of vegetables could look into the new heirloom organic vegetable garden seeds available from Home and Garden America. In addition to the seeds, customers get access to a free PDF guide which can assist them with properly planting, storing and sprouting the seeds.

# # #

Free Shipping Heirloom Seeds

August 5, 2014 – Incline Village, NV – The popular 50 Variety Heirloom Survival Seed Packs from Home and Garden America (HAGA) qualify for free two-day shipping for members of Amazon Prime as well as for Super-Saver 3-5 Day Shipping for non-Prime members.  Amazon provides free shipping to Prime Customers automatically on qualifying orders.

Chuck Harmon, founder and CEO of HAGA said “We know people will benefit from this offer because all of the 50 varieties can be planted and enjoyed this season or for seasons to come, if the garden is large enough or if they are shared with friends. Some can be planted and harvested now with the rest saved for next year, or the entire collection can be stored to be safe for use in case they are needed for survival purposes.”

The HAGA Heirloom Survival Seeds are 100% organic, non-GMO (Not Genetically Modified Organisms), non-hybrid and open-pollinated. It is difficult to find genuinely high quality, trustworthy heirloom seeds. “We searched a long time before finding a quality organic vegetable farm that had the commitment to preserving the organic seeds that our forefathers worked to diligently to pass along to us.  Once we found this source, we were committed to sharing them with as many organic gardening enthusiasts as we possibly could because these seeds are under fire from government agencies who want to control them.”

“We figure the more seeds we can get out there to the general population, the less chance that they will be confiscated and destroyed in favor of the big companies who want to force you into buying their genetically modified seeds and the pesticide laces chemicals that are necessary to make them grow.” Mr. Harmon added.

The seeds are dried to a moisture contest of 8% or less in a temperature and humidity-controlled environment that ensures maximum germination rates. The Home and Garden America seed supply comes from a licensed seed dealer, and the honest seed count of over 9,500 seeds in the 50 variety collection will produce over 8,000 healthy food-bearing plants and an abundance of fresh, pesticide free vegetables. Home and Garden America provides a bonus download of a 32-page Guide for planting, storing and sprouting of the seeds.

# # #

Chuck Harmon enjoys writing consumer information material on a wide range of products and his work in the gardening arena is no exception. His interest in heirloom seeds came about from trying to find better tasting vegetables. For more info, visit the official Facebook fanpage HERE.

HAGA Facebook Fan Page I Love Organic Gardening Gains 6,000 Raving Fans

June 23, 2014 – Incline Village, NV – The I Love Organic Gardening Facebook fan page for Home and Garden America (HAGA) has reached 6,000 likes. This is a great compliment to the popular organic gardening tips, photos and questions fans post regularly on the page.

The fan page features a constantly changing mix of practical advice, whimsical observations and beautiful photos of fans’ organically grown vegetables shown with the single purpose of enjoyment. Recent examples of practical advice found on the page, the sort of information valued by both experienced and newbie organic gardeners include a companion planting guide and a list of eight gardening tips to keep unwanted pests away from the garden naturally without the use of pesticides or other toxic materials. The companion planting guide is a handy, easy to follow chart showing “friend” and “foe” combinations of vegetables which can promote garden harmony by being planted separately or together.

As those who frequent the I Love Organic Gardening fan page know, gardening is a very therapeutic hobby, an important, effective way to clear the mind and relieve stress. For gardeners and Facebook fans who may be planning to expand their gardens and would like to try heirloom seeds, Home and Garden America, which hosts this page, offers a collection of 50 varieties of Heirloom Survival Seeds. These seeds are non-Hybrid, non GMO, open pollinated, and organic.

Each 50-variety package has a seed count of over 9500 with an expected 85% germination rate. A free 32-page guide for planting, sprouting and storing heirloom seeds is included as part of each order. The collection is also available through

Organic gardeners are invited to visit the fan page or the company blog often with reports on their gardening successes and to seek help from this vibrant and growing community if they have problems or questions. More information on Home and Gardens America can be found at their web site.

# # #

Home and Garden America began as a home improvement company and later went into the bed and bath industry as a supplier of top of the line home furnishings. The company became interested in organic gardening while trying to find better tasting vegetables.

Heirloom Seeds: The 5 Best Vegetables to Grow Video Series Released by HAGA

May 30, 2014 – Incline Village, NV – Home and Garden America Founder and CEO, Chuck Harmon, today announced the release of The Top 5 Vegetables To Grow, a video series designed to get the beginning or seasoned gardener off to a good start when planting an organic vegetable garden. The series of 5 videos tells you which vegetables you should grow and gives you the reasons you should choose them vs. the countless others available.

Many people, these days, are opting out of the pesticide laced vegetables offered at their local market in favor of controlling what their families eat when it comes to fresh vegetables. Genetically modified foods have not been proven to be a safe way to eat and may, some day, prove to be a major health threat so instead of waiting for the government or some other entity to step up to the plate, these pro-active people are becoming organic gardeners who use high quality organic heirloom seeds to plant vegetables in their home garden plots.

There are many benefits to a person growing their own food. In fact, there are so many benefits that it’s hard to name them all in one breath because they go beyond the obvious health benefits and include the peace and serenity that gardening provides as well as the family bonds that are formed while tending a garden together.

“We felt that there was a need to educate people on the benefits of these 5 top vegetables that can be grown at home without a lot of prior experience. That puts it within the reach of the average person who hasn’t grown a garden before or who has limited gardening experience” said Harmon. “Many people may be surprised what vegetable they find in video 4 that has the added benefit of aiding in weight loss while providing a myriad of vitamins and antioxidants as well.”

More information on organic heirloom seeds is available at the Home and Garden America website.

# # #

HAGA Heirloom Seeds on Produces Highest Customer Satisfaction

Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America (HAGA) Says That Amazon’s Running History, As Number One In Customer Satisfaction, Was A Huge Factor I Their Decision To Sell Their 50 Varieties Organic Heirloom Seeds Pack Using That Platform.

( — January 11, 2014) Carson City, Nevada — “We knew we had a marriage made in heaven when we made the decision to use the platform to market and fulfill our 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds,” said Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of the Home and Garden America Division of Charles C Harmon Co LLC. has, for the ninth straight year, been ranked as number one in customer satisfaction according to a newly released survey by ForeSee Experience Index: US Retail Edition. “This commitment to customer satisfaction closely aligns with our own goals and commitment to our customers so we figured together with the amazing record they had, we couldn’t go wrong by adding our strong customer service practices into the mix,” he went on to say.

“Most companies these days take customer service as a grain of salt or they think it’s something you deal with when a customer has a problem. They see it as a necessary evil while we view our customers as valued people that we want to form a lifelong relationship with. It’s only proper that you should begin every transaction with the expectation of delivering an over the top experience for your customers.”

“We do this in several ways which not only includes a top notch product but goes on into adding value in many ways such as an extra seed pack that they weren’t expecting or our 32 page downloadable PDF planting, storing and sprouting guide. We also follow up closely with every order by sending a series of emails giving them further instructions on how to get the most out of their seeds and giving them links to important sites where they can check on their shipments, etc.”

“This is all just standard procedure with us and we’ve got plans of taking our customer service to an even higher level with some additional services that we think will blow the minds of our customers. We view our customers as the whole reason we have a business and if it weren’t for their trust in dealing with us, we wouldn’t exist. Our customers are just fantastic in the ways that they respond to us and that is the highest reward we could ever receive,” Mr. Harmon stated.

“Again, we congratulate on this milestone and we look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationsip with them,” he concluded.

# # #

Organic Heirloom Seeds Ideal Gift for Gardeners and Preppers, Says HAGA

The Popularity Of Doomsday TV Shows And A Desire To Return To A More Natural Way Of Life Makes Organic Heirloom Seeds An Ideal Gift This Christmas Says Chuck Harmon, Founder And CEO Of Charles C Harmon Co LLC, The Parent Of Home And Garden America. Gardeners And Preppers Alike Will Appreciate The Seeds, The Gardening Experience And, Finally, The Good Food They Eat After Harvest.

December 14, 2013 – Incline Village, NV (THEWOLF) — “People who want to make a hit with their favorite gardener or survival prepper this Christmas should give the gift of our 50 Varieties Organic Heirloom Seeds Pack,” says Chuck Harmon, Founder and CEO of Home and Garden America, a division of Charles C Harmon Co LLC. “These seeds are the perfect gift for them since they will enjoy them year round and think of you every time they plant, grow and eat the delicious vegetables that will be produced by them. Gardeners are passionate about being outside and caring for the plants in their gardens so obviously they will love a gift of survival seeds that they can use to plant an organic garden and grow nutritious food for their families.”

Organic heirloom seeds are seeds that have been handed down for generations from gardener to gardener, and so the “heirloom” part of the name. Like any other treasured heirloom, these seeds have a history and so are preserved for future generations of gardeners from the best of the present generation’s crops. Because the best crops are preserved as seeds for future gardens, these seeds tend to produce the best tasting and nutritious vegetables.

Genetically-modified plants and seeds don’t perform like the organic heirloom seeds so the plants aren’t as true to the parent as the non-genetically modified plants. Some people believe that the genetically-modified plants may not be good for human consumption, so that’s another reason for the popularity of the non-GMO seeds.

More information can be obtained at the Home and Garden America website or on where their seeds are sold.

About Charles C Harmon Co LLC
Chuck Harmon enjoys writing consumer information material on a wide range of products and his work in the gardening arena is no exception. His interest in heirloom seeds came about from trying to find better tasting vegetables.

Heirloom Seeds Key to Long Term Survival, Says HAGA

Heirloom Seeds Have Everything To Do With Healthy Eating And Long-Term Survival, Says Home And Garden America CEO Chuck Harmon.

(EMAILWIRE.COM, October 07, 2013 ) Incline Village, Nevada — Heirloom seeds are a key part of long-term survival according to many home gardeners and doomsday preppers, who see the newer genetically-modified vegetable seeds as being controlled by the big seed companies and someday, the government. Since these people tend to be freedom-minded individuals, they want to be in control of their food supplies and rely on heirloom survival seeds as a major part of that independence.

The Home and Garden America Company packages and sells 50 Varieties Heirloom Seeds Packs, which are non-GMO, non-hybrid, heirloom seeds designed to be planted, sprouted or stored by people who are seeking this independence. These heirloom seeds are packaged in individual zip lock bags then placed into larger zip lock bags to preserve freshness. Since the seeds are processed in a temperature and humidity controlled environment, they are suitable for long-term storage without being opened.

Storing heirloom seeds or heirloom survival seeds, as some people refer to them, is best done using glass containers that have resealable lids. Used spaghetti or pickle jars can be used for this as well as canning jars. The idea is to place the zip lock bags containing the heirloom seeds directly into the jars, then place some kind of desiccant into the jar and tightly close the lid. These jars can them be placed directly into a refrigerator or freezer for safe storage.

Heirloom seeds have been successfully stored this way for over a decade and still retained their high germination rates. The oldest known seed to be planted successfully was discovered from the King Herod era and was over 2,000 years old.

“We’re not implying that our seeds will germinate after that long a period,” says Chuck Harmon, CEO at HAGA. “But we take every precaution to make sure that our heirloom seeds will be the very best they can be when received by the customer. If someone plants a batch of our seeds 2,000 years from now… who knows, they just might germinate successfully.”

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Doomsday Survival Prepper? Heirloom Seeds: A New Product at Home and Garden America Website

Geetingsville, IN (PressExposure) May 13, 2013 — The Charles C Harmon Co LLC, announced, today, the release of the first product for their newly added division, Home and Garden America. The Home and Garden America website will feature the heirloom seeds and will begin marketing other home and garden products under the new Home and Garden America Brand Name.

Charles C “Chuck” Harmon, CEO, announced the release of the company’s newest product during a gathering at their headquarters located in Incline Village, Nevada. This new line of products will increase our presence in this market where we have gained momentum with memory foam mattresses, memory foam toppers and organic mattress protectors.

“Heirloom survival seeds are a symbol of what America is all about, and that, in a word, is independence. The larger seed companies have tried to corner the market with genetically-modified, hybrid seeds which will not reproduce themselves. This creates a forced reliance upon these seed companies because every year, you must return to them for more seeds if you want to grow your own produce,” said Harmon.

“Americans are growing weary of big government and large corporations being in control of more and more of the essentials of their lives and we think that is one reason for the huge popularity of television survival shows. In turn, the survival shows have introduced people to the idea of self-reliance and one facet of that is being in control of your food supply,” he continued.

In these days of uncertainty, more people are looking for ways in which to insure their survival in the event of monetary collapse, natural disasters and war or terror related catastrophes. Heirloom seeds are just one of the staples that people can rely on for food in case of one or more of these events.

Heirloom seeds are counted as an ongoing source of food since they will produce, not only food, but more heirloom seeds that can be planted to produce more food. You can find more information at the Home and Garden America website, referenced in the “About” section.

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