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About Us

Chuck Harmon, CEO

The Charles C Harmon Co LLC has been in business since 1969, operating as a sole proprietorship and then an LLC. The company entered the bedding and sleep products market in 1996. At the present, the line of products has expanded to include a number of home and garden products as well as health and personal care.

Our goal is to never have an unhappy customer and this is reflected in a Better Business Bureau rating of A+. Our lineup of products has been carefully screened to assure you of the highest standards of quality and durability. The customer care team is dedicated to making our customers know that they are our highest value.


Charles C Harmon Co LLC’s Bestselling Products

50-pack-with-sealsSince entering the home and garden industry back in 2012, the company has earned a good reputation for being one of the leading sellers of non-GMO heirloom seeds on

Now under the Grow For It! ® brand (the official brand name for all Charles C Harmon Co LLC gardening products), the company continues to provide premium-quality heirloom seeds to anyone who wants to grow their own healthy produce at home.

The brand’s first gardening product, the 50 Varieties Heirloom Survival Seeds Pack, is a successful bestseller with an excellent rating that’s always above 4.5 stars out of 5. With almost 500 Amazon customer reviews to date, this seeds pack is a favorite among home gardeners and survivalists as well.


Grow For It! ® also offers a complete seed kit for survival enthusiasts. The 105 Varieties Survival Seeds Pack offers all the best heirloom varieties that a family needs to survive a future disaster. There’s also the 105 Varieties Survival Seed Vault, which provides extra seed protection with its sturdy .30 caliber ammo box. Both products are packaged with long-term storage in mind—they will be viable for years as long as they are stored properly. So when disaster strikes, you know you can always count on the seeds to provide food for your family.

All of our heirloom seeds are guaranteed 100% non-GMO, non-hybrid, open-pollinated, all-natural, and sourced from a licensed seed dealer. With a high germination rate of 85+%, each product offers thousands of seeds that will produce healthy, delicious, food-bearing plants. By growing your own food at home and saving the seeds from your harvest, you can get an endless supply of heirloom survival seeds every single year. No need to buy new seeds anymore!


Each purchase of our seed products also comes with a free downloadable PDF guide. The guide contains information on how to plant each variety and store the seeds for long-term use.

Today, the Charles C Harmon Co LLC continues to grow and thrive in the industries in which it has invested. The main reasons for its success throughout the years is the company’s genuine concern for its customers and its insistence on providing the best products at more affordable prices.

Expect Home and Garden America, Grow For It, and the rest of the Charles C Harmon Co LLC brands to continue bringing excellent products that will make living much simpler and better for you and your family. For your questions or comments, please feel free to contact us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.