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This is Probably the Easiest Way to Grow Tomatoes!

The most normal way to grow tomatoes is from their seeds. After harvesting their tomatoes, home gardeners usually save the seeds and grow them again in the next gardening season. But did you know that you can grow tomatoes without actually saving the seeds? Sounds crazy, right? If you want to know the secret, just follow […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Matrix Gardening

Matrix gardening, often referred to as naturalistic garden, is one of the useful techniques that encourages a greener and more sustainable environment. It promotes biodiversity among the beneficial wildlife creatures and different plant species and helps them balance each other well in the system. Unlike traditional gardens, matrix gardens don’t need the use of pesticide and fertilizer for […]

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Survival Seeds: Key to your Emergency Kit!


Product Review by Dorky’s Deals Survival Seeds Stockpile Truth be told, I like to stockpile. If you search my house you will find years worth of everything from toiletries like shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste to household products such as baggies and dish soap and laundry detergent. Am I a hoarder? Maybe. I do find the […]

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Disaster Survival Box and Survival Seeds Pack


Product Review by Box Roundup Survival Seeds Pack One activity I would love to try with my kids this week is setting up a survival box. If a disaster were to strike, we are not that well prepared. We have stuff, but it is just everywhere, and we could not possibly be ready in a matter […]

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Important Things to Know About Non-Hybrid Seeds


Gardeners have been talking about non-hybrid seeds nowadays, but there’s never really been enough information on this special type of seed. So what are non-hybrid seeds all about? In the most basic sense, non-hybrid seeds are seeds that have not been crossbred. They are also defined as “true to type” since they possess the same genes are […]

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Top 4 Common Soil Problems and Their Solutions


Every gardener always wants to have good-quality soil for their garden. But sometimes soil problems are inevitable. There will be times when the ground will suddenly become too wet, dry, alkaline or acidic for your plants. These are the common soil issues that most gardeners have to go through. Don’t worry though because there are simple […]

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4 Quick & Easy Tips for Starting Your First Vegetable Garden


Nervous about starting your very first vegetable garden? Don’t be stressed about it! Here are some important beginner tips that you can do to achieve gardening success. First off, study and know the climate in your area. Bear in mind that not all vegetables grow in the same temperatures. For example, lettuce plants prefer to be […]

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A Simple Guide to Watering Trees During a Drought


Just like any plants, trees also require proper care. Simply watering them will give them a higher chance of survival, especially during a drought. So how much water does a tree need in order to to survive? Generally speaking, every tree needs approximately 25 gallons of water per week. To supply this amount of water, use a […]

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Sharpen Your Garden Tool in 8 Quick Steps


Are your garden tools still in good condition? If not, then maybe it’s time to sharpen them once again! This should be done regularly in order to maintain the the sharpness of the tools. Well-sharpened tools are definitely more efficient and easier to use. They will also make your gardening tasks much quicker to complete. Forgetting to sharpen […]

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How to Create a DIY Grow Box for Vertical Gardening


Vertical gardening has always been very helpful for many home gardeners around the world. Because of its convenience and efficiency, many people are able to maximize their garden space and grow healthy plants well. Also, more money can be saved since vertical gardens are low-maintenance and requires less resources to maintain. Since a standard frame size for a […]

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