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4 Creative Ways to Use Your Homegrown Herbs

A number of home gardeners have recently been asking for new ways to use their herbs at home. To answer that question, many things can actually be done with herbs—may it be for cooking, house cleaning, gift-giving, and so on. Here are some great ideas on how to use your herbs creatively: Toss a muslin bag […]

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How to Eliminate Common Garden Pests

One of the most frustrating problems about gardening is having to deal with ravaging pests. They can wreak havoc to your vegetable garden without warning—destroying the plants that you’ve worked so hard to grow. The sight of your devastated plants can be disheartening, that’s why it’s really crucial to apply natural pest control solutions to prevent these things from happening. However, it […]

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The Best Cheat Sheet to Herb Gardening

Herb gardening is becoming a huge trend nowadays. This is because herbs are so easy and convenient to grow, even for beginner gardeners. Planting herbs at home is ideal especially if you love cooking and making home remedies because you’ll always have access to the freshest herbs straight from your garden. Now, you don’t need to be a pro […]

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Make a DIY Hanging Herb Garden in Easy Steps

Many people are now into DIY garden projects because they’re so fun and easy to make. So if you’re also looking for a DIY project for your herb garden, then you are on the right page! One great garden idea is to simply hang your herb plants vertically. It’s a space-saving technique that’s specifically designed for home gardeners with small spaces. Creating a hanging herb garden […]

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5 Simple Ways to Design an Edible Landscape

Can’t decide whether to do vegetable gardening or ornamental gardening? No worries! You can get the best of both worlds with this interesting approach called edible landscaping. In this method, you can now grow your favorite edible and ornamental plants in the same garden space with ease. Growing ornamental plants together with vegetables will not […]

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This is Probably the Easiest Way to Grow Tomatoes!

The most normal way to grow tomatoes is from their seeds. After harvesting their tomatoes, home gardeners usually save the seeds and grow them again in the next gardening season. But did you know that you can grow tomatoes without actually saving the seeds? Sounds crazy, right? If you want to know the secret, just follow […]

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A Beginner’s Guide to Matrix Gardening

Matrix gardening, often referred to as naturalistic garden, is one of the useful techniques that encourages a greener and more sustainable environment. It promotes biodiversity among the beneficial wildlife creatures and different plant species and helps them balance each other well in the system. Unlike traditional gardens, matrix gardens don’t need the use of pesticide and fertilizer for […]

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Survival Seeds: Key to your Emergency Kit!


Product Review by Dorky’s Deals Survival Seeds Stockpile Truth be told, I like to stockpile. If you search my house you will find years worth of everything from toiletries like shampoo, deodorant and toothpaste to household products such as baggies and dish soap and laundry detergent. Am I a hoarder? Maybe. I do find the […]

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Disaster Survival Box and Survival Seeds Pack


Product Review by Box Roundup Survival Seeds Pack One activity I would love to try with my kids this week is setting up a survival box. If a disaster were to strike, we are not that well prepared. We have stuff, but it is just everywhere, and we could not possibly be ready in a matter […]

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Important Things to Know About Non-Hybrid Seeds


Gardeners have been talking about non-hybrid seeds nowadays, but there’s never really been enough information on this special type of seed. So what are non-hybrid seeds all about? In the most basic sense, non-hybrid seeds are seeds that have not been crossbred. They are also defined as “true to type” since they possess the same genes are […]

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