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Top 8 Gardening Tips to Repel Pests Naturally


Want to effectively protect your vegetable garden from unwanted pests? You can easily do so without the need for pesticides and other toxic means. Go ahead and try these 8 practical gardening tips below to help you repel pests naturally! 1. Plant a lavender hedge around the onion patch to protect them from onion maggot […]

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Practical Gardening Tips for Beginners


New to gardening? It can feel overwhelming at first especially when you don’t know where to start. But gardening isn’t really that complicated; you just need to take it step by step and start from the very beginning. With constant practice and true passion for this hobby, you will surely become a pro gardener in no time! […]

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Companion Planting Guide


Companion planting is a fantastic way to create more harmony in your home garden. By either separating or growing specific plants together, you’re effectively repelling pests and helping your plants grow better. Knowing beforehand which plants go with which is important especially when you’re planning for your vegetable garden. Check out this basic companion planting guide […]

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Gardening is an Act of Defiance


Gardening is one of the most therapeutic hobbies out there. It clears your mind and relieves you from the various stresses in life. It is an act of defiance as well: whenever you plant an organic vegetable in your garden, you’re not just growing your own healthy food but you’re also you’re standing up against all mass-produced, toxic […]

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Growing Your Own Organic Vegetable Garden


While buying organic veggies is wonderful, growing your own crops at home is definitely way better because you can access them anytime you want. It also helps you reduce your yearly food expenses so you can have more money to spend on other things at home. To begin growing your very own organic garden today, simply watch […]

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Friends Organic Guide


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Essential Guide to Organic Gardening


Download Your Free Copy Essential Guide to Organic Gardening

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How to Start Tomato & Pepper Seedlings Indoors


There are many reasons why you should grow your tomato and pepper seeds indoors first. First of all, both of these plants are considered summer vegetables. This means they won’t grow properly unless the soil temperature is greater than 65° F. The temperature of the soil is very important for their growth and if you […]

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Using Seeds for Survival

In times of crises, food is always the most immediate concern. Using seeds for survival is one of the best ways to ensure that your family will be able to eat even when the banks are closed and the stores are out of stock. It’s essential to have a seeds for survival kit so you […]

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How to Store Heirloom Tomato Seeds


Want to have a continuous supply of heirloom tomatoes at home? Well, you can do so simply by saving heirloom tomato seeds from your harvests! Doing this not only gives you access to tomatoes anytime but also helps you save money. Learn how to store your heirloom tomato seeds now by following the instructions below. […]

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