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Top 15 Indoor Plants to Help You Sleep Better

Growing plants has a number of benefits. The act of gardening has been shown to have positive effects on both our mental and physical health, including reducing stress, boosting energy and promoting relaxation. In fact, just being near plants has been proven to increase overall happiness! Another benefit of living with plants is their ability […]

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How to Start Seeds in Winter for Your Spring Garden

It is an undeniable fact that winter is the most dreadful season for gardeners. The raised beds are sleeping, the garden tools are set aside—leaving you with no choice but to wait for spring to come. The longing for spring is almost unbearable, but luckily there is still something worthwhile to preoccupy the impatient gardener. Winter is actually the perfect time to start […]

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What Does Gardening Mean to You?

Gardening can mean different things to different people. For some, it’s a way to save money and lead a healthier lifestyle; for others, it’s a tradition passed down from their parents and grandparents that should be preserved. But whatever the reason one takes up gardening, we can all agree that gardening is not just a […]

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Top 23 Ways to Spend Less Money in the Garden

Organic gardening often goes hand-in-hand with sustainability, so it is no surprise that home gardeners are always looking for ways to reduce their gardening costs. To help our fellow gardeners with their quest for cost-efficiency, we recently posted the question “What’s the best way to spend less money in the gardening?” on our official Instagram page […]

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Thank a Farmer Today!

All the good things in life won’t be possible without our local farmers. Be sure to thank them today for all the delicious foods and drinks that they provide for us! Image Source: Imgur

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The Better You Eat, the Better You Feel!

It’s really simple: eat better foods and you’ll feel a whole lot healthier! So buy organic foods starting from today—or better yet, grow your own veggies at home so you can always have good food, save money, and help the environment at the same time. Image Source: Pinterest  

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Success Isn’t Always What You See

Often times, we only look at the surface of things and judge by what we see. But just because something looks good on the outside doesn’t mean that it actually is! Sometimes what looks weird at first may actually turn out to be a good one. It’s the same with people and gardening. We all have different definitions […]

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Gardens Remind Us of the Important Stuff in Life

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own lives that we forget about the most important stuff. It’s time to sit back and appreciate the things that we have, and this beautiful garden quote shares some simple life tips that we should all try to live by. :) Image Source: Garden Printables at Pinterest

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Gardening is an Act of Defiance


Gardening is one of the most therapeutic hobbies out there. It clears your mind and relieves you from the various stresses in life. It is an act of defiance as well! When you plant an organic vegetable in your garden, you’re not just growing your own healthy food but you’re also you’re standing up against all mass-produced, […]

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